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YEAR 1846 1850 1855

EVENT James ONeill was born in Kilkenny, Ireland. ONeill family migrated to the United States. * Edward ONeill, James father returned to Ireland without his family. Mary Ellen (Ella) Quinlan was born in New Haven, CT. James began working in theater. * James ONeill married Ella Quinlan in New York City. Jamie (James ONeill Jr.) was born in San Francisco. * Edmund ONeill was born in St. Louis, MO. James began starring in Monte Cristo which he played through 1912. * James and Ella purchased Monte Cristo Cottage in New London, CT. Edmund ONeill died of measles.* Eugene ONeill was born in New York City in Barrett House, a family style hotel. * Eugene traveled with his touring father. Eugene discovers his mothers health problems. Eugene ONeill married Kathleen Jenkins . * He sailed to Honduras on a mining expedition and contracted malarial fever there. Eugene ONeill Jr. was born. Eugene Sr. sailed to Argentina. Eugene ONeill Sr. sailed with American Line, a cruise ship company.

1857 1865 1877 1878 1883


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James ONeill gave his last performance of Monte Cristo. Eugene received a divorce from Kathleen Jenkins.* He attempted suicide and was rescued by friends. * He later spent 5 months receiving treatment for tuberculosis at Gaylord Hospital in CT.* ONeill began writing one-act plays. * His first plays included A Wife for Life, The Web, and Thirst. ONeill traveled to Provincetown, MA and met the Provincetown Players. * They did the first production of an ONeill play, Bound East for Cardiff. ONeill wrote plays of the sea, Long Voyage Home, Moon of the Caribees, and In the Zone. Eugene ONeill married Agnes Boulton. * Eugenes second son, Shane, was born. James ONeill died. Eugene had two plays produced, The Emperor Jones and Beyond the Horizon. He won his first Pulitzer Prize for Beyond the Horizon.* Mary Ellen Quinlan ONeill died. Eugene ONeill met his first son, Eugene, Jr. for the first time. ONeill was awarded his second Pulitzer Prize for Anna Christie. James ONeill, Jr. died. ONeills third child, Oona was born. While divorcing Agnes Boulton, ONeill sailed to England with Actress Carlotta Monterey. * They also visited China. ONeill was given a third Pulitzer Prize for Strange Interlude. ONeill married Carlotta Monterey in Paris, France. * Eugene ONeill received the Nobel Prize for Literature.* ONeill and Carlotta Monterey ONeill visited San Francisco, CA and decided to make their home in the area.* The ONeills build Tao House in Danville, CA.* ONeill wrote The Iceman Cometh. ONeill wrote Long Days Journey Into Night. ONeill wrote Hugie and A Moon for the Misbegotten.




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ONeills health problems increased. He was diagnosed as suffering from Parkinsons Disease. Following his death an autopsy revealed that ONeill suffered from a genetic, degeneration of the cerebellum.* ONeill disowned Oona for marrying Charlie Chaplin. ONeill and Carlotta sold Tao House. They lived in San Francisco hotels until the end of World War II. ONeill disowned Shane for involvement with drugs. Eugene and Carlotta moved to Boston and Marblehead, MA. This increased ONeills isolation from family and friends. Eugene ONeill, Jr. committed suicide. ONeill died of pneumonia in the Shelton Hotel in Boston, MA. * Eugene ONeill was posthumously awarded a fourth Pulitzer Prize for Long Days Journey Into Night.

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