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eCommerce generates a record-breaking one trillion dollars per year for businesses around the globe, and whether youre new to selling online, an experienced etailer, or somewhere in between, Visualsoft can help you make the most of the rapidly expanding sector. Were a dedicated eCommerce company delivering award-winning web design, development and marketing services to online retailers across the UK, and we also provide managed support and specialist hosting which means we build long-term relationships with everyone we work with.

In this brochure you can nd a little more info about us, our services, our platform, our partners, and our achievements, along with details of just some of the many online stores weve proudly produced during the last 15 years which have helped us to become a leading eCommerce provider. If youd like any further info on what we o er, or just an informal chat on how we can work together to achieve your online business aims, please get in touch today. We look forward to working with you. The Visualsoft Team


Experienced & Established

Since opening our doors in 1998, weve grown in tandem with the eCommerce sector and along the way weve gained invaluable insight and experience which has secured our position as a leading provider of online stores. Originally established as a small web design and marketing company, today our workforce includes over 130 sta based in our Stockton, Newcastle and London o ces, and our impressive portfolio features over 550 clients ranging from independent sellers to multi-chain retailers and internationally known brands. Over the years weve also developed excellent working partnerships with many leading forces in the online business sector such as Google, PayPal, Sage Pay and Skrill, and we continue to receive peer recognition, which we believe is testament to the value of what we do, and how we do it.

...built to last on

solid foundations



Our Services

exceptional online stores,

While we may be the eCommerce experts, nobody understands your business like you do, which is why we believe its crucial to work closely with all of our clients from store inception, to launch, and beyond and have become established as a full-service eCommerce provider. This ensures that what we do is driven by our clients evolving needs, and informed by industry best practice.

...the only way to create

is through a total team effort


Managed Support
We deliver a fully managed support service on an on-going basis to every etailer that we work with. This means that our UK-based teams are on hand to o er personal account management and technical support at every step of the eCommerce journey with the aim of working together with our clients to help them realise their current and future eCommerce aims. As part of our support package we also provide specialist eCommerce hosting, frequent enhancements to our platform, regular eCommerce forums and workshops across the UK, on-going consultancy, and access to our expanding online knowledge base which includes a wealth of etail advice and guidance on how to use our store management systems.

eCommerce Design & Development

We specialise in building online stores that deliver excellent return on investment, and as testament to the strength of our design and development services, many of the stores weve produced have received industry awards and accolades. Our approach to design and development is driven by usability for both shoppers and etailers, and complemented by our powerful range of eCommerce features that aim to build and retain customer bases for our clients. Our online stores are also widely recognised for their visual strength, as we know that outstanding aesthetics are crucial to create initial appeal, build consumer condence, and secure sales in an increasingly competitive market.

Specialist Online Marketing

In addition, we also o er a wide range of proven marketing solutions to etailers including Paid Search Marketing, eCommerce SEO, Email Marketing, A liate Marketing, Behavioural Display Marketing, Advanced Analytics, Advanced Search Solutions and Social Media Marketing. Centred on visitor acquisition and customer retention, our dedicated marketing team aims to deliver maximum return on investment, whether were providing a single service or planning, building and executing a full online marketing strategy. This approach has helped us to forge our forefront position within the online marketing industry, as we continue to help hundreds of etailers achieve outstanding results through our in-house services.

Our Platform
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Every online store that we develop is built on our own multi-channel eCommerce platform, which has been created in-house by our leading programmers to be powerful and feature-rich. This means etailers can grow their online business with us and add further functionality - whether pre-developed features or bespoke specications - to enhance and expand their store at a pace in line with their own eCommerce aims. So whether youre starting small, growing steadily, or youre already a market-leader, our platform can o er you the right level of performance and capabilities.

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Weve produced online stores for over 150 fashion retailers and brands which include small start-up businesses, industry acclaimed independents, and internationally-renowned labels looking to increase their marketshare. The success and stature that weve built within the online fashion sector can be attributed to our stunning store designs that reect the aesthetic ethos of fashion retailers, as well as our platforms wide selection of eCommerce functionality that weve specically developed to meet the needs of a visual industry thats driven by style.


