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. Vol. XIII. . J.os Cali{omia, October 22, .1908_. No ..


Great Uni9n General, -Assembly

. Marvellous Scenes of Great Joy. A SeaSOTJ of Spir.itual Blessing . .
'flie great. General. Assembly, which
had been lookec1 forward to with eager
and joyOUS f!)r some time,
because of the consummation of the
union between the Pentecostal Church
of tl!e Nazarene anj. . the Holiness
Church of Christ, has come and closed.
for the union were prac-
. .tically made at the Chicago Assembly
last year. Pilot Point, Texas, was the
place : chosen to have the marriage
. ceremony perforiped, and arrangements
made to sLt us housekeeping together
to push the work of holiness which is .
cl ca.!-' to
The for . holding the
Assemb_y as perfect _as C<?Uld be
expected. The large auditorium tent,
holding 1000 people, as well as other
large and small tents for committee
were alt that could be desired;
and as the Assembly got well under .
way fully 200 ministerial and lay "dele-
gates were present. From the very
first the whole services seemed to
breathe with-- the spirit of humility and
holy triumph, arid as we looked on the
eager, joyous faces at the first .session, .
we saw that the Assembly "\;ould be one
of grace and glory, which at the close
was more than fully realized.
Dr. P. F. Bresee, the senior General
Superintendent, was the wise, judi.cious
and inspiring presiding officer of the
Assembly; and ably guided the
erations of this important body_ through
the many intricate but necessary mat-
t ers of the union.
It take too much space here
to give all the details "of this great
union Assembly, but there are some im-
portant interests which had to be har-
monized and brought into oneness.
The Holiness Church of Christ in
.-operation, - missionary; educll"
tional and .publishing interests; all of
. these came into the union along with
the church, and so. were broug,lt
the control of our b_oards, while
at the same time things had to be so not be barren of manir"estations of grel\,t
. . ,..
arranged that they could be carried on joy-1: Tnne after time;. even in the busi-
. as be'f<,>re and placed. in the hands of . ness sessions, the pent-up feeli..xigs of
those most thoroughly acquainted with the brethren would burst. forth. But
their lvorkings. These interests entail , it was left for the consummation of the
npon our general boards ap .' purpose of the Assembly-the union of
amount of work, and call from the the two churches-to bring forth the
church a greater degree of earnest joy of oneness of heart and purpose in
prayer -and a more liberal financial sup- shouts and praises and singing . .
port. As Bro. R. B. 1\'Iitcqam, President of
. - Th-; of the Assembly: Holiness Cinirch of
m a tender way of the lead-
ings of God up to ' that moment, a:o.d
moved that ''The union of the two
:be now . fot-
lowed seconded by Revs. c. W.
A finer body of men and . 'women.
physically, mentally and spiritually,
has seldoii1 been. brought together. Of
cdurse Dr. Bresee stood at the head of
the Assembly, with his venerated. per- R tl. T h N Sh t J B c ; ht
.u 1, pO u- . qr , . . re1g .on,
sonality, and with him our energetic C. B. Jernigan, H. B..Hosley' and several
and self-denying General others who spoke to the motion, amid
- intendent, Rev. H. F. Reynolds. Then great joy and gladness, 'brethren of the
came our wideawake District Superin- south hugged brethren .from the North,
ten dents, H. D . . Brown, P. G. _.Lina- ,. East and West.
'ye1,wer, T. H. Ag2-ew, \'f{. H: Hoople, As Dr. Bresee put the motion he said
A. B. Riggs.and H. B. Hosley, who gave that . this was an epoch-making time,
wise counsel and much work qn the and is the answer to our Lord's
various committees. Bro. F. Gay, prayer; but it is only the early dawn,
with his perfect grasp of the mission- and we are going forth to victory. The
' ary interests of our church, was present motio.n was put and carried unani-
with his work thoroughly systematized; mously by a standing vote, amid great
and as Treasurer of the General l\iis- enthusiasm,
sionary Board, led the Missionary Com-
mittee on to success'with 'his wise coun-
sel. Then came Bro. R. B. Mitcham,
the consecrated lay president of the.
Southern church; Bros .. C. E. Cornell,
with his 'energy and 'executive ability,
and C. V. La Fontaine, together with
the great body or" earnest pastors and
lay women;"who all gave their
At 10 :40 a . m., Oct. 13, 1908.
The. burst of holy joy cop.tillued for-
some minritesl the brethren embracing
each other, at the sam'e time sfuging a
1iew hymn written for the by
L. Milton Williams and I. G. Martin
to the tune o'f the in-
side of the tent became too small for
time and pest thc;mght to make the As- the freedom of such a joy, and the {\lad
sembly .the great success that it was. p eople began the . march oittside and
R evs. c. B. J ernigan atld J . D. Scott nround the great tent, waving their
handkerchiefs amid shouts of joy, even-
were full of lahors in looking after the . . . .
1:1eneral interests of the Assembly, and formmg aq .. Immense compact
Scott and Speakes gave valuable : mrcle on grounds, Dr. Bresee
.... . ' .. .. a chair and addressed the mul-
asslstance to the Secretary.
titude in words of inspiration which
Scene.s of Holy Triumph .
Such an Assembly as this, with such
a purpose that it had in view, could.
the hearts of an: surely the'
Lord was pleased , with such a man!-
.. .festation of holy ..
. Nq,zarene !Jiessenger .
22, 19Q8
.--: . . . . ;: . .
Hllaiious Giving, Bro. "' v : B. s. :Tayl<5F; :;ith-
. $2000 was given at the -Assembly prel).cher aCthe "!1 o'"clock service oil T.
W. Campbell and Mrs. Franli'-Neal; ..
. for the expenses of the meet,ing and , Saturday, from Gen. :5. were a great .benediction to the. Assem:
other purposes. The people gave wil(- . clear and message on God's pur- bly as they sang . many of their sweet .
ingly as various needs were presented. pose in the. church. songs, .which aroused the Assembly to
For example; . As Bro .. . Stafford was On Satm;day night Bro. shouts. Bro. Arthur 'also,
. _giving a report of his work in_ Mexico of Nashville; . Tenn., preached a telling of Lowell, Mass., touched . the tender
he stated that -_he needed two more and unique sermon .on coming to the chords of ail as with his sweet voice he
mission buildings, which would . cost Kingdom for This Time" to a large sang tile gospel message.
about $600, and no sooner had he spoke ,,_ and attentive audience. . But the congregational singin.g, led
than Bro. Rogers, of .A:sheV.ille, N. c:, Sabbath, was a great day.' From by Bro. I. G. Martih, was a continuous
said lie would give $200 if the other mm;ning to night waves of glory and - wave of holy joy, :People,
was raised. Bro. Sta:fford was proceed- joy swept . over tbe .. camp. .. It com- . iil their gladness, breaking away from
ing with his report when the writer menced with the morning love feast, . the Jeader for some minutes .. Bro, .
that the $600 was more im- which could with difficulty be brotight tin on . a . new booli:,
portant than his report, just then, and to . a close in time, for the preaching which will contain many of the
proceeded to 'inake calls for pledges, se-rvice. Dear beacon Morse was in his ' liy'mns not hitherto published. "
and in a short time $620 was raised, as element, and gave a 'l(ery precious tes-
well as $50 :to pay railroad fares for . tiniony. Dr. Bresee the preacher
some of the missionaries going . out: o the morning, and preached _a mar- Educational.
Another time of joy was when Bro . . velous sermon on "The Better Thing. :' Among the institutions of qqr church
Geo. M. Morse, of Putnam, Conn., an- The ap.\fierice was moved to shouts of in its aggressive work the
swered the statement of Bro. Riggs, Su- victory and holy joy, and at the close .Institutions are iii .the forefront. This
of theN. E. District, who :a came to the altai. and were
. work. bad the afternoon of Saturday of
said that he could double the work on graciously helped.
. Assembly week .assigned to it. Rev. L.
his district if he bad $500 for the com- . Bro. Ruth preached in tlie afternoon
Milton Williams bad charge of the
ing. year. Bro. Morse arose and said, on "';I'he Uttermost Salvatiqn," and in meetmg and an earnest' prayer was
" I will give_ it." '].'he expenses of the his own inimitable way poured the offered by Rev. A. Riggs.
Assembly of. about $700 were easily truth upon the people, which God gra- :- After a few words of introduction
raised, $400 being given at one service. . ciously honored.
... _ - - ... .the Chairman c.alled upon Dr .. Bresee
Even .in a little Stmday afternoon -m. ee.t- The sermbn at . nignt wai one . of -
to speak on behalf of the Deets Pacific
ing at the Rescue Home, we raised $30 power'and great freedom by Rev. F. Bible College,: who read a repo):t sent' '
for that work. Surely Holiness un- Reynolds. froin the Principal. } This was
looses .the purse strings. One night Bro. . Dearn, of . Nov-a filled with . records of God's gracious
The Religious Gatherings. Scotia, a Ir!sh evangelist who dealings with souls, and messages of
.These spiritual services have been up is laboring in New Brunswick and New- those who had been and are students
to th"ose of past Assemblies in power foundland, with fervid :{ire and energy in the college.
and glory. On the :inorni.n,g of the poured forth a gospel message on Prof. E. P. Ellyson, of the Texas
opening day, Oct. 8, Rev. vV. F. Dallas, the IJost/' giving .many in- . . Holiness University, spoke of its work.
