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Some testimonies confirm the reconnaissance weight UFO phenomena: - The UN estimates that 150 million of collected stories about UFOs since 1947. - The Group for Study and Information on Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (GEIPAN) French, depending on CNEIS (Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales), collected numerous testimonies (posted on the internet) where about a quarter phenomena are considered PAN (Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena), without explanation. - Under the Freedom of Information Act (Act Freedom of Information), the Ministry of Defence has opened to public records formerly classified Top Secret. - The National Archive (UK) opened to the public its long thousands of documents classified as confidential (reports from staff of the RAF pilots of British Airways and senior officers of the police). - The U.S., Russia, China and other groups studying UFOs for years. - In many countries, more and more former defense ministers, officers of the Air Force or mission scientists who testify. - The Disclosure Project (Disclosure Project) is a program run by Steven Greer who won a hundred recorded testimonies of persons of high rank and three hundred other evidence. All are ready to testify before Congress if they ensure their immunity to break their former oath of silence required by their function. - Nick Pope, a former member of the Department of Defense and former director of the personnel department of the British Air Force to investigate these phenomena, the state went from skeptic to the man convinced by the existence extraterrestrial evidence to support. - Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defence and former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, has openly talked about the authenticity of extraterrestrial existence. He claims that the Roswell crash accident was secretly protected by senior military and political authorities ignored U.S.. The Canadian Exopolitics Initiative urges the Canadian government to implement the means to establish a new "exopolitics" directed towards extraterrestrial life. According to him, the alien technology could save our planet. - Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has never denied having seen a UFO in 1969. He always fought for the public disclosure of information relating to UFOs. - George Coyne, the Vatican's chief astronomer said in an interview in 2002 that life probably existed in the universe, it would be foolish to think we are the exception and that the data proving life alien were more numerous. - In 2008, Father Jose Funes, the Vatican's chief astronomer, said in an interview titled Aliens are my brothers (in L'Osservatore Romano, the official newspaper of the Vatican) that it was not contrary of faith to believe that God could have created intelligent beings on other planets in the universe and it was possible that these people have remained in perfect harmony with the Creator. The Vatican recognized slowly extraterrestrial existence that can not be ignored. - On the occasion of the international year of astronomy, astrobiology seminar was organized by the Vatican from November 6 to 10, 2009 on "the assumption of the existence of sentient life forms in other worlds ": about thirty scholars from around the world, including atheists, have shared their knowledge on the subject whose implications are many religious scientists. - Fife Symington, former governor of Arizona, who had ridiculed the UFO phenomenon of Phoenix March 13, 1997 to avoid a panic, has publicly acknowledged that it was real: a gigantic UFO seen by thousands of Americans (still visible on Youtube). - Christopher Kraft, former director of NASA's base in Houston during the Apollo 11 lunar mission, confirmed that during the famous break of two minutes during the public viewing of NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, present on the Moon, said observing UFOs "aligned on the other side of the crater."However, this conversation was heard by hundreds of independent operators VHF

radio, including Soviet enabled the transcript is published in Moscow. - Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, testified that he saw a UFO during the Apollo 11 mission. See his testimony on Youtube: - Edgar Mitchell, former American astronaut who walked on the Moon during the Apollo 14 mission, said that the Roswell (New Mexico) in 1947 was real. He worked closely with scientists and intelligence specialists. He said that apart among other absurdities about them, the aliens were devoid of hostile intentions.According to him, other contacts have taken place and are still ongoing. He believes that we are heading towards a complete opening this topic and serious organizations working there. See his interview on Youtube (do not take into account some of the images used in this set): - Numerous conferences, symposia, meetings were held around the world and more and more high ranking officials are involved. NB: number of articles summarized here are from Share International. Read International Sharing allows it to be properly informed about the emergence of the Masters of Wisdom and Space Brothers. Very bright sources, modes of propulsion and travel sizes and shapes of spacecraft, the absence of noise and blast ... are signs of an encounter with extraterrestrial intelligence. They are always the ones who choose to be seen by us and not vice versa.

The crop circles The aliens have also left traces of their presence through the formation of "crop circles" or "crop circles", present for years in the grain fields. First in the South of England (to attract attention to the presence of Maitreya says B.Creme), we identified thousands worldwide. How to recognize a crop circle of extraterrestrial origin? Besides small jokers reproducing forms coarse daylight for several hours, and authentic crop circles are extraterrestrial origin made the night for a few seconds (there is often a parallel UFO activity in the area in question). In actual crop circles, the grain stalks are intermingled spiral and not lying flat and broken. The scientific analysis of wheat grains shows that they were inexplicably heated from the inside without being destroyed and their growth capacity was increased.There sometimes minuscule presence of certain metals. A powerful magnetic aura emanates (eg interfering with cell phones, people are relieved of some pain etc..). Finally, geometric shapes are more complex (mathematical formulas have been found or discovered). All these factors leave little chance for coarse achievements made by human hands. B. Creme explains that these crop circles are points on the Earth's magnetic, it exists everywhere in the world has always been the most invisible form (soils, mountains or oceans). These events visible and impermanent in cereal fields have as a goal to awaken the attention of mankind on the presence of a superior intelligence extra-planetary. Given the craze about the body circles, it is rather successful! A superb site on crop circles:

Why this silence?