From magazine-inspired look books and 360 degree images, to brand specic size guides and specialist EPOS integrations, we o er everything needed for fashion retailers to build a loyal online customer base and boost revenue within a highly competitive market. Our proven expertise in the eCommerce fashion eld has earned us a repeat position in the Online Fashion 100 (as featured in The Independent and Vogue), which charts those most inuential within the sector, and its also helped an impressive number of the etailers we work with to collect multiple accolades from the annual Drapers Fashion Awards.




Intro is an independent menswear boutique that o ers cutting edge fashion from a selection of premium based menswear brands. It chose Visualsoft as its eCommerce provider to deliver an online store with strong navigation and usability, as well as a minimal and striking look thats true to the boutiques established brand. Weve also built a number of features into the store with the specic aim of establishing customer loyalty in a highly competitive market, including an integrated blog that the retailer regularly updates with trend, brand and product news, as well as a competitions section, a celebrity style Look Book, and custom gift vouchers. Intro also utilises our online marketing services on an on-going basis to increase return on investment.

loyalty in a highly

...establishing customer
competitive market



Gola was born from humble beginnings in 1905, and has evolved into one of the UKs most endearing and successful sports and fashion brands. It takes pride in combining heritage styles with todays most sought after trends, and secured our services to provide an etail store that matches its durability and innovation. The store includes a host of features to enhance the customer experience, and its also been built using a responsive design which means it o ers an optimal viewing experience across varying devices, platforms and browsers.

This approach aims to meet the needs of the growing number of shoppers that are browsing and buying online via smartphones and tablets, as its estimated that by 2015 therell be around one billion people that access the Web solely via mobile internet. As well as cleverly adapting to the scale of any device its viewed on, the online store has also been built with streamlined functionality suitable for touch-screens, which can enhance the user experience and increase conversions. It also includes a range of features to enhance the user experience and enable the brand to e ectively sell online.




Jules B

[ overleaf ]

Were proud to have developed a long-term relationship with Jules B a designer clothing retailer which is at the forefront of its sector, with multiple boutiques and an online store. Along with numerous other accolades, its been awarded the coveted title of Best Independent Fashion Store four times by Drapers since being launched in 1984. As testament to the esteemed retailers continued innovation within its industry, weve recently re-launched its online store with a responsive design that includes uid layouts which cleanly adapt to scale, as well as mobile optimised content and images.

The online stores responsive design means it can be seamlessly viewed and used on a vast range of devices without compromise to the customer experience or aesthetic, with the aim of securing further sales within the rapidly expanding eCommerce market. The retailer also utilises our online marketing services to help it engage with ready to buy customers. We have worked with Visualsoft for the last four years developing our online site into a major independent online retailer and have been delighted with the support and successIt has been a pleasure to work with Visualsoft and we look forward to a long and prosperous future.

Since 1973, Gabicci has been at the forefront of men's casual fashion, o ering its loyal customers a mix of classic styles with a retro twist of 70's fashion. As well as o ering customers an aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate store to shop from, its recently relaunched website also includes a wide range of eCommerce features to guarantee a convenient and enjoyable experience for both shopper and retailer.


Independent Retailer of the Year Womenswear Retailer of the Year


Marketing Award Winner Menswear Designer Retailer of the Year - 1999


Independent Retailer of the Year Menswear Retailer of the Year




Red Hot Sunglasses

[ overleaf ]


Red Hot Sunglasses has been selling a wide selection of designer sunglasses online since 2010, and after working with other eCommerce providers, the etailer sought our services in 2012 to help it increase its market share via a complete redesign. Visualsofts support, direction and advice has been invaluable in assisting us to develop and establish Red Hot Sunglasses. The dependability and e ciency of service they provide permits us to get on with our business and forget they are there which allows us to concentrate on meeting the needs of our clients and ultimately growing our business.