President of the Eastern Council, stances of h1s experiences " in evange- He said, ''As ye go, teach, and we are
preached a very strong and helpful listie tent work in Ireland. The free- attending to our commissi"n. '' He said
sermon, and at night the service was dom, unction and divine pp_wer of ;this that the churches. did not believe itself
given to a ' reception at which Rev. service cannot be described, for at the whatit asks others to believe. - Churches
end of the sermon the great altar was'
E. P. Ellyson, President . of the Texas are decreasing and power is waning in
soon filled, as well as rows of chairs,
Holiness University, gave a talk of mar- great denominations.
b' h d and this altar work went on for over in their colleges, and has come
velOUS power, .W lC arouse great en- . tWO hours, Until many came OUt into
thusiasm among the congregation. into our pulpits, and this has under-
. the light -of salvation. ,
ArrangelJle.nts were made to have a mined faith in supernatural things.
Bro. John N. Short preached one of.
preaching service each morning at 11
. t . . . t t.t t" . This is the fodder the cliurch is being
,. . F . . R . us s rong sermons o an a en 1ve ..
o clock,- and on r1day mqrnmg ev. . .. .. . . t . .. fed on. .W4\lt is the cure: \Ve must
f S k. . h d - and receptive congrega IOn on Monday
. . avis, o . po ane, preac e a . . t
...,_ have evangelistic and campmeeting
a . morning a o c Ocfi..
stirring sermon in his usual free an .. The last sernion of these great meet- \vork, but we have to. raise_ up an edu-
telling manner. " ings wa;s preached on Tuesday night ministry, that :will stand with
The night on. Friday will both feet on the old book, filled w'ith
by Rev. John Norberry on "The Great
never be forgotten by the vast con- General Judgment., -This sermon was holy fire. The problem of evangelism
course of people that packed, the great an awful arraignment of the different' and. education . is before us. we must ' .
tent in 'every corner, with hundreds classes which' will have to appear there, have holiness in the scientific and phil-
standing .. on .Rev. L. Mil- and it brought conviction upon many. osophical courses in our schools. When
ton Williams was the preacher, and for the world was 'made there was no one
two hours pour.ed forth a marvelous . The. Singers. . there but God,' .and I would rather be- .
and convincing .on '"rhe Justt- The Assembly; was favored by . lieve the One that was there than those
fied and Sanctified Life" that having present a 'number of the sweet- criticizers who were not there. We
seekers to the altar, many of them est singers in the evangelistic .field. mJUst have holiriess text books on all
c'6ming through brightness./ - - M. J . Taylor, daughter of lines for colleges. God give us
.... ' . . '
1908] :_: -
t9 educate -liolhiess
men for doctors, lawyers and busin:ess
1nen. . .
Prof . . ,E. E. Angell, Principal of the
North Scituate Pentecostal Institute,
spoke oiJ.' ."What Are :We to Do About
the Needs 1 '' We have iood . will,
but -put up colleg,es and
r'Un the1n. ' The WOrk "'W.e .. -are is .
a great one, espec.ially when_. we have to
.nndo a great deal the public schools
have done., We are .praying God to
' put these burdens ori the whole church,
and if the church is not interested it is
because :-the paf;toz:s :are not. Our
::;cP,ools should have -an annual offering
made .to them. 'from. holiness pro-
in the We . w;mt your
moqey, your sons arid daughters, and
_ your sytripathy . .. ThiS' was a fine ad-

' '
siml is thing t.o 'irri- by ties--most - bin'd.irig . . and:.
. plant -in the hearts of the. young a mis- sacred; born of God, believers. of the
sionary trend. we must stand to- same' faith, and members of the church
-brethren in the- strictest arid 'fuilest
gether in organized holiness in refer- sense of the word.
ence to missions in foreign lands. We . , May' we always pursue such' a , COUrS'e:.
must have 'Holy Ghost men and women aR _will preserye. an:d promote br6therly
in the .foreign fields;- We can't do any- unity ... God_is .. jealous of His
thing without prayer, and 'we honor and H1s cause. Ho'w careful,
money down from heaven. The more should .w'e,. be l est by our con-
. .d.uct toward each other we give the
richly. you are filled with: the Holy enemy occasion to triumph and His
Ghost, the more richly will you be filled church . suffer - -reproach> -A holy .and
. with ministry and people is . able,
Bro. Stafford, who bas charge Qj. the upder God, .to prod\lce. spirit_ual. earth,
'l\{exico work,, was p-r e.sent with a band quakes that. will yet throw thousands '
to their knees, and ddve to cover the
of. seventeen pr.ospective .black-winged hosts of Hell. We be-
who sang sweetly in the Spanish Ian- lieve that our church is the one to do .
guage, .and ofthem gave prec- it. Amen. ' .
testimonies to salvation: . Bro. Let us cry aloud and spare not:< we
-stafford spoke of the wonderful way
in which God had led them and the today but.jt will grow into a black flag
dress. gracious way in which He had blessed tomorrow; arid the Devil will in due
Bro. Dallas; of Arkansas; spoke for them, and of the testings and gracious time plant it over the very work we
1 he Holiness College, located d eliverances of God. These are now building. .
at Vilonia, and stateq that the school aries stirred the audience so that when The satanic colna of worldliness is -
. endeavoring . to creep into the-Holirtess
!!Icw. out of a necessity, as the public Bro. Stafford stated .that he needed
.. Movement, threatening to sting to
schools taught -against .the Bible. We $600 to put up_ two buildin'gs, one bro- death- the truths for which we contend.
raised a building in fifteen .(lays and 70 ther arose and said he would give $200 Le.t us to our lu1e_es and sharpen our
scliolar.s 'vere in first year; out of if the was raised, and in a very swords, to stab it to deat h er e it twine
which all .but. hvo were saved .or- short -time $62owas pledged, as well as the of the ,ninistr_r, _,
. s il_encmg. the. voice to- such truths --a-s .-.
tified. The scho.ol . is growing and now $50 for railroad fare for missionaries. . the - Church and 'Wotld rieea to
hns five buildings. Surely God is good. R. PIE.RCE. .know. - .
Bro. J. D. Sc'ott.; --P"rincip-al 'of the - - Let the hat.ed; unpopular truths of.
school at Pilot Poin't, said the .. Bible In- A LETTER WITH A RIGHT RING. H oliness-upon "whi ch n1any churches .
t d T S h 1 h'ld are_. a d ead silence-be

st 1tu e an rammg c oo, Is a c I The following letter of greeting from '"'
"'-1 s h l a our burning. melting, loving hearts,
of prayer. he u e c oo :was starte the District Superintendent of tl1e I>h1l- 1
nntJ we moisten the earth with our
four y ears ago, There have passed adelphia 'District was read to the Gen- t ears ; a'nd \vc shall win souls for Christ
the ... s chool ml\nY IQissionaries er al Assembly of the Pentecostal in the good old-fashioned lead
;md preachers . . \Ve are on the up-grad e Church of the Nazarene, at Pilot Point, . multitudes into the Canaan of p erfect
and I ' can see a b etter day ahead of us. '. Texas: loYe, aild do exploits for God and the
We had enrolled last year l38, .with. six until shall have shakings,
Dearly Beloved Brethren-Since the coil vnls10ns and uphel!vals as broad as
t eachers, every one consecrated to God, last . GCiieral .Assembly another year the Continent.
and \vorking very littre salary. witli its sorrows and j oys, disappoint- \Ve deeply r egr et the impossibility of
lJro . . Ben!)on, of t'he Nashville Bible meuts and victories, has come and our coming t o the Assembly, but will
T1aiuing School, spoke a few words in ;gone; and again we are remiri<.lcd of pr!IY that God shall guide you in all
r efer ence to school, whic_h has the brevity of life as well as the great your deliberations. r emembering that
r esponsibilities that rest upon us as in- eyes of the r eligious world are upo"n
wonderfully blessed ,' and has sent out dividuals and as a church collectively. you; and that He may esp<>cially under-
about fifteen missionaries. "We have 'rhese .Assembli es are milestones mark- gird our General Supe1intendents nn-
come over to see you, and hope that ing our victories, and telling us that d er the weight of multitudinous . care
. tl'1is little court!'lhip .Will C!,>I;JSUmiiiate in we are another year nearer our eternal and duty. The God of all \Yisdom and
a in:arJ;iage." . : . - ., r eward: , Grace will help you in sol\ing the
We take great pleasure in annomic- cult probl ems which ' confront! you. \Ve
ing to you the .marriage solemnized in eagerly await the tidings f1 ol;1 Texas. -
,. . .... . 1-._ .. . '
Philadelphia, Pa., o,n Thursday, Sept. . The Grace of our T.1ord and the power
This .. was held' on Mon- . '17th, at 2 :20 p . . m. .At this time .J !te of the H4.>ly Ghost be upon you all.
Missionary Anniversary.
day afternq,pn. The President, Rev. Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene Amen!
H. D. :Srown, charge. It was' a' and tlie Pennsylvania Conference. of
, tjme" of inspi'ration and . blessing. Bro. the ChcistianChurch united in
Yours in Holy Love, .
_ H . G. Trumbauer.
Reading, Pa., Oct. 2, _1908.
F. Gay moved the audience .with hoFIY. wedloclk. ; .. ld
1 . . . orasmuc 1 as no -man con :s 1ow
a st1rrmg afdress on the ... gr:at just cause why we should not be"'law- THE HOLINESS CHURCI!- . OF CHRIST.
of the Pente<lostal Nazarenes m Japan; fu)l y and Scripturally_ joined together : Some fifteen or twenty yCiil's ago, _at
Ludia and especially-' the l\fexiean no.- and forasmuch as H. and P . hnd con- . Re.y. ,Robert Lee Har-
tion.. He spoke of the self-sacrifice of sented together the same.- ris< of sainted memory, witlt oth'ers of , ..
the missionari es and the self-denial of before God a l artge company aud ui e same persuas ion, set . ii1 order the
' ' . . ' thereto had given ' and pledged ou:r ' ' . . r ' '
the converts Qf .. the foreign fields that . faith each t<f the other and declared first congr egatiOn of wha,t was
puts the Chril!ltians of .this countr y to the h)r joiriin.g

right hands, the Church of Chris t . : ..
shmne,. we .must grow a crqp of .. brethren. We are During . the holi.days of 1894-95 tlie
- ... . .
