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We are presenting a new revolutionary product for your hygiene and personal care. "Ecoducha" is a pleasurable and healthy shower head that's not only good for your welfare but will save you money, water and energy. Ecoducha is a scientific developed product design to tone your skin; prevents hair loss and dandruff, blackheads and acne; hydrates without creams; reduces chlorine in the water; eliminates dangerous particles; cleans deeply without soap; helps psoriasis; ideal for sensitive and allergic skin types, atopic dermatitis, as well as for infants and geriatrics. It's ecological. The Ecoducha adapts to any shower tap. It is ecological because it saves up to 65% of water and energy needed to heat it. Increases the humidifying of the skin because the penetration of micro-particles into it. It doesn't alter the skin's pH, avoiding the growth of pathological germs and infections, thanks to water micronization. Ecoducha naturally frees a large amount of negative ion that's very beneficial to our health, all this is for its 412 micropore disc. The micropores break the molecular aggregates of water releasing more than 500,000 negative ions per square centimeter providing a great massage, eliminating odors and saving water and energy. The particulate filter eliminates sediments and other particles present in the water and prevents the blocking of micropores and helps to maintain healthy skin without the use of soaps or gels. The rotating ceramic filter generates infrared rays (IR) of long distances that activate the metabolism, relieves fatigue, are bactericides and fungicides, and they also soften and strengthen skin immunity. The negative ions that the Ecoducha liberates, provide us with general health and help us to relax after intense activities, favoring respiratorial function, relaxing the muscles and decreasing fatigue and anxiety. The installation of the Ecoducha is very simple: first you take out the former head and connect the Ecoducha screwing firmly and it is ready for use. You will need to change the filter when the particle filter has darken or there is a considerable reduction of water. The half duration of the filter is between 3 to 5 months, depending of the quantity, quality and pressure of the water. The ceramic filter has an unlimited duration. The "Ecoducha" comes with a collagen and vitamin C filter. The collagen reestablishes the internal hydration of the cells; giving softness, firmness and elasticity to the skin. Vitamin C is needed for your skin's health: activating defenses and resistances to injuries. Compared with a conventional shower the Ecoducha saves up to 65% of water and energy. Estimating the cost of water and energy saved over a few months, the Ecoducha pays for itself in that time. An average size home can expect to save about 4,000 Bs.F. a year. The Ecoducha guarantees satisfaction for healthier skin.