Launched in 2013, the new Mistral online store is the latest sales channel for the company, in addition to its impressive total of 28 fashion outlets. As well as developing a new eCommerce solution for the business, we also developed a mobile version of the store to help Mistral take advantage of the rapidly expanding mCommerce market, which grew by almost 300% in 2012 alone.




Cavells Country

offering a high quality

user experience

...visually distinct

Cavells is one of the UKs most successful independent fashion retailers which stocks over 100 menswear and womenswear brands, and to target its wide product range to the right markets, it appointed us to develop its main online store as well as a sister site Cavells Country. Cavells Country solely o ers an extensive selection of the nest country clothing, footwear and accessories and with its rural colour palette and detailing, is visually distinct from Cavells while still o ering a high quality user experience. Its functionality includes a multi-currency convertor and customer gift vouchers, as well as a competitions section and an integrated blog.



Boxfresh has been at the forefront of British streetwear since 1989, and has grown to become an iconic brand best-known for its Atlantic style inuences thats adorned by those with an appreciation of both form and function. Although Boxfreshs clothing is available from a vast range of retailers, it also sells directly via its online store which it engaged Visualsoft to recently redesign. Working closely with the brand, weve now re-launched its site with a new dynamic look thats in-keeping with the labels fresh, contemporary image.

As well as including our standard selection of eCommerce features that are designed to simplify the art of etailing, the new store has also been built with cross-selling and up-selling features designed to increase customer spend and a solid range of checkout options. It also includes functionality designed to help the brand o er an excellent retail experience that can secure loyalty and repeat visits, including a checkout page survey, a returns system, live chat support, and a customer service system that enables Boxfresh to directly engage with its customers via its stores online management system.





A rapidly increasing number of jewellery retailers are engaging us to design and develop online stores, as more and more customers are choosing to browse, compare and buy luxury items online. Consumer condence is absolutely crucial within the sector, especially for those o ering high end items, and so we o er a strong selection of eCommerce features designed to quickly establish customer trust and ultimately generate sales.


The strength of our designs can also have an impressive impact on conversions for jewellery retailers, as shoppers are much more comfortable buying from stores with a professional look and feel that reects the quality of their product ranges. We can also enable retailers to o er varied payment options to their customers, including credit solutions, which can give jewellery retailers a competitive edge and help them to thrive online.


British Watch Company

Laings of Glasgow
Laings of Glasgow is a prestigious jeweller with over 170 years experience and two stores that are renowned for o ering the nest quality jewellery and watches. The retailer approached us to redesign its online store to visually reect the strength of its reputation, and its new store now has a sophisticated, timeless aesthetic.

In addition the Laings of Glasgow store has been built to enable shoppers to seamlessly browse and buy from its extensive collection, and learn more about the historical company and its products via its integrated blog and Look Book which highlights the latest jewellery trends.

Many of the enquiries we receive are from retailers that are already trading online, but are looking for a much more powerful eCommerce solution to help them run their businesses more e ciently and improve their conversion rates. British Watch Company is a great example, as the retailer recently approached us to redesign their store after experiencing limitations with their previous provider, and weve since designed and developed a new store that couples advanced functionality with a strong visual identity which the retailer is delighted with. ''eCommerce is always moving and there is always something you can improve, but with Visualsoft by your side it takes a lot of the stress out of it. I cant recommend Visualsoft enough''.



Market Cross

Shipton & Co
[ overleaf ]

A growing number of jewellers, such as Market Cross Jewellers, are investing in Visualsoft sites because our outstanding designs and functionality can help to quickly establish consumer condence, which is a key factor when selling high end items such as designer watches and engagement rings. We recently revamped Market Cross Jewellers online store which it runs in addition to multiple UK branches to ensure that it continues to have the visual appeal needed to capture visitors, and the eCommerce features to convert them. The jeweller also uses our online marketing services which have helped to greatly boost its online performance. First class customer service and top quality website design. A pleasure to work with!