. . 4 __ _.l9Q8
firsC --Texas- cong1;egatioi1 of :- -: J er"- of Olidst is .. :
''Church of Christ'' was-'' set in order'' - First Vice . President; R. : B. Christ.
the Robert Lee Harris' statement Mitcham, S.econd Vice President; Mrs. -As our body is the medium through
of doctrine, at .Swedonia, Texas; Fisher E. H . . Sheeks, recording secretary; . J. which. our soul exp-resses itself . out-
county. This congregation still sur- D. Scott, corresponding secretary. so the Ch_ristiari is th'e medium
vives and flourishes. Similar "congre- .- .JI .M . for the of the mind and
gations 't to spring up almost . -heart and will of the Spirit of God.
involuntarily until the year 1902,- when, Contributed A .. rticles As our body is the residence of our
a State Convention was called by soul, so the Lord sets apart him that is
Cagle and others and the first Council THE UNITY OF THE SPIRIT. godly for Hjmself, and he i_s the temple
o-f the Church of Christ was dt1ly organ- _ REV. E. F. WALKER. . of Holy Ghost.
ized U:nder constitution and bylaws us mind the same -thing,,,, says

as there -is__p_e_i-fect harniouy .be- .

with Wm. E. Fjsher as president pro Piml. That is, let us havd the" Sltme tween the members of th<l Holy 'l'ririity
tern., anq J'oe. Hqlly, as president of the main circle of thoughts, same godly - -these three are 6ne- so must there
permiminit organization. "desires, the same aspirations, be hoiy among the . of
Now about the same time God \vas- the sall'l:e holy purposes, the same chief Christ. 'When we are filled with the
"raising up the work at Milan. He also end of our being. same Spirit; actuated by the same
had an evangelist on the way from Cali- is Christian . unity; and - stwh Spirit, we can have but one chief desire,
fornia to Texas. His work lay in a miity is of the Spirif Th.c Holy Ghost bnt one rtiliug passion, but one main
remote part of the state from that of produces iL No merely human purpose f>tlsiuess, but one leading occ-upancy',
Sister :ijarris, but the same results fol-- or ecclesiastical arrangement can effect . but one holy life.
lowed the ministry of the prophet from such onene!'is. Only by being possessed In connection with Paul's expression,
California as followed that of the pro-- of the same Spirit ean we be of one "the unity of the Spirit," is his exhor-
from Tennessee; the salvation "heart and one mind in things pertain-- tation to '' waik 'worthy of the vocation
and of the people, "with ing to godliness. wherewith ye called." Living in
great persecutions;" and in these parts, Are Christians the, body of Christ, t he Spirit -,t_nd \valking in the Spirit,
also, "they _ who were scattered" felt and members in partict1lar? It is by we have the one life and w.alk .together
the need of a congenial church home, the . that we are "baptized Into iu loving agreemei1t as brethren, _in
and remembering the divine injunction,, . one tiouy :'' holiness, humility, forbearance, forgivec .. :
"Forsake not the asse.mbling of your-- p
Christians really know the com- ness,_ patince, charity.
selves together," -organized what was - mm1ion of Saints? It is because they 'fhe fellowship of kindred minds
known as the ''Holiness Church.'' . are ''made to drink into one Spirit.'' Is like to that' above.
I have never learned just \vlio the Do Chrstians in truth say, ' 'Our
e-\rangelist from California was, but the Pathed" lt is because they "have
. most ardent worker the Holiness access by one Spirit into the
Church ever had was Rev. C. B. Jerni-- Have Christians spiritual gifts for
gan, a: very positive character, an un- the edifying of the church? There are
flinching, indefatigable, never-tiring ''diversities of gifts,'' . but ''the same
laborer.. Spirit, dividing to every man severally.
For years these - two _wings-the as He will.''
Church of . Christ and the Holiness Do Christians exercise office for the
Church-existed - and operated iri the perfecting of the saints in unity
.state without being aware of the pres- _ of the faith and of the knowledge of
ence of. each other. the Son of God 1 '' It is by the Spirit
Finally, an interdenominational asso-- that Christ calls and anoints and quali-
ciation known as the ''Holiness Asso-- fies for such sacred ministry. ,
eiation of Texas" was organized, and Are Christians callecl'in sanctification
through these n{ediums the two wii1gs to' this holy unity? For "both He that
met and formed aC'quaintance. sanctifieth and they that are sanctified
November of 1905 a. large and com- are all of one.'' It is by the sin-killing
plimentary representation of .the three . and soul-cleansing baptism with the
bodies assembled at Pilot Point, 'l'exas. Spirit that the blood of Jesus is made
On the morning of -N ovembel! 8th . a effective for their sanctification.
mass meeting was ca.lled to order by
C. 'B. Jei,'nigan, and transacted business
with a view t-o the permanent organi--
zation of a . GeneraJ Cou,ncil.
In the afternoon temporary organi-
. ' zation was effected:-with win. E. Fisher .
as president pro tern. The convention
. . then went into permanent organjzation
and- first General Council .of the
Holi.D.ess of .. Ohrist was perfect-
ed. by the election of the offi--
All full-orbed Christians are Holy
Ghost Chr_istians. Not only are they
born of the Spirit, and -indwelt"' by the
Spirit: they are also 'filled and actuated
by the Spirit.
. As our body is _ dependent upon our
spir1t for its life, 130 the Spirit of Holi"
ness is essential the life of the .saint.
As members of our natural body are
i?ervants of the so- every member
. I
'Phis Christian unitx being of and in
the Spirit, it follows that anything that
hinders or. infracts .such sweet concord
is adverse to the Spirit of Holiness. Is
-it not true that sin against spiritual
unity is sin aga1nst the Spjrit?
come strifes and division? Are they
uot fro;n the adversary through car--
nality? Are they not indicative of the
motions of that fiesh which lusteth
against the
Sectarinaism, schism do certainly
grieve the Spirit of God. Let us pon-
<ler the prophecy pf Jude that in the
last times there shall come those who
"walk after their own ungodly lusts.
'l'hese be they who separate themselves,
sens\ml, having not the Spirit. Bu:t ye,
beloved, building up yourselves, (note
the plural) on your most holy faith,
praying in- the Holy Ghost, keep your-
selves in the love of-God .(that is, -divine
love, including love of God and our
brother a lso), looking for the mercy of
our Lord Jesus Clfrist unto eternal
life.'' "!5, :l I
..JI ..,. .JI
Two New Tracts.
ANo :. -
Are Words in season to the justified, .
Can be had from :the author, R.
Pierce, 730 San Pedro Street, Los
Angeles, Cal. Price, 20c per doz.; $1
J?er 100.
October 22, .1908]
__ :_.-C()rrespon(lcince
the 'Lord help in the raising' of th"e ed'. by -w-:e bi.mevd'it \v:as
ance needed t6.' put -the . on -God's wm:that should haVe a coni- -
a basis of faith and fullness of blessing :.- -.- :--. - . . ,. .. ::.; - ... ,c _ ..... .. ,.: ,- -
. h th b. I d. If d . f fortable place m . whiCh . to worship
ST. JOHN'S, NEWFOUNDLAND. sue as e no e an se - enymg ae- . . . . . . .
ulty have pledged themselves to adopt. Him . . We are for the
vV e give all the glory t? God for Let .l'ts lift once more, and by the. grace necessary means to carry .on "\YOrk.
mighty victory, since we opened the .. of God, the load will' removed. . A part of the . money luis -already been
holiness work in this city". Large . J. C. Bearse. received. The I,.ord has comen:ed a
crow.ds attended t.he meetings. . Sidners , , .. ., . -<'?. . _ ..... _ blessing on us in sending Brother
icre wonderfully convi'eted. and "Sister Joll.nson "with'.theit::. ""inother
FITCHBURG, MASS. _ and little one. The_ir" presence is a much
sors of religion, who say they l1ave ' Great victory is ours. The tide. is ris- ne_eded help to us in the work. Am()ng
been on the road fo.r l'nuny years, are ing . . 'l'nesday, "September 15th, was a the pleasant social features was .a little
beginning to see that their righteous- k d donation partY. and prayer meeting at" .
ness is as filthy_rags,. and tl).a,t they need holiday m city; We too a van- - the home. of Brother Johnson, also an
tage of the occasion and baptized seven all-day meeting _which proved a bles.'!-
holiness of heart and life. Sunday candidates at Whalom- l.Jake. It was jng to all' We are all knit fo- .
afternoon, the writer had the pleasure . beautiful sight, and: 6.' : gether in tlic) n"Tteness of the faith.
of to _a ..congregation hi :st. . .. .. . .
. fohn's, East. God did mightily. bless God \Vas upon us all. After a recent Julia
the \Vord. Many of the professors had evening's service, my, telephone rang _. .JI _.
the old man stirred. Some took their just as I was about to retire. I took SEND. FOR ONE.
hats started the dooi;i ; down the when one of our Rev. C. A. Imhoff .has just had .a.ser- .
