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Pass PMP Exam On First Try

by Amir Abbas on PMP

Pass PMP Exam

Whenever I had discussion with a pmp aspirant, the first question that I am asked is, How To Pass PMP Exam On First Try. Let me make it clear, the pmp exam is not a rocket science. Yes ! I agree the pmp exam is a little bit tricky, but this is what people like me are for . We will teach you all the tips, tricks and techniques of the pass pmp exam on your first try, so that you are able to pass pmp exam on your first try. In this blog post, we will try to cover some basics that you need to know to study for the exam, in order to pass pmp exam on your first try.

1: Study Smart Not Hard

There are hundreds of articles, books, materials, forums, groups, blogs that helps achieve pmp success. But you do not need to read all the articles or books or join all the forums and follow all the blogs (except mine ). So what I would suggest: Join one or maximum two forums. Follow a couple of blogs. Read pmbok along with a reputable study guide. Study before attending boot camp.

Do not try to memorize the pmbok guide. Let me repeat, do not memorize the pmbok, implement the pmbok in your real world, in your real projects. Try to seek and implement each pmbok process in your project, in your surroundings whether other projects tend to be happening. The pmp exam is not about memorization of the pmbok guide rather it tests your ability of implementing the pmbok processes in your project. I have written an interesting article on PMP Exam and PMBOK

3: PMP Boot Camp Training

Almost everyone attend the boot camp for pmp preparation. Now I have seen almost everyone coming blank to the boot camp and going back blank too. Please read PMP Boot Camp and Exam Success article to get maximum benefit from your boot camp preparation and help your self out to pass pmp exam on your first try.

4: PMI Point of View

No matter what your background of managing projects are, whether you are a seasoned professional project manager managing projects over 20+ years or new immature project manager. The key to pass pmp exam on your first try to think and answer all questions keeping in mind pmi point of view. Here is an interesting article with valuable tips What To Think When Answering On The PMI PMP and Other Exam which for sure will be very helpful. I will try to keep this thread alive by updating it, meanwhile if you have some tips on how to pass pmp exam on first try, please do share.

What To Think When Answering On The PMI PMP and Other Exam
by Amir Abbas on PMP Tips

The Preparation time is over, all your home work has partially pays off by bringing you to the Prometric Examination Center, Where you are going to embark a new project. After these four hours, The decision has to be made by the computer on your screen whether you can have the prestigious title of PMP with your name or you burn your first chance out of the three in a year. The countdown has just begun and the clock start ticking in reverse order.
The question is what you need to think when answering the PMP exam 200 questions

You have to imagine as you are playing poker. You have to read the mind of the person whom imagine sitting behind the computer, You have to play your cards well, You have to imagine what cards he is holding, You have to think how he thinks, You need to get into his mind and visualize his move. You have to defeat that person. You should put yourself in his shoes and you need to answer accordingly. The following tips should be kept in mind before answering the questions: By he, above and below i am referring to PMI.

What will be his choice in this situation. What will he do in this situation. Why he is choosing this particular choice. Finally you should know and tell yourself am I thinking, what he is thinking. The best tip that i can give you in order to pass PMI PMP or any other certifications offered by PMI is to answer all questions according to PMBOK and PMI.

PMP Boot Camp and Exam Success

by Amir Abbas on General

image credit: Flickr bengrey

There are many Individuals and Exam Centers offering 99 or 100% PMP Exam success guarantee through their PMP boot camps, Which are normally of four or five days.

Now the question arises in four or five days can they deliver all the PMBOK guide material word by word, The hidden knowledge in this guide, Can they extract the juice from this guide and what they are claiming is really a guarantee for you to pass this exam in one go with just a few days training. Do they really deliver the ins and outs of the PMP exam.

I agree and disagree !!!

The PMP boot camps are good, I am not against it and the PMP Exam is not so difficult that you will spend months of training or a Phd degree for it in order to pass it. All you need definitely is a boot camp for a few days in order to familiarize your self with it. But the claim as I mentioned previously of 100% passing after attending the PMP boot camp is an exaggeration. Honestly, I dont believe and no one can convince me of a 100% success in four or five days through there boot camps. Its you who are going to appear in the exam, Its you who will come out of the exam center with either a PMP extension with your name or burn the first out of three chances to name yourself a PMP. So to maximize your chances and backing there claims whether they are really 100% true and guarantee or not, If you follow these tips, I hope you can make there claim turn into a reality.