Shipton & Co has been creating ne jewellery since 1870, and in addition to its 12 boutiques across the UK it also runs an online store which we were recently appointed to redesign. As well as giving its new etail store a rened visual identity which reects the prestige and heritage of the company, we also integrated it with multi-channel capabilities enabling the retailer to manage its online store and Amazon and eBay product listings, all via one easy-to-use admin system. We also developed a mobile version of the store to help Shipton & Co to capitalise on the rapidly expanding mCommerce market.




Jon Richard
[ overleaf ]

Wharton Goldsmiths

Jon Richard o ers design-led, competitively priced jewellery and accessories for women of all ages, including pieces from its own successful brand which is also available via a range of department stores nationwide. Its online store has been developed to help it capture sales from an even wider market, and includes integration with an a liate marketing network that enables other etailers to generate sales on its behalf. Its also integrated with, which allows customers to purchase its items via the Debenhams site, and the order details are sent directly to the Jon Richard store to be processed.

Wharton Goldsmith is the UK's leading independent specialist retailer of ne designer jewellery and watches, and specialises in diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and platinum diamond rings, and it also carries a large range of branded jewellery. Since appointing us to redesign its online store, weve launched an eCommerce solution for the retailer which not only looks fantastic, but also includes functionality such as up-selling on product pages to encourage bigger total spends per shopper, a testimonials page where happy customers can submit feedback to encourage purchases from other visitors, and Pay4Later nance integration that allows shoppers to apply for credit nance on specied items.





Some of the biggest names in the UK footwear industry rely on our eCommerce platform to give them the tools they need to deliver excellent online services. Our vast range of features includes everything an etailer needs to o er an enhanced user experience and stand apart from competitors, and we also o er functionality designed to reduce return rates - such as 360 degree image integration and product zoom - which we know is a key issue for footwear retailers.


We can also integrate our online stores with various courier systems, customer support tools and loyalty features to help footwear retailers secure sales and build a solid customer base, plus our SEO, social media and promotion features can attract visitors in an increasingly competitive marketplace, which is why more and more footwear retailers are investing in sites by Visualsoft.



Frank Wright

Ash Footwear
[ overleaf ]

British footwear brand Frank Wright has been producing mens shoes and boots since 1885, and as well as its heritage, its also known for its high quality products which are stocked by high street and etail giants. We were delighted to be asked to design and develop an online store for such a well-respected brand, enabling it to directly sell to an international customer base, and the resulting site echoes the Frank Wright style traditional with a contemporary twist. As well as o ering e ortless navigation, the online store includes a number of eCommerce features designed to enhance

the user experience without detracting visitors from the footwear ranges it o ers, such as a Style Notes Look Book that showcases selected shoes and boots, and an integrated blog which the brand keeps up to date with the latest trends and news. It also includes a Store Locator which shoppers can use to nd their nearest Frank Wright stockist, plus a product comparison tool and our image zoom functionality enabling visitors to see the detailing and product nish that has helped Frank Wright stand the test of time.

Footwear brand Ash is a prestigious label that creates a wide range of shoes for women, as well as smaller collections for men and children, and is stocked by an impressive selection of retailers. The brand tasked us to build an online store to increase its market share of the footwear sector, boost sales, reach a worldwide audience, and enable it to sell directly to its customers. The result is a clean, functional store with a range of features designed to capture, increase and retain its customer base, including our Loyalty Programme which encourages repeat purchases by rewarding returning customers with future discounts.




J Shoes
[ overleaf ]


The J Shoes brand o ers a wide range of footwear and accessories for men and women, bringing together a combination of innovation, individuality, craftsmanship and high quality materials, with comfort and style. We recently revamped the J Shoes online store to freshen up its aesthetics and functionality, and also launched a U.S. version enabling the British-grown brand to specically target the American market.

Footwear brand Ravel has been producing shoes for women since 1934, and the popularity of its products have helped it to become a household name in the UK. Key to the brands longevity is its ability to adapt and evolve in line with its customers needs; during the 1960s it moved from formal to fashion footwear to meet consumer demand, and more recently its launched its etail store to connect with the rapidly rising number of shoppers that prefer to purchase shoes online.

