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The History

Major John Boone was granted 470 acres of land as dowry from Theophilus Patey


Indigo, cotton and pecans were three main cash crops planted on plantation

The nine slave cabins along Slave Street built


1843 Avenue of Oaks

planted; is 3/4 mile long Dock house built; now popular for weddings/ special events




B oone H all Plantation & Gardens

Charleston, South Carolina

Current house on property built by Thomas Stone

Boone Hall Farms opens; specializes in locally grown South Carolina produce, meats and seafood


Plantation still actively producing strawberries, tomatoes and pumpkins, and open to public for tours, special events, and more


Americas Most Photographed Plantation

Thomas Stone built the plantations current colonial revival-style mansion in 1936. The original house was torn dorn. It measures approximately 10,000 square feet and is three stories tall. It houses a full kitchen, library, dining room, loggia and game room, nine bedrooms and a full-sized attic on the third floor. Fun fact: the 2005 blockbuster movie The Notebook filmed at Boone Hall, depicting the mansion as the Hamiltons summer house.

The Mansion

The Property
In addition to the mansion and Avenue of Oaks, the plantation covers 4,039.5 acres and includes a dockhouse overlooking the Wampacheeone Creek, stables, Seabrook cottages, and of course, extensive fields for the multitude of crops that are still produced by the plantation. Boone Hall has two beautiful gardens with azaleas, roses over a hundred years old and other plants and flowers located in the front of the mansion on the front lawn. The Butterfly Pavilion (seasonal) is a key feature of the gardens, where colorful butterflies fly freely and dazzle visitors of all ages as they stroll through the garden.

The Avenue of Oaks

The son of Major John Boone planted the nowfamous Avenue of Oaks in 1843. The stunning avenue is three-quarters of a mile long and lines the driveway up to the mansion. There are about 88 live oak trees and one magnolia tree with Spanish Moss hanging between them, creating the picturesque setting that makes Boone Hall the Most Photographed Plantation in America. Lining the Avenue of Oaks are the nine original brick slave cabins that are believed to be built between 1790 and 1810.

Boone Hall Plantation also has seasonal U-Pick fields where people of all ages can pick their own fresh tomatoes, strawberries, peaches, and more. Boone Halls beautiful grounds are the perfect background for special events, and we regularly host weddings, banquets and family reunions. Most recently , actress Blake Lively and actor Ryan Reynolds held their nuptials at Boone Hall Plantation.

The Gardens