. iJling.. -;l'lie saints shouted, and sinn.,ers l d d mon published .. on "Victories Through

sanctified company said m a su J ue
wept and groaned m t 1e1r seats. Christ,'' in a very neat arid durable
h d S 1 voice : ''Sister so-and-so is here under
Brot ter . . - ouse preac e nne ay booklet form to. sell at t n cents per
afternoon, in St . John's, West, at our great conv.iction for sanctification. copy or three for twenty-five cents. It
newly organized Church. Sunday even- vVon't. you pray for her?" Of course is printed in good, large type, has a
: iug, the church was .packed with every we said "Yes," and did so before retir- good cut of author and treats quite
class of people. Many were turned b h thoroughly th.e following poirits . I.
G d . ing. I.1ater, we were aroused y t e
away -from the door. o 1s honormg d h d Victory Over Uncertain E_xperience.
p telephone rmg agam, ail astene to
the st ep we took, in orgamzmg a en- II. Victory Over the Practice of SI'n.
. r eply. Then came, in clear, bell-like
tceostal Church of the Na:mrene . . tones, through the receiver : "Victory III. Victory Over Depraved Appetites
Much land ahead to be All J C . , Th and Habits. . IV. Victory Over the
f through esus hrist, our Lord ' en
tlie saints. pray. or us. follo\ved a stream of praise, till "Cen- Love of the World. V. Victory Over
Thomas I.1aite. . t.ral'' got her .fill and cut Temptations . . VI. Victory Inbred
.- .JJi sister''s praises short. Got sa,{ely into VII. victory. Over Death and the -
CLIFT9f'JDALE, MASS. bed again, when once more the Gra\'e. Has a neat; attractive cover
\Ve a.r e having Salva.tion at .Clifton-
. dale! . .Jesus is meeting souls at. the
mer cy seat. vVe have had some new
c.ascs converted this month, and there
is -joy in heaven and gladness here on
earth. \Ve had a baptism at Flax Pond,
Lynn, on the 27th, and it was a gra-
cious season. Four of our young p eo-
pie were baptized and one brother from
a Presbyterian Church. The Spirit
truly came do\\;n and the people sang,
nnd at least one of the candidates
shouted as she went into the water.
Bless God for the r eal Spirit baptism
on the soul! . The brctln;en and s-iste rs
from the Lynn Church us much
in the service. On the 25th, some breth-
ren from a "inission in Boston made us
a They knew God and had the
Pentecostal blessing. So latge was the
-attendance, that we were for ced to
leave the small room where we gener- .
ally hold ou;r week-night meetings, and
have the service in the auditorium of
the church. The tide of love and joy
ran high, and everyone seemed much
It was om; privilege to be at the
opening of our Pentecostal Jnr:;titut<',
and 'YC enjoyed the fellowship with the
blessed faculty and earnest and eonse-
erated studetits; The -o-pening; seems to ..
promise well for this t erm, both in re-
spect to numbers and s.piritual interest.
Brother Angell needs our pray<>rs., as
he is in labors more abundant. May
phone called us -forth tg listen to the and will do much good where circu-
rejoicing of the -husband of the one who lated. Order of the Rev. c. A .
had fot1ild blessed victory . . These latter Imhoff, Evangelist, Clarion, Pa. ..
'calls were not far from midnight. God
still lives, and old-time conviction is
st ill a grand possibility. Tuesday night,
class-meeting, led by Brother Beer!>,
was a time of indescribable
'fhursday evening we saw the largpst
prayer-meeting attendance for a. long
time. \Ve marched the street, before
the service, which added to our num-
bers. street meetings are excel-
lent ... One was reclaimed recently, and
another sanctified last Monday. we
ai:e gqing on by the grace of God.
D. Rand Pierce.
-- --- --
olf .J/1 .J&
It has been more than a year since
the Pentecostal Church of the Naza-
r ene . wns organized ht this place.
Surel:v God's richest blessings have
rested upon us during this time. Praise
/ ....
His name. He hns blessed ns exceeqjng
alnmrlnntl.' ahove what we thought
or asked for. Hall elujah! Our souls lwen l!l'!' at.Jy refreshed; this was
wlwt. we were lwli cving for, liut we
ha.rillx cxpedcd eome in
ol' a Jut in so slil\rt ;a time, wi"th an
and a . our meetings.
The f 1iepds. of Prohibition purchased
mw tent . . Now we building a neat,
conunotlion.s church. We start-
You Glad?
A good sister who works hard for her
daily bread came to us with a dollar
which !!he said was to start a fund called
"I am t1o Glad that
JesrUJ LorJetl
to send the Thanksgiving Number of
our paper to people who do not know
about the blessed privilege we ' have in
our church home. This pui:pose of. a
glaa heart was surely God-sent.
There are thousands of people look-
ing and longing for just such church .
privileges as we have; wlio-will hail
with joy the news of our United Church
with 1ts purpose to plant organized holi-
ness all over the land. Some of our
New Districts have but few of our
people in them and are great m1ss1on
-fields. We would be glad to place a
quantity of the Number
at the disposal of the- Supenntendents
of such districts.
They need them in iheir work and
ought to have them. Friends who have
no special send the paper to
will do well to contribute to this fund.
Let us have quite a fund for this good
work. Amounts will be acknowledged .
as received:

. . !Vazg.r.ene _Messenger
- . . . .. - . ;
[October 22, 1908
_1'/iizarene----.Messenger- ..
-- - - ---- -:'--' -- - - " , , _o_ _ _,__, ,_-- - - And .. each :.obey.mg_,_ the- duune __ _ ..
. 'DI,.,;o
-- - a'f:i"d foll<.nving the pill-ar of cloud, they and p-raised th"e I:JotO: -'w-ith' n b"rlef:ad-
.. ' -R . ' . __ , .
P. Bresee, . . Editor . did not realize they were doing. dress emphasized by_ "'0.
Pierce, . 0/lice Editor This impu_ lse to uriity,-this answering shouting and singing, between
C. J. Kinne, - Asst. Editor and Bus. Mgr.
SPECIAL coNTRIBUToRs: of the Lord's . prayer that they may be graphs. It was . declared by . all to be
:E . A . P. G. Linar.oeaver c. E. Cornell one-from the coming of the 'l'hree the .'greatest occasfon they ever wit-
J. P. Coleman J. B. Cnighton Isaiah Rf!lil".
H. D. Brown J. w. Goodwin w. c. Wilson > wise i:neu. of tP,e East" to the <borders nessed. There was no holding
Entered at the post-office, Aug. 7, 1900; at Los
Angeles, California, a s second-class matter.
Published EveryThursday.
of the western sea, and the subsequent opposition, n0 criticism, but one mighty
happy. union of the east and west, and wave of holy ViGtory and triumph,
now thi_s confluence of the' south: turn- which was probably never e;xcelled this
TERMS\- $1 a year In advance; to Ministers 75 cents; ing .us .all, like- the rivers of 'the south; side of Pentecost. All said, we have
to foreign $1.50> Sample copiE>s ,
CHANGE oF ADDREss- Name the post-office and State pouring much of the holiness m-ove- s __ een. great_ thin_ gs __ today . People were
to which the pa11er hns been sent, and the <Sffice and State
-to- which youw1sh it sent. ment into an organic whole ; no one heie from scotia to the_ Gulf of
. E;xPIRATION OF TIME- Subscriptions are payable JN -
ADVANCE. Unless payment is mad'e or request is made kn<JWS 01' can realize what -it means; Californi"a and fi;orn. Puget Sound to
to have the paper continued, it will be DISCONTINUED at
the expiration of time. hut one_ thi1ig see ins certain, tli2 _Gulf of Mexico. , and all agreed_ that
SPECIAL NOTICE-Address all business communications .....t
to c. J . KINNE, Business Manager. Never write business ''Our God is inarc_ hing on." it was twice worth crossing tile COiltl-
matters on same postal or sheet with any other matters;
It always causes trouble and delay, and may cause Tl f 1 A bl t t b t Tl S bb th ]
mistakes. - .. 1e preparatiOns or t 1e ssem y ncn o e presen . lC a a anc

were on a large . scale .. -A tabernacle other specially devotional services were

. to them. by some friend and there will be no bill. f bl d d
In case of any irregularity or failure to receive your that would _seat probably 1,000 people, tunes 0 great essmg an a goo t1de
paper, notify the Publisher by mail at once. b d d f 1 t , M
How To REMIT - Remit by Money Order or :ilank a oar 1ng tent, .etc., _;4a been pro- o sa va JOn. any were presen't t_o
Draft, payable to d
vided ; the school building was made stu y the movement, and rejoiced witl.1
730 sAN PEDRO sT. Los ANGELES, CAL. contributary; . and the people of ithe us at what God has _wrought, and are

town had thrown open their houses. turning their steps this way. It seems
There_ was a large attendance, not only now a . foregone conclusion that the
from the south-land, but the north was holiness forces of this country will be
much more . l argely represented than it very soon united in one organic
had been ;feared was possible, a large body. Many things have gone before
number of the representative people of to prepare the way, and now this
the being present. From the mo_vement, at each progressive step, it was very evident that seems so pioviclentially led, that one in-
. were )n the divine order. At coming wave seems to prepare the way
As was expected this Assembly. has
been momentous and historic. It has
. '
been. at10ther epoch ushering in. an era
of still greater things. . It has been
said that " there is n o clock in . the
horolo-ge of time to strike the passing
from 'one er a to another.'' '\Vhen his-
tory is bei ng mad e and great things are
coming_ to. pass, those who are in the
often hard and difficult places, strug-
gling for the birth of the greater
things, are so taken .up with the burden
of toil which taxes their being to the. that they._ little r ealize n ew
heigbts which are being won. Some on&
or a. few may have the vision of what
is reall,v being done, but mostly the '
. actors are cover ed with the dust .and .
smoke of_ battle. But they whom God
leads build better than they kno-..v, and
when the years reveal the unveiled
structure, they are as much surprised -
as any; . possibly the most ' surprised.