As Ravel understands the importance of an excellent online presence, it appointed us to build an eCommerce solution that o ers a streamlined shopping experience and enables customers to easily browse through its wide collections of boots and shoes. Its online store also features a multi-currency tool enabling shoppers to view product prices in sterling, dollars or euros, as well as online gift vouchers, advanced SEO editing options, and our popular Look Book feature which enables the brand to easily showcase selections of its products that are in-keeping with current catwalk and high street trends.




Jelly Egg

Jellyegg operates two shops, as well as an online store, o ering a range of footwear and lifestyle goods, and is one of the largest Crocs stockists in the UK. The retailer has a distinct personality which it wanted to be evident via its store design, so we produced a bright and friendly site that enables it to sell to a much wider market while staying true to its core company values. We also integrated the store with eBay, making it possible to list and manage listings directly via the stores admin system, and created a mobile version of the site to make it user-friendly for the growing number of people that shop via their mobile device.

Lotus Shoes - which has a reputation for excellence in quality, design and customer service throughout Europe - approached us to redesign its existing website to boost its online presence and sales. The result is a functional, user-friendly online store with a classic, feminine design that reects the style of the brand and its products. The site also includes a number of powerful eCommerce features designed to attract custom including a marketing newsletter system and a competitions module, as well as multiple payment methods. The Lotus Shoes store is also supported with a range of online marketing services from Visualsoft, to increase and retain its customer base.

Sports & Outdoors

Sports & Outdoors

The online sports and outdoors sector continues to expand as shoppers nd it increasingly convenient to nd exactly what theyre looking for via the Internet. This had led to a growing number of sporting goods retailers turning to Visualsoft to create eCommerce stores on their behalf that deliver strong return on investment and enable them to progressively build their online business. Our comprehensive suite of services means that we can also help them to sell via a wide range of multi-channel platforms such as


eBay, Amazon, and and tap into their vast customer bases for increased revenue. To date our sports and outdoor portfolio includes etailers o ering skateboards, rugby wear, cricket equipment, soccer wear and accessories, home gym equipment, climbing and rambling tools, snowboards, shing equipment and much, much more.



Mark Anthonys

Royal Robbins
[ overleaf ]

Mark Anthony is a tness guru, health expert and celebrity trainer that appointed us to evolve his brochure site into an eCommerce store, enabling him to o er a range of tness equipment, health supplements, and weight loss programs alongside a host of information about his lifestyle services. The result is a site with bold and bright visuals, a fresh colour scheme and straightforward navigation, and as well as etail functionality it also includes a press page featuring clippings of media coverage, an image gallery, an integrated blog, and a customer testimonials page designed to reinforce credibility.

Launched in 2013, the Royal Robbins eCommerce website couples a user friendly design with a range of eCommerce features to make the process of selling and buying online as e cient as possible for both retailer and consumer. As well as being integrated with a state of the art EPOS system, the site also includes multi-currency pricing, a competitions area, and an advanced marketing newsletter system which aims to retain and attract customers to the site.



a user-friendly design with a range of powerful features



As the worlds original sports brand thats been in business for almost 200 years, Mitre is our most well-established client. The brand has been around since the dawn of professional sport, and has grown from small beginnings as a tannery in Hudderseld, into a globally-renowned label that manufactures a wide range of football, cricket, rugby and netball apparel and equipment. Built on twin foundations of technical innovation and heritage, its goods have been adorned by past and present sporting legends such as Muhammad Ali, and it sponsors numerous

clubs and associations including the Scottish Premier League, the Football League, and the All England Netball Association. In addition to being stocked by retailers across the world, weve recently launched a new online store for the brand enabling it to sell directly to its customers and provide the level of service and user experience that matches its stature. The site has a clean, considered layout and includes functionality designed specically for retailer convenience such as a bulk product management tool,

an o ine order screen, and a selection of eCommerce reporting features. Its also been built with numerous store-front features to enhance the customer journey, including an image zoom function that allows visitors to see products in great detail, and address lookup functionality to save valuable time at the checkout stage when customers are entering their details. Weve also created a secondary fascia for Mitres online store, which is targeted towards Mitres Australian-based customers.



