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Srimad Bhagavatam

First Time In The world

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The Lord in the heart: Brahma meditates his origin

The Cosmic Manifestation

Chapter 1

Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 2.Chapter 1

Obeisances to Lord Krishna the Godhead

Chapter 1 The First Step in God Realization

SB 2.1.1
Sri Suka said: Dear King, your question is great as it is very beneficial to all The answer to this is the prime matter for hearing, as told by the knowledgeable

SB 2.1.2

There are countless matters to hear about in a humans lifetime, oh Emperor, that interest those materially engrossed ,blind to Truth, for the soul to err.

SB 2.1.3
Oh King, in carnal lives in the night,they spend their money and making wealth and caring their families during the day.

SB 2.1.4
All too attached to the fallible allies of body, family, children, and wife , despite experience, they do not see the finality in this form of strife.

SB 2.1..5
So,oh descendant of Bharata, He must be discussed, glorified and remembered as the Supersoul, the Supreme Personality, and as the Lord who frees those of from their anxieties on their doles

SB 2.1.6
The aim ,achieved by complete knowledge of matter and spirit, or by practice of mysticism, or even by skillful duty, is to think of God at the end of our lives.

SB 2.1.7
Generally it is the sages who went beyond the sphere of dos and donts oh King, who take pleasure especially in describing Lords glories.

SB 2.1.8
This story called the Bhagavatam ,studied by me as guided by my father Ved Vyas contains the essence of the Vedas at the end of this Dvapara-yuga the age of honorable monarchs,

SB 2.1.9
Realized as I was ,my attention was drawn towards the enlightened verses about the Lords pastimes oh saintly King, and thus I studied the narrations.

SB 2.1.10
I will recite it to you, as you, oh goodness, are an earnest devotee, and those sincere Devotees listening raptly will soon achieve the staunch faith in Krishna as liberator.

SB 2.1.11
O King, whether it is the detached ,or the desireless, fearlesss, or the self-united yogis ,constant chanting of the holy name of the Lord is the right way forward

SB 2.1.12
What is of the use of spending many bewildered years of ones life as inexperience in this world ,better is just a conscious moment that one can try for spiritual progress .

SB 2.1.13
Saintly King , named Khavanga, on knowing that he had only a moment in this world further to live , he set aside everything and sought solace at the Lotus feet of the Lord

SB 2.1.14
Oh Kuru Scion, similarly, that your life's duration is limited to seven days, should inspire you for a next life as divined through the traditional rituals

SB 2.1.15
At ones departure time , one should be free from the fear of death by cutting, by the weapon of detachment, all desires and also all associations so binding

SB 2.1.16
Leaving one's home for a sacred place, properly cleansed and purified, and in solitude sit down assuming the proper posture as per the learned.

SB 2.1.17
Sanctifying the mind by practice of AUM and, controlling it determinedly by regulating breath as to merge with the absolute

SB 2.1.18

Progressively withdrawing the mind from sensory distractions and controlling senses by intelligence and immersing them in the service of Lord opens up consciousness.

SB 2.1.19

Thereafter meditating on the limbs of Lords body one by one as part; of his whole form , avoiding all sensory distractions and thinking not anything else ,but the glory of that Supreme Visnhu whereupon ,heart becomes completely motionless but engulfed by Lords form ,sweet.

SB 2.1.20
Passion and perversion are minds mode By which one gets bewildered n agitated Meditation on Lords form get it rectified And have the mental dirts forever removed

SB 2.1.21
Sages get union with Him without any time lapse Through such ,devoted practice under his auspices

SB 2.1.22
Oh Brahmin ! what is the concept as to the place,the fortunate king queried and activities a person must practise, in order to remove pollutions of the mind?

SB 2.1.23
Mastering sitting posture ,breathing by pranayama, detachments, n distractions of sensory kind, one should meditate on the Lords form ,in mind as it manifests

SB 2.1.24
This gross material universe in which we experience all that of the past, present and future of our lives is the body of Lord the Great called Virat !.

SB 2.1.25
The gigantic universal form of the Lord eternal,with subtle sheaths seven, of universe as a shell is the subject for vir ,as the universal-man within.

SB 2.1.26

The nether world Pataal are his feet and the next Rasatal at heels And ankles of this Virat form Mahatal ,while Talatal is his shanks

SB 2.1.27
The two knees of the Universal Form are called Sutala, the thighs Vital and Atal and hips are named Mahtal oh King; outer space is the depression of His navel.

SB 2.1.28
The higher, illumined worlds are His chest, at the neck called Maharworld His mouth is Jana , the forehead Tapas and Satyaloka a thousand head.

SB 2.1.29
The god Indra are His arms, the four directions His ears and, sound His sense of hearing ,the nostrils the deities As'vin-Kumras while fragrance is His sense of smell and His mouth the blazing fire that consumes all in time given as sacrifice

SB 2.1.30
Outer space is the orbit of His eyes, while the eyeballs of the sun make up His seeing. The eyelids of Vishnu are the day and night, the movements of His eyebrows so moving have the diviinities, His palate is the deity of water ,Varuna, His tongue is juice of beings

SB 2.1.31
Vedic hymns are His thoughts , Yamaraja His jaws , His teeth are His affection while charm of His smiles Are the most alluring unsurpassable material forms Material creation is only the casting of His glance.

SB 2.1.32
Modesty is His upper lip, His chin stands for the hankering, His breast,religions and the path of sacrilege is His back, Lord Brahma is His genitals, His testicles Mitr-varunas the friends, His waist the oceans , His bones are the mountains.

SB 2.1.33
His veins are the rivers and the plants and trees , the hairs on the body of the Universal Form, oh King, The air is His omnipotent breathing, His movement, the passing of the ages nTime, and the constant activation of the modes of material nature is His acts in world to transform.

SB 2.1.34
Know that the hairs on His head are the clouds oh best of the Kurus, and that the intelligence of the Almighty is the creative prime cause , His mind, the reservoir of all changes, is the moon,so the saying goes.

SB 2.1.35
The material principle constitutes His consciousness, so one says, while Lord S'iva is the cause within His self ,horses, mules, camels and elephants are His nails, and all other games and quadrupeds are represented in the region of His waist,below the navel,so it goes.

SB 2.1.36

Varieties of birds are His masterful artistic sense, Manu, the father of mankinds, is the emblem of His standard intelligence, and humanity is His nice residence The celestial species of human beings, like the Gandharvas, Vidyadharas, Charanas and angels, all represent His musical rhythm, and the demoniac soldiers ,His prowess.

SB 2.1.37
With the spiritualists as brahmins are his face and the rulers and leaders for the arms of the Universal Form, the professionals are the thighs and the labourers are feet of His. And the various demigods appease Him by performance of sacrifices andholy oblations

SB 2.1.38
I explained all these locations imbued by Supreme Spirit so that anyone deeply meditating on his Universal Virat form can know through intellect that beyond Him there is nothing.

SB 2.1.37
One should meditate on the Universal Person , who alone distributes Himself across manifestations just as a person has many manifestations in dreams none must concentrate the mind on Him, the only all-blissful Absolute ,otherwise one will be misled and will cause ones own downfall.