Both Napoleon -and the Iron Duke were
. eagle-eyed, . hut probably none ' were
'more surprised at the results of vVater-
loo in history.
''God l eads in a mysterious way
His wonders to perform,''
and it is only as we get a perspective,
that we can see His marvelous work.
This has been,, true qf this providen-
tial movement, in all . its confluent
streams. . The work began, east, west,
sout h, at about the same time:'
In no
place as an ecclesiasticism but ii-l each
case men were thrust out to :Qreach full
. tlie first session which was opened with
the sacram-ent of the l.Jor<J. 's supper, the
manifest th,e .Lord was mar-
velous. The service oceupiecl a consid-
eral:>le part of the time of the session,
with wave after wave of heavenly'
glory sweeping over the hearts of the
people. . From that time the melted
hearts began ' to flow together aud it
was soon evident that nothing. coul-d
prevent, not only. orgmiic but the soul
unity of the gathered forces. As the
Assembly progressed it was foimd that
-there were no serious hindrances to be
' '
overcome iri polity and the faith being
eommon between the churches repre-
sented and the experience. of purpose
0ne, things were rapidly adjusted until
on Tuesday the 13th of October at
10 :40 a. m., the fact of complete unity
and oneness of the Pentecostal Church
of the Nazarene and the Holine:c;'s
Church of Christ was cleelared by. a
unanimous rising . vote. The scene
which followed was beyond description.
Amid songs of praise and victory, the
people .shouted a great shout; until .
finally .it hqrst over all boun_ds they
hegan to march -through the aisies of
the great tent, until that could not hold
them mid they began to march out and
around the tel}t, until at last gath- .
for another. The work moves on '\vith
strides: not according to any 1m-
man forecast, but by a divine imi)ulse.
to th.e _ _great joy of the blood-washe<l
host. P . F. B.
.. .. ..
T!J_e Annual Convention of the "Pen-
.. tecostal Church of the N meets
at Pilot Point' this year, and the Holi-
ness will unite with it, bring-
. ing--in; I think, something more than
one hundred considerable
niembership, :tpissions and church prop-
erty. I think this is a very wise step
they .are taking. This massing of the
forces will give added strength to the
various holiness churches. Th'e isolated
congregation will suffe-r in the long run
and accomplish but little in the way of
missionary work. It would seem the
time has come when the isolated full
salvation church should unite with
some organized working body of
tians; and .. every child .. of God should
have a .church home, mi'd every
preacher or evangelist :;:;hould have th.e
proper endorsement arid be
to . some church. The. Pentecostal
Church of the Nazarene (Jesus Christ)
is in. working order, and is a 'full-
fledged holiness church. If a Christian
_ mi
m ; __ .. .. -: th , _ .. :; : ...
. of .. the
_.. ... -'. ,.. , . . ... .... - .. .. ... . . . , . time, . his mtsstonary envelopes are
hretlm;m, stpp all.lockmg up m; d Lo_rd was With Lord_ s carr.espondingly fat. a year ago
down for a steady pu]J: The .. The_ congregatu;m IS mcreasmg m . the -Lord put it into the -heart of the
white with a hat:.vest which must .be- numbers; and the members are grow:- leader of' Company E to sta.rta church
.. {g1:1-ther ed soon,_;pr lost forever . 4. - ing in Th: Pastor preached at library with $10 which .the
.Jif .Jif .JJ th.e mormng service, and Bro. Knott had . to .. her for a
EARLY: MORNING AND STREET at night: . During the day there were present. With this begmmng,
MEETING . k . h d h . , m<;mey has come .IP. without pres-.
SIX see et.:s w o seeme to pray t ro sure and we have a carefully; selected
Again the Lord was. with us in the to victory. The six o'clock _Young whichis growing. The latest
. ., early morning prayer-meeting and.. People's meetings have been _greatly addition is a fine selection of
filled our souls with joy and gladness. ble&sed . . For several weeksthey have ary biogTaphies. LUCY P . KNOTT.
The message was given with uriction studied the subjeCt of Missions, bring- .JJ .JJ .JJ
:from the Holy One, giving. us a .ing the Word to bear upon the sqbje_ct PASADENA. CAL.
start for a blessed day .of salvation. . of the Great Commission, briefly out- Sabbath was a go.qd day at this
: The street meeting was changed to lining the lives of some of the mission.. church . . ' The pastor elect, Rev. Ed-
ward F. Walker, preached morning
the corner of Fifth and San Pedro Sts., arfes, and reading extracts of stirrfng and evening to good congregations.
as we are put in mind to obey magis- missionary literature. I overheard a In the afternoon, at the Pentecostal
trates, where over one hundred peo- man say that he would give- aside church social, a good attend-
pie lis.,ened to the Gospel, many from his regular ance and deep interest; Indeed, . it
staying through the entire meeting, he used to spend on tobacco. Another was hard to close any service of the
young man said the ,men with whom day. The people tarried in the sane-
and thesaints sang and testified. to sal- he worked ridiculed him one day for tuary, almost the entire IT\embership
vation and victory through the bloo.d. his zeal for missions, and said he had -arid goodly number of sympathetic
.W. W. FITCH. . . better give all his "over time" money :::.. visitors being present.
Dr. Annual Report to the General Assembly.
Dear Brothers and S isters:
It Is me a ma tte r . o'f thanksgi ving to God, that in Hi s good
provldenee I a m permitted at the end o f t he fi rst year of our life
as a unite d Church . to rende r up 'to you a brief a ccount of' my
ar dshlp, as your. humble serva n t , acting as one of your Gene1al
Superintendents. Last yea1, as in the years pr ecedi ng, in the
nanowe1 li mits of the work, I unde r t ook t o r eport in r e fe r ence t o
the va r ied for ms o f organ ized activities within the Church. Bu t
since the blessed union accomplishe d a year ago; I h a ve been pe r-
fuitted to co-operate with H. F. R e yp.olds , we b eing by' )'our
electlo.n of us to thi s position, a ssocia ted t ogethe r In thi s General
Supe rintende ncy; and, 't he various agen c ies In s uch position
as to r e port directl y to this body, It Is only necessary t h at I ma k e
some br ie f r e fere11ces t o s uc h pe rsonal s ervices as I h ave been able
t o r ender. All ow me to say tha t my relationship to my colleagues
a nd a ll of the brethren of t h e ministr y has been a b lessing and re-
freshment t o my -soul. {\lso that I have r e joiced in .the i>r eciou s
fellowship which I have .been pe r mitted to ha'l(e wi t h the chu rch es
in t he di ffe r ent parts of t h e la nd.
That I ha ve not- been able t o do mor e, a nil gi ve more constant
an d undivided a t ten tion a nd service t o the church at large, h as
been my r egr et. It has been necessary for me t o gi ve some ti me
and str ength to h eavy pas t oral by and. through whicl1 my
gen eral ser vice has been ma de possible . I recognize t hat this i s
not t he most desirabl e method, and gives more Ol' less opportunity
t o t h e. ene my. at both e nds of the se1,vlce, which mi ght be impos-
sible If t h e gates could be mor e perfectl y gua rded and de fended .
If' i t s hall poss ibYe for you t o find s ome one who can gi ve mor e
full and be tter service in this offi ce It will be your duty t o do so
and will be a reli e f apd jqy t o me . But I have been permitted, in
addition t o pasto1aJ duti es and a la r ge cor respondence and some
editorial and educatjona l work, to ma ke a b r ief visit to t bis Sou th-
lan d, in which I' had t h e pri viledge of visiting P e niel, Te x., and I
hope t o do for Uw m some ll t lle service , at least have with them
pleasant fellowshi p .In t he worl,, and t h e n t o vis it t h e br e\ hren .
he r e a t Pilot Point to pla n wit h t hem and soine what arra nge this
larger union , and t o enjoy wi th t hem som e minist r y of t he . word.
Th en of visitin g a nd la boring a lillie a t I ndia napol4&, Sennom , Ind.,
Louis ville, Ky. , J ohnstown, Pa., a nd Was hingt on Cily , my way
t o t h e District Assembli es of East; a ll of
Ne w York, New England l\nd' P i ttsburgh-T ha d t.he pleasu re o f
assisting In holding. All of these wer e r emar lmble
for unity a nd h oly fellowshi p. The -blessin g of God wa s gr eatl y
upon the m, g reat unction being upon th.; mlnistly of the wmd , and
even t h e busi n ess sessioris a t times. over whelmed wit)l the
of t h e ma ni fest a tion of presence. Some of the m. were pe-
culi a ri y blessed with of sah:.ation . .. I shalT a l wa ys thank God
for the privileges of the s \vee t fe llows h ip a n d I l:!njoye d
in this m y first vis it and ministr y amon g th ese de ar breth ren -and
si ster s. Accompanied by Brothe r wi t h whom I had been
associated from the time I r eache d City, we .'1\'.ent by
the way of Ch icago: Boulde r a nd Den ver, t o P ortla nd, Ore .,
where we he ld t he l'>or thwes.t Distr ict Assembl y, which was the
occasion of t h e bringing togethe r of a host of t hat fi n e division of
the a r my toiling so heroicall y ip that great P:nd growing Nor thwest ,
to kind le fires of t rue holiness in its cities a nd towns. It was also
a time of t he outpouri ng of the Holy Sptrit and dur ing t h e Assembly
and at t h e Home Camp ;\1eeting which followe d, a goodly numbe r
o f people found the
Afte1_ visi tin g and holding some meetings at Se attl e a nd Everett,
both B.rotlier Reynolds a nd myself a tte nded the Camp Meeting
and District . Assembly of the San Francisco Dis t rict a t Oakland,
Cal. These we r e seasons o f s pi r i t ua l powe r a nd profit. The camp
meet ing w'as'.a ve r y gracious season of s alva ti on, . a multit ude of
people finding . their way t o t h e a l tars seekers and finders of
pa r don a nd puri ty. The Distri ct Assembl y was held in connec tion
with t h e Camp Meeting, was we ll attended , and t he bus iness well
done, a n d s howed good work a nd a hopeful outloolc Afte,rwa rd th e
District Asse mbl y o f Sout h e rn 'CUJlifornia . DiSt r ict' was h eld at Pasa-
dena , Cal., which was a la r ge a nd earnest body, a nd the r e was
bus iness. blessing a nd -salvation.