Westbrook Cycles

Westbrook Cycles is the North Easts premier cycling shop and one of our many long-standing clients. We recently revamped the retailers online store to freshen up its look and functionality, and ensure that it continues to o er a level of online excellence that reects its reputation and product range, which includes high quality bikes and accessories for on and o -road cycling.

The online store of Fillow Sports, which o ers a wide range of skate hardware and clothing,, is a great example of our eCommerce platforms multi-fascia capabilities, as the site has been built with ve di erent language fascias which the retailer can fully control via one central admin system. The site also features our Bundle Builder functionality, which enables its customers to put together a skateboard setup including their choice of wheels, trucks and decks from Fillows product range, and purchase the items together as a package.

The store is now integrated with a host of features developed to create conversions, including a strong selection of payment options such as Amazon checkout, PayPal checkout and Pay4Later credit nance which can encourage online shoppers to increase their spend.




Canterbury of New Zealand approached Visualsoft in 2012 with a clear objective, which was to redesign and redevelop the brands online store, to increase its customer base, o er improved usability, and ultimately boost its online sales. The new site would also need to be able to cope with high volumes of tra c at peak times, as well as o er a fast and reliable platform for online purchases all year round. Today, the new website not only meets all of these specications, but additionally reinforces the brand's reputation for quality, boasts user friendly navigation and enhances the user experience with video, interactive blogs and social media integration. Balancing performance, quality, aesthetics and usability was a high priority for this project, but through working closely with the team at Canterbury, this has been achieved by Visualsoft.



European Golf

European Golf has numerous branches across the UK, and appointed us to help it create an online presence with a feature-rich etail store that includes up-selling and multi-currency functionality, product videos, gift vouchers, competitions and checkout incentives. Weve also integrated its online store with eBay, enabling the retailer to place and manage eBay product listings directly via its admin system, and stock levels are synchronised between the two platforms. In addition European Golf enlisted us to produce a professional eBay store front design, which can be crucial to set etailers apart from competitors within the worlds largest online marketplace, and establish instant consumer trust and condence.

...designed to establish

instant consumer trust



And Much More

And Much More

The powerful etail tools that we incorporate into every store we build provide everything an etailer needs to e ectively manage their store via a user-friendly admin system. This, coupled with the fact that creating conversions is at the core of our design and development processes, makes our online stores attractive to retailers in just about every sector imaginable.


The extensive capabilities of our platform make it ideal to sell almost anything online, and so while our portfolio may feature a solid number of stores in the fashion, footwear, jewellery and sports or outdoor industries, we also work with a much wider range of retailers o ering everything from exotic plants, shelving, pilot supplies and boat varnish to juicers, tyres, sofas and trading cards.


Whats On Your Wall is a well-established wall art production company that o ers a wide range of printed artwork including iconic Banksy images, portraits of famous faces including Samuel Beckett and Albert Einstein, and kitsch canvases of characters such as Wonder Woman and the Silver Surfer. Like a number of our clients, the company solely trades online which means the quality of its store is paramount to its success, and so we provided the etailer with a solution that has a strong visual impact, plus a range of tools and functions designed to make the shopping journey as e ortless as possible.

Hawthorn Health
With six Visualsoft sites to the company's name, Hawthorne Health has a wealth of experience in the world of eCommerce. After underwhelming experiences with other providers, Hawthorne Health approached us for a complete redesign of all its existing websites, and has never looked back. 'I wish all companies could be like Visualsoft, they have been an inspiration with their professionalism and always going that extra mile that they have inspired me to try and bring some of their work ethics into my own business''.




