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PRESENTED BY, Shoaib Shah Muhammad Ali Sajjad GUIDED BY, Mr.Amanullah Baloch


The purpose of this project is to create a web application ONLlNE RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. It is used to maintain restaurant information which includes customer registration, food record, menu, rate list, online order, order detail via customer pay through post-paid or pre-paid , online payment, news & events and Gallery.

We can easily add, modify, update or delete the customer information whenever required.
The tedious job of managing customer information, food record can be easily performed using the system.


Online restaurant management system is developed to efficiently maintain customer information which is currently done using files and records. Information maintenance includes Customers personal details, order detail and billing detail. Present system of information maintenance consumes huge amount of time and demands lot of man power since every activity must be done manually. In order to make information maintenance more time efficient and to reduce manpower involved we develop online restaurant management system.


Ensure data accuracys. Proper control of the higher officials. The system is much more secure than file system. Minimize manual data entry. Minimum time needed for the various processing. Greater Efficiency. Better service. User friendliness and interactive. Minimum time required.


Hard disk RAM Processor Speed Processor

: 40 GB : 512 MB : 2.6 GHz : Pentium IV Processor


Front End : VS .NET 2008 (ASP. Net) Code Behind : Back End : SQL SERVER 2005


Customer Registration Commercial Customer Individual Customer Food Record Menu Rate List Online Order Order Detail Post-paid Pre-paid Billing Detail Post-paid Pre-paid Online Payment Gallery News & Events


Customer Information Details

The personal details of customer can be stored it in the database. The information of customer can be added or deleted as per the requirement. The user can enter all the personal details of the customer which includes his name, registration number, date of birth, branch, personal address etc.

Once details entered its just a button click to save them all in the database. Also if we wish to edit any details of a customer its just another button click.
Each and every combo box is maintained as a separate table in the database. If we wish to add any field to any combo box it can be easily done by using the edit option in the main menu. Thus, the system will be very easy to handle even for no voice user.


First admin check the customer registration that is (commercial customer or individual customer).
The system provides a very easy and user friendly way to check online order.

The user check the order which is by customer.

User can also check the order detail and billing detail.