Si nce leaving home to attend t his Gene1a1 Assembl y it has been
my pri vil ege to h old a t h ree da)s ' meeting ln. De nver, Colorado,
a nd a churc h wi th fort y c hart e r me mbe rs , wi t h :every prds-
pect o f victor y befor e them. I ha ve a l so been permitted to j oi n
with Br o. Reynolds in holdi ng t h e Chicago cen t r a l District As- .
se1nbly at Firs.t Church, Chicago, 111.. This was t h e las t of the
District. Assemb lies of t he year, and was a great occasion. Not only
was a lar ge a mount of import a n t bus iness att ended t o, but great
blessings wer e upon t he people. the three great ser vices or
t he Snobat h about 25 pe rsons were a t t he a ltar, besides ill every
service (Juring t h e Assembl y t he te were son;e seeking tiM! way o f
till' Lunl, allll man y found the t rut h of t he Mast er's wor ds: He
t hat findeth.
So b y the gr ace o f God we h ave come to the close of anothe r
year, wit h t ha nl, sgiving, t rust a nd hope. only_ a s k in g that we may
go on, in t he way iha t the L OI' <l Himself may appoint , until we fi nd
the ou te1 gates a nd the loving we lcome h ome.
LO :__ A: . ., :,-:::::.....:._il:.yr :. t -- -- -W..e . rej n ow_ ..;. to
.- s c. nge . . _ _ , - - - :. -'""---
AT THE TABERNACLE . onr people in the El Paso mission. --- We -- ha are
The Sabbatl;lFU-i'another day of vic- . Mrs . . M. McReynolds. up to date . and that God is
, j)]cased.
tory and salvation. Rev. J . . W .. Good- . .JC .JC :;. . _ . . We .are so glad that we know, that
win preac.hed from J"ohn 16:8, on "The GRAND AVENUE CHURCH. God cleanses men from all sin and em-
Com_ ing of the Comforter. , - He showed .<,, T : powers them to work for Him . .. :Amen.
he return from the General Asseni- G p
.very cle.arly that t!Iis was the promise bly of the pastor was the 9GCasion for 0 w. Archer, astor.
of the "Father to the DisCiples and to - great iejoicing by the friends and . .JC .JI .JC
all believers nnder the gospel dispen" members Qf the Grand A v'eriue ... ""'' J\ T t . . : d Q . . . . l
sation: Two persons united with the . on Sabbath last. Flowers in beat1tifril i. eS QR r:erSORQ 8
church, H. J. Curns and Mrs: Agnes profusion cheer and joy and in_- ' - ---
Curns, .627 E._ 30th sJreet. . . creased the neat and .homelike appear- 'fhe new address of Rev. J. W. Good-
In the afternoon Brother'-Fluck gave ance of this place of -worship. Brother win, District wiil be .
a , very helpful message from He b. _ LaFontaine preached at both morning 1.107 'Yall street, Cal.
13 The . blessing of the Lord, _ was and evening services, giving a, clg_ar and
upon While the people graphic description of the wprk accoin: A real tide. of salvation continues
testified t l;e fire fell and tides of salva- . plished"' at the General and flow at the First Church, Los Angeles.
telling of the unbounded enthusia_sm There were sixteen at the altar l.ast
that created the union of the churches, week.
tion s_wept over us. Three seekers for a
cl ean heart were at the altar .. and .
prayed through to victory.
At the opening of the evening ser-
vice considerable -time was given to
prayer, singing and testimony. Rev.
Goodwin gave a very pointed and--brief
- message from Prov. 16tll. Three seek-
ers were at .the altar, some of whom
'gave evidence of salvation.
Brothers Kinne, Martin, Pierce and
returned .from_ the General As-
sembly at Pilot Point in time to be at
the Sabbath services. They all spoke
in glowing terms of the oneness and
peculiar -''accord' ' of the great host_s .
at the meeting.
.)I .:I' .:I'
Our little ones have be.en made _more
comfortable in the infant department
of our Sunday School and sewing class -
by the purchase of one .dozen more
chairs, and a large box of clothing sent
our Sister Santos in El Paso, Tex., made
possible by a gift from a ' brother in.
South Dakota. vVe thank our God .who
has always been so mindful of our
Seven new children were
in for our Saturday school . Sunday
was a time of real blessing, one soUl
seeking pardon iri the evening service.
The coming of- November 1st we are
arranging for a missionary service and
w'Ould like some of our friends 'to -come
and rejoice with us. - _
Good news comes from Upland as a
result of the aU-day meeting. They are
now holding some services in Spanish
for the Mexicans who are there and at
a recent meeting there were fifteen
present. They also go to Ontario for
open-air service and have had good
audiences. We thank God for Sister
Whipple and hope to see her a Spanish
and the wonderful outpouring =of holy
and blessing upon all the . saints. Dr. Daniel Steele has recently passed
The demonstration following the an-
nouncement of the ''Marriage Union'' his 84th :milestone. What a tower of
was the greatest in the lives of any of strength his name is for the holiness
the holiness people in this country. The cause.
I :
day's services were seasons of great
encouragement to. the workers in this
church. Two new members were re-
ceived into church fellowship.
, J_jht all the church constantly keep
on their hearts and :remember in prayer
our three General Superintendents, Dr.
P. F. Bresee, Rev. H. F . Reynolds and
PORTLAND,' OREGON. "' Prof, E. P . Ellyson.
'Shower; . of blessings continue 'to .
come. Sunday >vas a precious day to
our souls.' Good congregations all .day.
Two came to the altar in the evening
. . ... .
before we had a chalice to preach.
Bro. Steves from Golden-dale, Wash.,
paid us a visit about a week ago and
we were all glad to see him once "more.
A . 0 . Henricks.
.JC .)1 .JC
The blessing of the Lord was upon
the people Sunday. The 'inorning meet-
irfg was a time of real heart-searching,
closing with nearly all in the audience
on .. their. faces about the mercy-seat:
How the people did humble themselves.
The Lord's presence m,elted us down.
Much conviction upon the people at
night. We are looking to God, expect-
ing great things.
- :I<::._ M. Hutchens, Pastor.
.:I' .:I' .:I'
Since our .last report, from this place,
we have kept steadily on our way.
Have had many blessed manifestations
of God's gracious presence and power-
in our midst. Have had some addi-
tions, and blessed vi ctory all along the
-\vay. our working force has been
somewhat r educed recently on account .
. ,of removals, lmt we are hoping,
ing and belieing that God will save
and sanctify ()thers who shall take the
place of the ones that have gone. Some
J\frs. E. H. Sheeks, one of" the bright- -
est women in the southern portion 9f
our church, made herself invaluable to
the Assembly by her- energy and intel- .
ligent grasp of affairs.
The General l\'Iissi_onary tar- .
ried at Pilot Point the Assembly
. had closed to adjust many important
matters pertaining ' to our enlarged
The new church building at Ontario
is being rapidiy completed. It will be
a very neat structure of cement blocks,
and our people are in lJe able
to hold first service there i'n about
two weeks.
Brother S. C. Ingersoll of Stamford,
. Conn., was a c6l1Ji!tant benediction and
a liberal giver to the needs of the
sembly. vVe hear that he paid the ex- .
penses of one of the delegates as well
as his own.
Brother Fred St. Clair, well-known to
SOJt!,e, of our readers, is to enter the
evangelistic .field. His address is Santa
Rosa, Cal., and t.hose needing a live,
earnest evangelist will make no mistal{e
ii1 securing Brother St. Clair .
'fhere was a ve.ry blessed season of
prayer ,enjoved in Co. E. God ma.rti-
_ . - - -' . < .. .. - ] " .....
. . . October 22, : 1908
.. .... ----;:-----
fium _,. -"' .
- :Favorite:- .Corrie prepared to put . . , . .
nics were given, to the.biessing and edi- in a . good day and receive _ _.AD' v__ E' R.T
fication of all. One new member was -frorri: an open heaven. -
.. admitted. _ . . THE . .. .
A Prohibition E,aliy for all
. . tionists in the Fifth \Vard is planned
for. night of this week (October
23rd) at the Grand Avenue Church,
corne.r .of: avenue an.d W. 43rd .
Great enthusiasm was created at the , wo R. K
Assembly as Brother -A. B: R.iggs, Su-: . . - : _ .
perintendent of tlie New England Dis-
tri-ct, was 'giving his report, in which he .
stated that if he had $500. he could.
double the work on his district during
the . coming . year, when Deacon George
1\f. Morse- aro;e and. said, " I will give
street. Prominent speakers will be
"\' .
Brother Harry J:. ' Elliott, who has:
. labored for some;time pastor or'.eur
church at Ore., has resigned . $500. ''
... ... ..
to go into .evangelistic work. _The Whitt a blessing it would h'aire been
<;hnrch passed a set of r esolutions in to all the Church if it could have heard
. ...__ieference to . his future. work recom- .the stit-ring, logical and mighty address
1itending him to the churches. of Professor Ellyson on the need of
educated hoi iness young men to meet
There was a great .) ubilee at the
the great tide of skepticism and new
First Church, Los Angeles, last week at . thought of this age, .and to fill all the
, the Tuesday afternoon Holiness meet-
bra nches of professional lines.
ing, wheri the telegram from the Gen-
.,. eral Assembly giving news of the union'
.of churche.s was read. Who says the
holiness people are not one?
