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IPG tools application in the Formula Student competition using the example of

01 Formula Student 02 The cars 03 The team 04 Formula CarMaker 05 Suspension design with IPGKinematics 06 Vehicle optimisation with CarMaker 07 Results

Formula Student.
The Competition.

Formula Student Competition.

Formula Student History 1981 1999 2006
Founding of Formula SAE by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in the United States. Founding of Formula Student England based on the Formula SAE model. First holding of Formula Student Germany by the VDI.

International Flair
9 worldwide competitions. Teams from all over the world. Language of competition: English.

Formula Student Competition .

The Exercise

Design, construction and manufacturing of a single seater Formula racing car for weekend racing drivers.

1 2 3

Time of realization: 1 year Specified regulation Budget: 25.000$ at a fictitious number of 1.000 each year

Formula Student Competition.

Targets of the Formula Student Competition

Completion of studies through intensive practical experiences.

1 2 3

Construction and manufacturing under real budget conditions. Project management and independent financing.

Teamwork, motivation, staff and time management.

Formula Student Competition.

Dynamic Events
Skid-Pad Eight with diameters of 15,25 m each, driven twice. Accelerating from standstill up to 75 m. Ca. 800 m long handling course with straights, hair pins and slalom sections. Reliability and speed over 22 km. Judgement of fuel consumption after the event.



Endurance/ Fuel Economy

Formula Student Competition.

Static Events

Cost Event

Judgement of the cost structure of the production. Presentation of the technical concept. Businessplan presentation in front of potential investors.

Design Event Presentation Event

Formula Student Competition.

The Competition in Points Static Events

- Design Event (150 points) - Cost Event (100 points) - Presentation Event (75 points)

Dynamic Events
- Acceleration (75 points) - Skid Pad (50 points) - Autocross (150 points) - Endurance (350 points) and Fuel Economy (50 points)

Total: 1000 points

The cars.
KIT07 and KIT08.

The Cars.

Our first one: the KIT07

Wheelbase: 1600 mm, track width: 1210 mm 4 cylinder, Honda CBR 600 PC 35 engine Pneumatic gear shifting automatization Spaceframe made of 15CdV6 0 to 100 km/h under 4 s Power: 64 kW Weigth: 260 kg

The Cars.

This year: the KIT08

Wheelbase: 1600 mm, track width: 1200 mm Variable intake manifold Bosch Motorsport ABS Variable anti-roll bars Complete harness Power: 72 kW Weight: 230 kg

The Team.
Who are we?

The Team.

The Team
01/2006: start of project with 50 members Since 11/06: incorporated society 56 active members in 2008 Constant recruiting

The Team.

What gives us the motivation, to sleep three hours in three days?

... being an engineer is more than a job.

For us...

... teamwork is everything that matters. ... the practical application of studied theory is important. ... the unique chance to attend a project from the first concept until the finished product. ... excellent contacts to industry and research.

KA-RaceIng offers...

And last but not least...

... a lot of fun!

The Team.

Organisational Form

Predevelopment Marketing

Drivetrain Frame & Body Engine Suspension Elektric & Elektronics Ergonomics & Saftey

Projekt Management Time Management Budgeting Knowledge Management

The Team.

Construction and Manufacturing Targets

High efficiency in respect of the given task.

Requirement based construction (Functionality)

Easy adjustability and assembly. Reduced complexity. Low weight. High reliability. Light, lighter and even lighter!

Productionoriented construction (Time, Costs)

Low manufacturing costs. Low production time. Low expenditure of resources.

The Team.

Milestones in Development
Suspension kinematics Ergonomics (seat box) Concept Regular consulting and trouble shooting

Top-Down construction

Definition of constructed space Parallel development of each assembly Simulation and calculation True-to-detail CAD-modell (ca. 95% of the real car) Validation of the virtual prototype Conduction of drawings for manufacturing

Develpoment Validation and Implementaion

Formula CarMaker.
The IPG Support Programm f or Formula Student.

Formula CarMaker.

IPGs Formula CarMaker Programm

Two free licences for CarMaker and IPGKinematics each for every registered team. Latest version of CarMaker with Racing Driver option.

Ready-made, realistic datasets.

Formula CarMaker.

CarMaker for racing cars

Formula CarMaker.

and a comprehensive and competent support

Support team advices on questions and problems. Free attendance of Formula CarMaker workshops. Customised user guide for Formula Student.

Suspension Design w ith IPGKinematics.

Kinematics, Elastokinematics, S teering Kinematics.







Vehicle optimisation with CarMaker.

Virtual Test Driving.



Driver model

Race track

Tire model

Virtual Testrun


Vehicle model




Formula CarMaker.

Advantages of Using IPGKinematics und CarMaker

Static Events
Easier calculation of vehicle dynamics and loads. Well arranged diagrams present the performed calculations. Animated movies for businessplan presentation.

Dynamic Events
Virtual testing of the car even before completion. Opportunity to test many different settings. Saving of costs and time.


Successes in 2007 Hockenheim

Best Newcomer Award Second strongest engine 9th place Endurance 10th place overall (of 53) Best first year team


2cnd place Skid Pad 6th place Endurance 6th place overall (of 20)


Successes in 2008 Hockenheim Silverstone

Most efficient use of Eletronics Award 6th place at Design Report (best German team) 7th place overall (of 103) Highest score ever reached by Ka-RaceIng Third strongest engine 13th position overall (of 87)

Thank you very much for your interest!

Engineered Excitement.