Not to mention the conspiracy theories or imaginary fantasies such as invasions or abductions, it appears that the information relating to UFO phenomena and extraterrestrial contacts have long been kept secret. Several reasons for the establishment of this leaden: - The context of the second World War and the Cold War at the base. - Fear fueled by the collective unconscious and misinformation. - Ridicule and professional problems that can cause such revelations when evidence (this is especially true for those with higher responsibilities and subject to the conditions of their profession). - The difficulty to explain the phenomenon. - The difficulty to recognize that intelligence and wisdom than ours do exist, in other words, that man on Earth is not unique and is not the completion of creation. - Admittedly difficult by the political class a lie 60 years old. - Resistance to make available to humanity alternatives as we know, this would be another confession, that's incompetence and failure of past and present: including in the field of energy. - Especially the end of financial monopolies by the discovery of a new form of energy available to all. - The fear of mass movements such as revolutionary movements triggered by this revelation (with uncontrollable and irreversible repercussions on the economy). - Research of this secret space technology led some countries, especially in the field of armaments to assoire military supremacy. - The fear of being brought face to a culture and a civilization superior and disappear. As for the media, as the Masters of Wisdom, they are not prepared, trained, or sometimes just open free to seriously address these issues. Like the Masters of Wisdom, the public revelation of the existence of the Space Brothers can not be done without our full consent: wisdom and compassion always imply full compliance with the free will of man.

Who are truly Space Brothers? According to esoteric teaching: humanity is universally present throughout the universe, in a physical form or ethereal. Too often confused the human condition and being earthy, but the two must be distinguished if one accepts the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Planets living incarnation of various series and large cycles in which, at one time or another, all existences are a dense form and then return to an ethereal form. Venus and Mars have experienced this physical manifestation dense, the Earth is currently experiencing in this great cycle, the other planets will experience in the future. UFOs are in fact the manifestation dense temporary spacecraft from a technology superior to ours (the more sophisticated modes of travel, that's all).When we see, this is a sign that they have lowered their rate of vibration from etheric levels to dense physical (gaseous, liquid, solid) through a form very bright. When we discover the true nature of "dark energy" or antimatter, scientists laugh on hearing more ether: about 90% of the energy in space is unknown. The space is not "empty" but full of that ethereal energy (regardless of the names that can be given). Those who control the spacecraft are human beings evolving or Masters in etheric form on their

home planet. All planets are interconnected and communicate with each other. The aliens are our Space Brothers: they are absolutely harmless. The sharp increase their presence since the end of the war is that we have discovered and used the weapon and nuclear technology. Their role is essentially to transmute the very harmful effects of nuclear and radioactive waste very harmful for our health: without them, we would all be long dead. Many degenerative diseases (especially nervous and immune) from the destructive impact of radiation from nuclear fission. They destroy the fabric of the etheric body and thereby neural and glandular tissue. When we are ready to share and cooperate on a global scale, we can benefit from their technology, for energy, industry, modes of travel and health. Unfortunately, the mirage, ignorance, stupidity, fear and aggression prevail unfairly when it comes to Space Brothers. We owe them much yet. If Aliens were warlike, we will be destroyed or dominated for a long time. Their technology and know also make obsolete any need to study the earth and those who inhabit it. It is very important to feed an open attitude, fraternal and free from fear towards Space Brothers and not to deceive smokers theories of conspiracy, kidnapping, invasion of aliens etc.. The emergence of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom will be accompanied by an official recognition of the existence of the Space Brothers, as their relationship is interdependent. Top of page

USA - 1952

Mexico - 1985

Belgium - 1990

USA - 2007

a satellite view - 2008

London - 2008

Moscow - 2009







AGROGLYPHE - 2009 Picture of a crop circle recently, taken April 23, 2009 at Rutlands Farm, near Avebury, Wiltshire (UK). According to BC, it is a sign referring to a "star" visible in the sky since late 2008 and heralds the emergence of Maitreya. Since the 1980s, thousands of crop circles have appeared in the world, mainly in the South of England to draw public attention to the presence of Maitreya in London.