The attendance at Elysian Heights is
still . pastor gave an
excellent message . on ''Complete in
Him'; . at the . forenoon service. The
..: Sunday School had their apnual outing
and picn.ic at Santa Canyon on
Saturday of last ' week.
Brother . Goodwin, District Superin-
tendent of Southern California, com-
pleted the organization of the . church
. at Latin, Cal., wit!1 twenty-five mem- .
hers. Brother Griffin, who has l abored
there with such un,tiring energy, has
the honor of being their first pastor and
will soon move his f amily there.
. .
The usual, monthly ali-day meeting
at the Grand Avenue Church, Los An-
geles,' will be heid next .week Thursday,
October 29th, with preaching
at 10 :30 a. 1n. , 2 :30 and 7 :30 p: tn. A
. .
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in Every Locality.
730 San Pedro Street
Los Angeles; . Cal.
Sunday, October 25, will be a great
day at First Church, :Los Angeles.
Rev. J. W. Goodwin, the assistant
pastor, has planned' to obs-erve the day
as a welcome to Dr. Bresee, who is
in Los Angeles The .
special services of the day will also be
in honor of the anniversary Of the
organization of the Church of the
Nazarene and to celebrate the union
.of the Pentecostal Church of the Naz-
arene and the Holiness Church of
Bro. I. G. Martin will be on hand to
assist in the services.
A special song (composed by Bros.
L. M. Williams and l. G .. Martin) to
the tune 0f Dixie, which delighted
the multitude at the A-ssembly, will
be used in the services.
Do not fail to be on hand to assist
in giving a royal welcome to our Gen-
Superintendent and to properly
celebrate the union.
Him that
conicth in
me l will in
no cast
s ....... kr..

. Of our NOW.
The Union of Churches which has just
been completed will . naturally awaken
widespread interest in our work.
This is an opportune . ,,
. time to push the work .
The Great
.. -M. ._,_:_____ _ . . ....... , ..
will be well suited to this purpose. In
fact, no better advertising matter
could be had.
The whole church and all deiiartments
of its work will be fully represented.
An ideal remembrance to sEmd to your
friends who are interested in holiness
work .
Wise Pas.tors, churches and individuals
will use a liberal supply.
Single IOc
3, to separate addresses, 25c
4, to one address, 25e
Send in your Orders
We are undertaking a great deal and
taking considerable finacincal risk in
this matter. Let every frie_nd of the
cause help 1Clittle.
. -= -'- .:.... .. . ?'
.. JioLINEss: u"N:ro TiiE Loiw. -:; --- -
Deets Bible- College
641 E.: 2Bth St.,.Los Angeles, Cal.

''The steps of a good man are ordered
of the Lord. '' ..
Orir life plans were all raid; but God
_smashed them all with a bible experi-
ence of r egen_er ation arid sanctification
lish. your hear ts unbhi.mable in Holi-
ness before' "God, . even our Father,"
at the coming of:.our Lord Jesus Christ,
.with all His .s1.1::ints.
Pl ainville, Kansas.
H .. j_
.. a.()ctrine' of- ...
feit it wasjust what I needed to keep .
in the way. V/i_th an earnest desire for
the blessing I ;went to the altar .l!-nd
prayed .th_r.ough to victor"y. I did not .
. . grow into it nor receive it gradually,
but it all once and X knew the
work was done: . Looking around I saw
rny husband at the altar pray1ng . with
all his might. I was then shouting
happily. Mf_hp.sband was glorioU:siy
saved ""and a little while after.wards.:our
''Spirit to both works.' '. COLLEGE NOTES
followed the call to the Our , , Praying and Paying Friends,, -. son was On our
--inin istry. After'year the have r einembered us the past week most cvenmg . my husband said ::-e Will
way providentja:l,ly opmied to attend . kindly. A box of most lovely peaches In:a short time he,
the Deets Bible College, a school that fron). McPher son's ranch,-a t?o, o?tamed the blessmg of full sane-
believes and teaches a bible t r eat of honey frohlSister Annie Aiken, tifi catwn. I .:hank my
experience. Thai1k God for such a and tomatoes, and two large fish home, R1s keepmg powe_r durmg
place with its devoted faculty and its from Brother Aiming with a nice bed- these eight years. I thank Hun for al1
asr)iring students. To attend this d f ' . that has come into my li fe and above
.stea and springs or t he new dorm1- ' ' '
"lrool Is tri cxaltecl pl"l. VJ.I ecrc to b all else for the clemsing bloocl t lJt t
' ' "' . c , tory f rom Sister Spencer. Seven roo-ms ' . . ' : 1 '
Gotl . is raising up young "ul<, TI ' .
saves _from an s in.
arc now furnis hetl with nearly all neccs-
and women . everywhere. 'I' he . lVhs. h . H. Valentine.
. while four rooms ar e yet unfur-.
mand, "Go, my gospel," is st'ill nished and one partly. - "' ..,c ""
her alded, and consecrated hea_rts r e- LONG BEACH, CAL.
. . Brother Pi er ce and Bt'other .Epper -
spond. 0 , to be -His embassaclo1 ' Some 'ncreas
son will probably be " ;ith their classes _I,. e m our services on
Ap:gels desi.r e to .look it. God help this week again, as Assembly lui s last Sabbath over previous Sabbaths.
us to redeem the time, and put the eain- Some seventy-eightinSabbath School .
. cl osed, and Dr, Bresee again up
.est of the Spirit in our hearts. Truly I saiah next week, when .he-r eturns from . One. addition to-the church, .and sev-
. Rev. \ ." Wilson of eral at the altar at the evening serv- .
made us meet to be partakers of the in- . Long Beach aud Rev. Vf . Goodwin ice. W. c. W:
heritance of the saints .in li ght. l\:us" . have been supplying their classes i n _,.- ,:#. ..,c
God give_ us eagle eyes to watch , and their absence, for whi ch we thank them,. APPLES- OF GOLD is just the book
the spirit and power Elias to- pray, and the dear Lord who enabled them to bless your soul and inspire
that His Kingdom may come and Hi s t o make the hours rich m value to the faith. Send for one. 30c. postpaid.
will be done, to the end He may estab- students.
I was eon verted t he 14tli day of
October, 1900, in the old Taberna-cle, 011
Los Angeles street , at the Sunday
morning service- between twel ve and
one o ' clock. The work ' vrought i n me
was so thorough I ha-ve neyer doubted
it from that moment. A short t ime' pre-
vious to this my son Arthur and I were
passirrg the church in t he evening and .
heard the singing. \Ve had,i1ever be,en
t o the place so ve decided to go in. It
was all 1:!-ew and strange to. tne. I
n ever saw such a happy set of p eople.
I said to myself, if I all"\ ever converted
I want this kind. And such singing
/ _ and pr eaching; I had never heard any-
thing . li,ke it. The by Dr.
Bresee seemed to be a ddressed to me
entirely. I we11t. away under deep
viction. As time went on the burdeJ1
Qf sin hecame so great I could not sl eep:.
at night. _Finally, on that -memorable:
Sunday I went to --church with
the full determination to get
: When the .. i.n.vitation was given I went
God heard my cry and t he burden qf
si n "r olled away.
1\ s I walked along the street toward
home, evet;ything look ed so beautiftll ;
even the ttees appeared different. I
was so happy in my new found joy.
"'When I r eached home I told my hus-
-band I "\vas converted. H e said he knew
something h11d for I di d not
appear t_he same. I told him about the
church and in the evening he went with
me, but he cl1d not like it and when
the alta r call was made he went out
and waited for us . . He t old me on the
way home t hat he hoped I would never
j oin that church. I ,;as so happy I did
not n1ind what was said. I thought if
I ever united with .. church, this
'vould b"e my choice. .J
I suggested to my husband that I
ought to have family so . that
first Sabbath evening we knelt and
prayed t qgether . t . prayed earnestly
t hat God )yould save my companion .
. In the meai1time I attended the ser-
vices r egularly and having- heard the
Pins ...
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Pins. The Nickel-plated, such as
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.October 22,_1908]
. . ll
. . . . D . . . . . . : . >\'ill buy the . bread. and . . _a.liag when he sold h]s
.r..eop .. butter for -_ - . . right for a-meSs of
--- . (' What if you .had not sold any- A second said, "Judas made a bad
GOLDEN KEYS. thing 1" asked Aunt Fanny. bargain-... when he sold His Lord for
"You-see, we prayed, 'Give us tws thirty pieces 'of siiver.'-'..
A bunch of golden keys is mine, ._ .
To make each day with gladness Rhine. .
''Good morning''' that's the golden key
That unlocks every day for me.
day -O'QJ." . daily bread,' God bas A third replied, '' Ananias and SSp-
promised to hear when f!)lks pray; so ph ira niade a bad barga41 when .they .
I guess there- wasn't any 'if' about it. sold their land and then told Peter a
When He. says things, tbey.'re sure and falsehood about it.' ,.
When evening comes, "Good night" I
.... .
And close the doQr of -each glad day.
When at the table, "If you please I"
I take fr'om off my bunch of keys.
When friends do az:iything for me
I use the little ''Thank you!'' key.
''Excuse me ! '' '' your pardon ! ''
certain. "-Selected. _ . . A fourth .observed, "Our Lord tells
..!1 .- ..!1 us that he p1akes a bad bargain who; ..
