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Kimre mist eliminators are state of the art, durable, high efficiency and with cell design that will meet the most stringent mist removal specifications. Special features are included in the designs for Counterflow and Crossflow towers. Kimre mist eliminators provide ultra-low drift loss and are used in Cooling Tower, Evaporative Cooling, Turbine Intake Cooler, Scrubber and High Humidity Cooling systems.

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AccuPac Mist Eliminators

AccuPac DESIGNED MIST ELIMINATORS Kimre mist eliminators utilize a series of sinusoidal-shaped corrugations bonded to mating sinusoidal structural waves to form closed cells that force the leaving airstream to make three distinct changes in direction. The drift droplets carried in the airstream, when forced to make the changes in direction in each cell, create centrifugal forces on the drift droplets, forcing them to be captured by inertial impaction and direct interception. The high surface area of cellular eliminators and these unique design features, as well as those noted below, ensures state-of-the-art drift removal efficiency. Because this design utilizes structural waves between the corrugated cells, these drift eliminators can be manufactured to meet span requirements up to 8 ft. (2.4m). This improvement in strength and span capabilities reduces the net blockage of air due to additional support beams. Additionally, these mist eliminators can be field cut for a tight fit around columns and other structure without sacrificing any structural integrity. CDX-150 AND CDX-80 - Designed in two different densities, these cellular drift eliminators meet the needs of all tower designs. The CDX-150 is designed with a cell dimension of 1.50" (38mm) to provide maximum performance at minimum pressure drop and cost. This is our most often purchased product. The CDX-80 is designed to meet the most stringent specifications where very low drift levels are required. The drift removal efficiency of this product is unequaled in the industry. The CDX-150 and the CDX-80 are designed for applications in either cross flow or counter flow cooling towers. SPECIAL FEATURES NESTING: Our CDX-80 and CDX150 are designed so they nest or interlock with the module next to them, eliminating interfaces between modules. This important feature eliminates a possible bypass of the air that can occur when modules are not tightly sealed at the module-tomodule interface. In a flat sheet design any small gaps between the flat sheets will cause air to bypass the eliminator, taking the path of less resistance and carrying drift droplets with it. DRAINAGE CHANNELS: Our unique design for cross flow applications allows captured drift droplets to be removed as a film of water through drainage channels. Once drift droplets are captured on the side walls of the eliminator, they form a film of water that flows down the wall via gravity to the drainage channels and then out the bottom of the eliminator, reducing the opportunity for reintrainment. Other manufacturers' designs force the captured water to the face of the eliminator where it trickles down the edge, allowing more opportunities for reintrainment as drift droplets. Drainage channels are a unique AccuPac design that can greatly improve the drift removal efficiency of your cooling tower.

The fill products are available in PVC and HPVC, and are UV Stabilized. The PVC compounds used in the fills have outstanding resistance to weather exposure, and are nearly impervious to chemical degradation by alkalies and acids, grease, fats, oils and biological attack. PVC has an excellent fire rating due to self extinguishing characteristics.

P.O. Box 571240 Miami, FL 33257-12408 Tel: 305-233-4249 _ Fax: 305-233-8687 _