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Industrial Water & Waste Water Treatment Municipal Water & Sewage Treatment Recycle / Reuse Desalination Systems

UEM Group Profile

UEM Group is an international multi-disciplined company specializing in providing Design & Turnkey Execution services in the field of Water & Wastewater Collection, Treatment and Disposal Systems. UEM inherits the strength of a strong team of over 150 full time experienced professionals in the field of Environmental, Chemical, Mechanical, Civil, Structural, Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering. UEM offers in-house services for the Design, Engineering, Process Technology Know-how, Equipments Supply, Fabrication, Construction, Erection, Commissioning and Start-up. This allows the group to be able to provide the highest quality systems based on the latest available technologies at competitive prices for International Turn-key Projects. UEM Group has designed & installed over 300 Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants of all sizes (Large to Medium to Small) throughout the world and has offices in USA, Mexico, Guyana, Dubai, Australia & India. UEM Group is capable enough to undertake large multi-million dollar turnkey projects as well as implement medium or small projects with personalized service. UEM has implemented projects for many fortune 500 companies and the projects funded by World Bank, ADB, IADB, CDB, etc. Our size and the specialized expertise enables us to be responsive to the specific needs of our clients including Industries, Municipalities, EPC Contractors and other such companies to implement projects in any part of the world.

Technologies Offered by UEM Group


For Industrial & Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Anaerobic Biological Treatment Systems Hybrid Digesters (Medium / High Rate) Modified UASB Digesters (Low Rate) UASB Systems Sludge Digestion with Gas Mixing Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) Conventional Activated Sludge Process (CASP) Membrane Bio Reactors (MBR) Package Plants (Skid Mounted) Bio Tower / Trickling Filters Ultra Filtration (UF) Reverse Osmosis (RO) Nano Filtration (NF) Pressure Sand Filters & Activated Carbon Filters


Aerobic Biological Treatment Systems


Recycle / Reuse Systems


For Industrial & Municipal Water Treatment

Raw Water Treatment Systems Primary Clarifiers Solid Contact / Reactivator Clarifier Lamella Clarifiers / Tube Settlers Auto Backwash Gravity Filters Pressure Filters / Activated Carbon Filters Chlorination / UV Systems Sea Water RO / UF Brackish Water RO / UF Compact Skid Mounted Units


Desalination Systems

Industrial Anaerobic Biological Treatment Systems

Low Rate Anaerobic Digesters
UEM has installed more than 60 Low Rate Anaerobic Digester Systems for various industries such as Distilleries, Breweries, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp & Paper, Citric Acid, Yeast, Chemicals, etc. These digesters provide large volume (Higher Retention Time : 15 45 days) offering better process stability & consistent performance / biogas generation. The BOD reductions of 8095% and COD reductions 6080% can be achieved. These digesters can be constructed in rectangular / circular above ground or below ground construction. Large quantities of Biogas generated have been used to replace fuel in Boilers, offering quick returns to our clients.

Hybrid Anaerobic Digesters

UEM has installed more than 20 Hybrid Anaerobic Digesters for various industries such as Petrochemicals, Breweries, Paper, Soaps & Cosmetics, Food, etc. The Hybrid Digester is a combination of UASB (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) and UFF (Upflow Filter with open design plastic media). These digesters offer the advantages of both technologies and can treat various difficult to biodegrade constituents. They can be operated in series mode also. The BOD reduction upto 85 95% and COD reduction of upto 65 80% can be achieved .

Industrial Aerobic Biological Treatment Systems

Conventional Aerobic Activated Sludge Treatment System UEM has installed more than 70 High Efficiency Aerobic Activated Sludge Systems incorporating Fine Bubble Diffusers. Most of the diffused aeration systems are designed with removable headers concept and are providing very low final BOD / COD required to meet the Pollution authoritys norms. These systems have been successfully installed for various industries such as Distilleries, Breweries, Yeast, Pharmaceuticals, Textile, Softdrinks, Food, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Paper, etc.

Sequential Batch Reactors

A Sequencing Batch Reactor is an activated sludge treatment system in which the treatment operations are carried out in a single basin. Separate clarifiers are avoided and space can be saved. Various process timings / parameters can be easily controlled with the help of PLC to suit the changing influent and treated effluent requirements. Several plants with this innovative technology have been installed and are under installations for various kind of effluents such as Chemical industries, Petrochemical industries, Pulp & Paper, Municipal Sewage, etc.

Industrial Raw Water & Recycle / Reuse Systems

Raw Water Treatment Plants
UEM has installed several Raw Water Treatment Plants including one of the largest (10,800 M3/hr. capacity) 260 MLD treatment plant for Sea Water at Jamnagar Refinery of Reliance Petroleum in India. Bechtel, U.K. were the overall project consultants for this project which was awarded to UEM against very stiff global competition. This treatment system is with automatic PLC based controls and consists of Flash Mixers, Flocculators, Lamella Clarifiers / Sludge Thickeners, Duel Media Automatic Backwashing Gravity Filters. The Suspended Solids level of upto 250 mg/ l in raw sea water are brought down to less than 5 mg/l to use it as feed to desalination plant and fire water system.