A TRl{_E HEART. . . . .
In a small .class of boys the teacher
desired, by illustration, to obtain the
word ''favorite.''
She said,' after several fruitless at-
to gain the whole world, loses his ow1f .
soul.' '-Children's Friend.
.. .- . .:s .
When by mistake some harm I do ;
Or, if unkindly harm given,
. With "Forgive me!" I shall be for-
given. ..
On a golden ring these keys I'll bind;
This is its motto, "Be ye kind!"
.. tempts: "Well, children, if was
some one you lov"ed more than a:gybody
else iil- the -world, and .. Wished always
to keep :her with you, .,yhai would you
say she was; what name would you
give her?"
wo boys'were pullipg a sled up a
hill. Whe.n they .had
the top, the littfe boy was crying. .
"What are you crying about now?"
asked the big boy.
''You called me a know-nothin,' "
sobbed the iittle boy.
I ' ll often use each golden key
And then a child polite I '11 be.
.- .- .-
, I
Be patient, young people. Keep
sweet. Do not fret or worry. Do your
best. and l eave results with God. Be-
lieve firmly in God, in the fulfillment
of His ptwpose, and the march of His
providences. God's laws are immutable
ancl wo-:Vk with undeviating regularity:
Walk in with . God and
every year you will be a stronger, bet-
ter, happier and sweeter man. .
Do not mar your peace or power by
needless worry. Live by faith in the
Son of God, who loves you and gave
Himself . foi you. On some bright to-
. morrow you will come to anchor under
a heaven of sapphire and in a harbor .
of caln:i; with chimes ringing their wel-
come from the spires that sentinel the
city of God, while from the. battlements.
millions will shout, "Well done!,. while
God Himself will say, "Enter thou into
the joys of thy Lord. "-=-Selected.
.- .- .JI
NO "IF."
Ther e was a knock at the door of
Aunt Fanny's pleasant kitchen one
morning, and on 'the steps stood a
little girl with a b.asket on her ax:m.
''Don't you want to buy something Y ''
she asked as she came in. ";Here are
some nice home-knit stockings.'' ''Sure-
ly you did not knit these
yourself, little giri 1" said Aunt Fanny.
''No, rna 'am; but 'grandma did. She
is lame, and so she sits still and knits
the things, and I run about to sell
them; that's the way we get
She says we are partners. and SQ I
wrote out a sign and putit-over - the
fireplace, 'Grandma and Maggie.' ''
Aunt Fann-ie . laughed and bought
the stockings, and as she counted out
the money to pay -for them, Maggie
A small boy held up his band, and
when told to answer, responded prompt-
ly: "My mother. "-Detroit Free Press.
''Well, what do you care, just so
you ain't? . Come on, you feel all
right now,'' said the big boy, . putting
his arms" around the little fellow's
neck as he spoke.
.Jl , ,.,C ,)C
A sabbath school teacher once .
max:ked that ' he who buys truth makes
a good bargaiil; and inquired if any
scholar recollected an instance in
"Scripture of . any one making . a bad.
I passed on; but-the incident set me
to thinking. How many of us spend
a . great deal of time- and strength
worrying over unpleasant things that
p,eople m;1y sar or . think about' us.
so they am't" true, why need
we bother about them? If . they are
true, let us, by God's help, try to
make them false.-Mason Merrill. "I do," r eplied a boy. "Esa u made
Unto Him hall the gathering of the peoPle be.
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Agents wanted
730 San Pedro Street Los Angeles, California
12 .. -__!Jfessenger.
. .--- -- -;- .. - -- -- . -
[October 22, 1908
A Pi.:EcE--or-PAP.EIL
The - following iil'ustiation of w:hat
maybe acc'Um!llished by goqd Jiterature
is told: .
-- :n .. - ., _ D_g __
you remember how went off and :... - - .. . _
' ' I was asked to go to a public house
in .N ottii1gliam . to . see t he landlord's
wife, who was 1ying. I found her re-
joicing in Christ as her Saviour. I'
asked her how she found the Lord. '
'Reading that,' she 'r eplied, . handing
ine a torn: piece of paper.
. __ "I lool_ced at_it and found that'it was
a. part of an American newspaper con-
taining a n extract fr_om one of C. H.
Spurgeon's sermons; whicli -extract !mil-
been the means of her rconversion:
" 'Where did you: get that news-
paper?' I asked.
" She repli ed : 'It was :wrapped
around a _ _:parcel sent to me from Aus-
tralia. '
''Talk a-bout t he hidden life of good
' seed! Think of that! A sermon
preached in London, conveyed to Am-
erica, then to Australia, part of i t torn
off for the :par cel dispatohed to: Eng-
l and, and after all its wand erings, giv-
ing the message of salvation to that
woman's soul! God's word shall not
r eturn unto Him void. It shall accom-
plish His will.';
$ $ $
Go not, my friend, into the dangerous
world without -prayer. -You kneel down
at nigl1t to pray, and drowsiness weighs
down your eyelids; a hard day's work
is a kind of excuse, and you shorten
your prayer, and r esign yourself softly
to r epose. The morning breaks, and it
may be you rise late, arid. so your early
clevotions are not done or are done in
--irP-e-gHla.r. ..... hast.e ......... .N.9 .... unto
prayerful w'akefulness once more"'o'iiiit-
ted : and now is that r epairable? we
-solemnly believe not. There has been
that done whicl, cannot be undone. You
have given up your prayer, and you
will suffer for. it. Tempta_tion is before
you, and you are not ready to meet it.
There is a guilty feeling on the soul,
and yon linger. at a distance from God.
It is no mar;vcl if that day in whi ch .
you suffer drowsiness to interfere with
prayer - be a "d ay :in which you
from duty. Moments of prayer in-
truded on by sloth cannot' be made up.
We. may get experience but we cannot;
get back the rich freshness and strength
which were wrapped up in .. those 'mo-
ments._:_Frederick W. Robertson .
. .JJJ $ .JJJ
I Yas'm; Rosie's. back
l eft y9u 'before, and all the THE NAZARENE MESSENGER. and any
made 1 '' asked the indignant listener. one of the following mimed papers
The old woman meditatively flecked-the to new subscribers for . $1.50, or
suds with her black hands for a minute where one is already. a subscrib-er to her slow answer came: ''Wen,_ . . the MESSENGER, . the rene.wal 6f the
MESSENGER and one year (new) to
ye se, honey, I n ebber did had np great for$1. 75
membry nohow. . 'Pears like- it's dat -
crowded 'full of t 'ings. ob mo 'coUJ}.i__ Note-Renewals to an;y: of the papers-are $1 ..
dat I jist has to keep pitchin.' rubbish The Beulah Christian,
like .. dat out 'n it, 'relse l . wouldn't hab . Publi_shed by the Pentecostal _Printing Co .
no room to move 'round. When -ye . frovidence, R. I. _ -.
'members what de Lord says 'bqut:.;for- The_ H,l!iness Evangel, _ .. .
gibbin ', ye don't bab no place :to 'mem- Jie
. a whole lQt :ob odder t 'ings_ .. '' . . P!Jb by Ji:varigE!l Co.
. . Pomt, Texa.s. . ..
.: $ $ The Pentecostal
Published b.y Th-e Pentecostal Advocate
To SUBSCRIBERS and CUSTOMERS 'Ppblishing Co., Peniel, Texas.
Quite a number of subscriptions -are
now diie. We also have quite a num-
ber of accounts for Sunday School sup-
plies and for books or printing which
are past due. Friends, we need the
money now. p1_ease pay as soon as
pc:>ssible. PUB. CO.
Or, Words Fitly Spoken . .
. Being a Compilation of the brief Spiritual
Heart Messages which have :ll.ppeared on the
first page of the MESSENGER' during 'the past
two years.
240 pages, paper. With portrait, and-
Introduction bv Dr. Bresee.
Price 25'c,. by mail.30c; in lots.oflO $2.
ln cloth, 60 cents.
Address . "R; P.,"
730 San Pedro St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Sciel)ce Hall, Girlt;J' Home.
The Pentecostal Era,
Published by H : B.
Washington, D. C. . . .
subscribers, both for $1.00. Renewal to
MESSENGER and new subscription to The
Pentecostal Era for $1.1 5. : .
Forward Your Subscriptions to Us for
Any . of Papers.
W-him writing for change of address
or discontinuance of any paper
always write direct to the
of the paper to which'you refer.
7:iiJ San Pedro St.
Waves of Glory
. 300 songs. The best old hymns and the cream of
the new songs. 25 eta. per copy poot-pald, $20.00
per 100. Returnable Sample FREE to Churches or
Sunday Schools . Write for our _special offer.
NAZARENE PUB. CO., 730 San Pedro St.,.Los Angeles, Cal.
Gospel Stamps
New. Unique. Attractive: a picture and text on
every stamp. Suitable for placing on letters, pa ...
pers, books, etc. Cheaper and more effective than
tracts. 120 Rt.amps in book (60 varieties), IOc per
book; 3 f<ir 25c. Agents Wanted.
NAZARENE PUB. CO., 730 ,San Pedro St., Los Angeles, Cal;
. . . . .
Mllin Bullding.
'I mitted Aunt Chloe over lih washtub.
- lrr)' i": . .
Texas 'rEXAs __
Literary,. Theoiogicali Normal, Commercial, Music and .Primary
Departments. A safe School for both Boys and- Girls::- . -------
''She an' de baby di dn't hah
to stop j es' now, an'. de pore chile is
ailirl'': Yas'm, l took ' em i n.......:co
se I
took 'em in," she added def ensively.
. send for catalogue. -REV. E. P.
I to' )
. : ... ,