Lindy Headphones

[ overleaf ]

Lindy is one of the UK and Europe's leading suppliers of Audio, Video and IT accessories, and in particular, its headphones have received awards from publications including What Hi-Fi, Computer Shopper and the Sunday Mirror. The manufacturer appointed us to design and develop a new online store on its behalf, as well as an additional site that solely o ers its headphones range to allow it to specically target its products to segmented markets.

Timbuk2 manufactures messenger bags, backpacks and accessories that are built to last, and approached us to build an online store thats equally robust. The resulting store has a strong, clean design, and is easy to navigate, ensuring customers can quickly nd exactly what theyre looking for. Its also been built with multiple content management tools, enabling the brand to e ciently and easily manage the store.



a fresh new look and increased functionality



Travall designs and manufactures high quality vehicle specic accessories for major automotive brands, which it sells directly via its online store which weve proudly produced. In addition to the main store, it retails through several multi-language fascias that weve integrated into the site. The fascias follow the design and layout of the original but feature content in alternative languages including German, Spanish, and Italian, enabling it to easily sell to international markets.

The feature-rich site also includes several modules designed to enhance the user experience including our Quick Buy module that enables shoppers to add items to their basket directly from department pages, a Facebook Like Checkout Incentive that rewards customers who actively like the retailers Facebook page, Automated Email Notications that alert customers when items theyre interested in are back in stock, and multiple payment options to give customers a greater choice and capture further sales.





Laver, owned by Arnold Laver & Co, o ers a wide selection of timber products including door frames, ooring and fence panels. The merchant appointed us to build a sturdy online store that meets the needs of both trade and non-trade customers, and this is reected in its functionality which includes our Quick Order Form that allows customers to directly enter in the product codes of the items they wish to order on one page. Customers can also choose to view product prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT, and make use of its Square Metre Calculator that estimates how many product units a customer may require based on the surface area they'd like to cover.

Weve worked closely with BigDug to help grow its online business since 2008, and as a result its enjoyed vast growth in terms of sales, customers, and revenue. Its online store, which o ers a specialist range of products including shelving and racking for domestic and commercial use, now welcomes over 160,000 visitors every month. ''We have been working with Visualsoft for over ve years now and have been delighted with all aspects of service we have received. From the initial design, development, through to general support, Visualsoft have been extremely professional throughout''.


Our Success

We've been honoured with numerous awards, accolades and accreditations over the last 15 years, and we're incredibly proud of our own achievements as well as the many etail awards that our clients have received, which include:

North East Business Awards 2013 Internet & ICT Regional Winner Drapers Fashion & Etail Awards Many of our clients have received recognition from Drapers as winners or shortlisted nalists for its annual Etail Awards, and annual Fashion Awards Vogue / The Independent 'Online Fashion 100' All four of our Directors have been listed in the Online Fashion 100 - featured in Vogue and The Independent - as inuential gureheads in the eCommerce sector Stockphoto Punctum Awards 2009 Design of the Year Winner (beating over 1.75 million entries) Digital Awards 2008 We were named as Digital Innovator of the Year, and our in-house venture, Goo, was also awarded with Best Use of API



s te No


Visualsoft Directors
Visualsoft was originally founded in 1998 by Directors Richard Bendelow and Dean Benson, who later appointed Matt Burton as Technical Director, and Tim Johnson as Sales Director. Collectively, their wealth of eCommerce and online marketing expertise, passion for the sector, and combined sector experience has helped to grow the company from small beginnings into a leading eCommerce provider, with over 130 employees and o ces in Stockton, Newcastle and London.

We look forward to working with you

We forge long-term relationships with all of the etailers that we work with to ensure that what we do, and how we do it, is driven by their evolving needs within a fast-paced sector. In other words, we really listen to etailers, and that has helped us to become a leading force within the eCommerce industry. Whether youre new to selling online, an experienced etailer, or somewhere in between, wed love to hear about your business aspirations, and tell you how our services can help you to achieve them. For an informal chat on what we can o er, please get in touch today to nd out more.

01642 633 604