Tips before attending PMP boot camp !!

1: Read PMBOK guide a couple of times. 2: Read a reputable study guide. 3: Try to get familiarize with the PMBOK guide. 4: Write down all the Jargons and topics that you dont understand. 5: Get the big picture of the PMP exam. 6: Dont go blank to attend the boot camp. This is for sure when you start reading for yourself, you wont understand a single word and this is normal with everyone. The point I am making in here that you should be at least familiarize with the PMBOK and PMP Exam before attending the boot camp as it will definitely increase your success chances. When you go to the boot camp you will already be equip with some knowledge and you can maximize it by noting point 4.

PMP Exam and PMBOK

by Amir Abbas on PMP

There has been quite a debate going on over the PMP (Project Management Professional) Exam and use of the PMBOK (Project Management Body Of Knowledge) among the Project Management Community. The professionals have totally different viewpoint and approach towards using the PMBOK for the PMP Exam, So I tried to collect all these approaches and divide these professionals (who either passed the PMP Exam or are preaching and teaching the PMP Exam), into three different school of thoughts and the debate or argument is: Whether the PMBOK guide is necessary in order to pass the PMP Exam or not. Although, I cover some of the key elements of the PMP Exam that I discovered before and after appearing and passing it in my Lessons Learned. But in this article we will take a closer look at the argument presented by these school of thoughts and will come to our own conclusion and also put a small quiz at the end to see which school of thought has the most following. Lets first look at the argument presented: School 1: You do not need to read the PMBOK for the PMP Exam. You must have seen and , I personally knew and heard from alot of people saying, we didnt even touch the PMBOK and still we pass the PMP Exam School 2: You cannot pass the PMP Exam without reading the PMBOK. Again, you will see alot of people stressing that the PMBOK guide should not be read again and again but also each term and word should be memorize. School3: You should use the PMBOK for consultation only. Again, you will see alot of people putting emphasis on the PMBOK to be used as a bible, as a reference guide. Now for the PMP aspirants these are totally distinct and different remarks, opinions and views and there must be many questions that should pop up in there mind as to which school should be followed or what is the middle way as almost every professional is standing at the extreme end. I will definitely agree with the aspirants and if I myself would be in that situations, It would be a very tough decision to be made to follow who, because they are all professionals and certified and they are choosing these schools based on there personal experience and lesson learned. So for the aspirants, before we join any school, we should have to closely analyze the arguments and points that are presented by each schools of thoughts. But before we do that we have to answer some of the questions by our self and compare the results with the school and based upon that result judge which school is close to reality. Question 1: Do PMI advocate on the memorization of the PMBOK guide for the PMP Exam. Answer: No, the PMP Exam is not based on memorization of the PMBOK. The PMBOK is a reference book and should be used as a reference material. Question 2: Do PMP Exam based on PMBOK or any other Project Management Books or Concepts or General Project Management.

Answer: This is a huge question and concept and is the reason we have divided professionals in different schools. The answer is Yes and No. I know this seems to be a very diplomatic answer but the PMP Exam is abit different compare to other exams. For this concept we should first know what is the PMBOK guide. We already know that the PMBOK is a standard and a gateway to the Project Management Profession and is used as a reference point for other Project Management concepts and accordingly the processes and procedures are adopted on organizations needs. With that said, the PMBOK guide is the only material the PMP Exam is based on but as i mentioned previously that the PMP Exam is abit different than the rest of the exams. Question 3: How much % is the PMP Exam dependent on the PMBOK. The questions on the exam are almost 90% situational and almost 60 to 70% of the questions are from the PMBOK. But the questions may not be directly asked with in the PMBOK but would rather be based on the concepts defined or described in the PMBOK and accordingly your knowledge will be tested by putting you in a situation. Although the debate can go on and on and different point of views can be put forward and analyzed and we will update this post whenever we receive an email or comment that are worth to be put in the discussion. I a nutshell the PMP exam is dependent on the PMBOK guide but the PMBOK should be used only as a reference material and not considered as a text guide. A good PMP text book should be used beside PMBOK in order to pass the certification. You saw some of the professionals view point, What are your views and what school you follow.