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PATRICIA BAHAMONDE URIBE According to the video, the ancient myths have described the gods that descended from the sky for thousands of years. They are several signs that show us the probability that Gods come from magic places like stars. People think that they were inventions of own ancestors or maybe they just informed about real facts. Own ancestors believed that aliens were gods. Many people, from all over the world, think that aliens visited us in the past. It is real that exist different kind of Gods with similar characteristic in different places. It could be that this fact will be a coincidence. For example, the Sumerian civilization was the oldest civilization which offers us visual descriptions about these beings: they called them Anunakis. Moving forward in history, the Greeks worshiped Gods who came from the heavens and then, the Romans also paid tribute to the Gods, just called them differently. In my opinion, it is not coincidence that these cultures, divided by years and miles, would be so similar in this aspect, it is likely that they had seen these beings came from heaven and guided them, taught them and punished them, so they called them as Gods. According to research by Ancient Aliens the megalithic stones in France reached 3 kilometres in length, which is a possible landing of UFOs, which had been built by giants, and its role was to be seen from the air, which is clearly a form of communication with aliens. As I said before, these aliens guided and helped certain cultures, in some cases they provided technological assistance, it should be noted the case of Scandinavia, an ancient Germanic people, which won many wars because of their advanced fighting armament techniques and skills to navigate. This may be related to their own intelligence development, but it would be strange, a satisfactory response would be that they had a special communication with special beings who could give this kind of benefits. The fact that they developed a close communication with these beings, immediately suggests a more intimate relationship with certain people. In fact, in ancient times, Gods took women to have sex; most of the time these women became pregnant, and as a result of this, these women gave birth a new race of humans, who were growing up respected by the rest of the community, because they were semi-gods and showed extraordinary skills. In other cases, women became pregnant without had been with a man. Today it is possible due to the artificial insemination. However, these events occurred in the past, when artificial insemination was not even conceived yet. Most of these pregnancies resulted quirky creations like centaurs, giants and other monsters. Although this seems strange as to be

evidence that early 19th century, in Nevada, Payutes Indians spoke of a race of giants. They cornered Giants in a cave and fired them so this race was exterminated by this tribe. The massacre evidences were hidden until the early 20th century. It was discovered by farmers that sought bat manure in the cave. They removed the manure three meters and they found fossils, people up to 2.40 meters. All these facts make us think about how the human being has been developed over time. With all this information we will create many questions regarding the evolution of human being and how from one moment to another man took a leap in technology. The only answer to this is that aliens intervened at critical moments and probably they are still watching us.