Recycle / Reuse
UEM has provided Recycle / Reuse solution to many of its reputed clients. These include MBR System (Membrane BioReactor) followed by UF/RO for Minute Maid Coke project in Florida for 1 MLD capacity and a SBR system followed by UF/RO for Elementis Specialities Inc., West Virginia, USA. At both these places the wastewater is firstly treated in biological treatment systems and then passed through the UF/RO stages to make it suitable for recycle / reuse applications. These systems have very large potential considering the scarcity of fresh water and problems associated with disposal of untreated water.

UF / RO Membrane Systems
Brackish Water RO & DM Plants UEM has designed & installed a large Brackish Water RO & DM Plant (4 x 110 M3/hr. capacity) for National Oil Refinery in Gulf. This River Surface Water Treatment Plant was designed to treat 3,500 ppm TDS & 300 ppm TSS, is a fully automatic desalination plant consisting of Pre-treatment steps, RO & Mix Bed De-ionisation Systems. The plant is producing satisfactory results after commissioning / start-up by UEM. Many more UF / RO Systems for Brackish Water & Sea Water are under installation

Containerized RO Systems
UEM also offers Containerized RO Systems for Brackish Water and Sea Water. 3 Nos. of such containerized RO plants were designed, fabricated & supplied to Jordan for delivering 500 M3/day (each) permeate using River Surface Water of 2,500 ppm TDS as the feed source. These plants are fully automatic with PLC based controls and consist of Pre-treatment & RO system. All these plants have produced satisfactory results over last 3 years. These containerized RO systems can be made as per clients specific requirement in different sizes.

Municipal Sewage Treatment Plants

182 MLD STP at New Delhi, India (for 1 Million PE)
UEM has installed more than 40 STPs of very large / medium / small capacities. Among the largest is a 182 MLD STP for Delhi Jal Board in India which consists of Mechanical Screening, Grit Removal, Primary Clarifications, Aerobic Treatment with Aeration Tank and Clarifiers, Anaerobic Digesters with Gas Mixing for Primary & Secondary sludges, Gas utilization and Power Generation (1.2 MW) using Duel Fuel Gas Engine, Sludge Drying Beds, etc. This plant is one of the most successful operating plant since last several years.

Large STP in Malaysia

UEM has installed 3 STPs in Malaysia for MHES SDN BHD. The largest of these is a 95 MLD capacity catering to 380,000 PE consisting of raw sewage pumping station, screening, aerated grit removal system, primary clarifiers, anoxic tank, aeration tank with fine bubble diffused aeration system, secondary clarifiers, sludge thickeners, belt filter press, anaerobic sludge digesters, gas holder with floating gas dome, etc. All these plants are working satisfactorily for last several years.

Common Effluent Treatment Plants

CETPs for Industrial Areas / Zones
UEM has installed several CETPs for industrial areas in Delhi including Mangolpuri Industrial Area (2.4 MLD), Badli Industrial Area (12 MLD), Narela Industrial Area (22.5 MLD), Mayapuri Industrial Area (12 MLD), etc. for DSIDC. These plants incorporate physio-chemical treatment, biological treatment, tertiary treatment with duel media filters & activated carbon filters, sludge thickening and mechanical sludge dewatering steps. Some of these plants incorporate only physio-chemical treatment and tertiary treatment steps with sludge dewatering. All these plants are working very well since commissioning.

CETP for 136 Tanneries Effluent

One of the prestigious installations for UEM is a CETP for 136 Tanneries effluent at Pallavaram in Tamil Nadu (India) which was conceptualized by UNIDO and co-ordinated by Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Authority. This CETP is designed for 3,000 M3/day capacity with 1,600 mg/l BOD, 3,000 mg/l COD and 2,000 mg/l TSS to achieve a final B OD of less than 30 mg/l. The treatment system includes a pumping station (300 M3/hr), coarse and fine screens, grit removal, equalisation with ejector type aerators, clariflocculation, high efficiency diffused aeration / clarification, sludge thickening / drying, mechanical dewatering & PLC based operation.

Municipal Water Treatment Plants

UEM has designed & installed several Municipal Water Treatment Plants in West Indies, Guyana, Central America, South America, Africa, Turkey, Gulf, India & other countries. Many old plants were refurbished by modifications of the existing facilities and installations of new / additional capacities. These plants incorporate Pre-treatment, Clarification, Filtration, Chlorination, Pumping, Piping, etc. These Water Treatment Plants include Navet WTP (86 MLD), Hollis WTP (38 MLD), Chatham WTP (13.8 MLD), Penal WTP (5.6 MLD), Richmond WTP (5 MLD), Granville WTP (4.6 MLD), LaBonne Intention Water Supply Rehabilitation Project (2 x 14.6 MLD), Eccles Water Supply Rehabilitation Project (3 x 7 MLD), Bartica Water Supply Rehabilitation Project (3.5 MLD), Adana Turkey (255 MLD), Domanican Republic Package WTP, etc.

Compact Package Treatment Plants

UEM have installed more than 45 Compact Package Treatment Plants for treatment of Domestic Sewage, Industrial Effluent, Water, etc. for Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Residential Complexes, Shopping Malls, Office Buildings, Industries, Labour Colonies, Project sites, etc. These plants are Pre-fabricated Skid Mounted Ready to use units or Site Fabricated units suiting to various requirements. These can be Steel Fabricated Rectangular / Circular or in concrete construction. The treated water from these plants can be used for various non-potable applications such as Horticulture, Cooling Tower Makes-up, Toilet Flushing, etc.

Range of Service Offered by UEM Group

1. Design, Engineering, Supply, Erection, Commissioning, Start-up, Training and Civil Construction (Total Turnkey Jobs) for m m m m m Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants Municipal Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants Compact Package type Pre-fabricated STPs & ETPs Compact Package type Site fabricated STPs & ETPs Ultra Filtration & Reverse Osmosis System

2. 3. 4. 5.

Operation & Maintenance of ETP / STP / WTP facilities Auditing of existing ETP / STP / WTP facilities Refurbishing / Augmentation of ETP / STP / WTP facilities Projects implementation on Paid, BOOT / BOO basis

Some Prestigious Clients / Projects of UEM Group

O Coca-Cola (8 Jobs) (USA, Maldives, Nepal, India, Kenya, Tanzania) O Procter & Gamble (3 Jobs) (Thailand, Indonesia) O Toray Nylon, Thailand O PTIET (UNIDO) CETP for Tanneries O Saf Yeast Plants (2 Jobs) O Union Paper Mills, Dubai O ICI Chemicals (Paint Plant) O Distillery WWTPs (> 50 Plants) O Dabur Pharma Group O United Distillery, Pakistan O Chennai Petroleum (UF/RO) O GEC Alstom / NTPC Alstom O Bahrain North Sitra & Other Projects (STPs) O 3 WTPs in Guyana for Guyana Water Inc. O 3 Skid Mounted ROs for Jordan O Elementis Speciality Chem, USA (SBR, UF/RO) O DSIDC, Delhi (CETPs at 4 Industrial areas) O 4 STPs for Municipal Authorities in Trinidad O McDowels / UB Group (14 Jobs) O Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (3 Jobs) O Gas Authority of India O Bristol Myer Squibb (3 jobs) (Equador, Mexico, Pakistan) O Kuruvita Textiles, Sri Lanka O AB Mauri Group Yeast (3 jobs) O Torrent Gujarat Biotech (Penicillin-G) O Agrochem & Food Co. Distillery, Kenya O Appolo Glenegles Hospital (STP) O Oberoi & Trident Group of Hotels (6 jobs) O SNC Lavlin, Canada O American & Effrid (3 Jobs) (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh) O Indorama Petrochem (PTA), Thailand O Reliance Petroleum (6 Jobs) O J.K.Pharmachem (Penicillin-G) O Ranbaxy Pharma (2 Jobs) O MCR Processing, Thailand O Nicorn Thai Strip Mills, Thailand O Package STPs (> 25 Plants) O Al Abbas Distillery, Pakistan O CSK Distillery, Pakistan O Matol Ltd., Distillery, Pakistan O Shah Murad Distillery, Pakistan O Pasupati Acrylon (Acrylic Fibre) O National Oil Refinery, Gulf (Brackish Water RO & DM) O Reliance Refinery (260 MLD WTP) O Delhi Jal Board (182 MLD & 40 MLD STPs) O Noon Sugar Mills (Distillery) Pakistan O 6 WTPs in Trinidad for Water & Sewage Authority (Navet, Penal, Granville, Chatham, Richmond & Hollis) O Square D Biotech (Grain Distillery) O Grasim Cements (Birla Group) O Bharat Starch Inds. (Thapar Group) O Century Pulp & Paper (Birla Group) O IRCON Hospital STP O MHES, Malaysia (95 MLD & 17.5 MLD STPs) O Tunisia (UF/RO Systems) O Burmingham Steel Mills, USA O Minute Maid Florida, USA (MBR/UF/RO) O UP Jal Nigam (400 MLD Pumping Station) O Enrons Dhabol Power Corporation (7 jobs) O Municipality of Adana, Turkey (255 MLD)















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