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She sings ______ an angel. I'm much better ______ you can see. My sister is not at all ______ me. I use one of the

My daughter is just ______ my sister. bedrooms ______ an office.

I'm attending the meeting ______ an observer

You are very ______ your mother.

I hope to qualify ______ an engineer.

My friend Rob looks ______ John Travolta.

There is too much traffic in London ______ in New York. I'm your friend and, ______ a friend, I advise you to You

We're late for the train. We'll have to run ______ the wind. think again.

I don't know you as well as he does but, ______ your friend, I advise you to think again. I want to join the air force ______ a pilot.

don't like confrontations, ______ me. ______ Winston Churchill.

We need a strong leader I've appointed

He has gone to our competitors ______ marketing manager.

Simon Williams ______ the new trustee. I've done the work ______ we agreed. everybody else, that you would do well in this job.

I was sure, ______ was

1. I slept very well last night. a baby. 2. You should go to the market on Saturday. You can get all

kinds of things, CDs, books, clothes and jewellery. 3. Don't worry. I will do .you asked. 4. I said last week, I need an assistant ..soon possible. 5. All kinds of things, for example bowls and bottles, can be used.. musical instruments. 6. Don't look at me that ! I'm not doing anything wrong ! 7. That looks Anna waving to us from the bus stop. Shall we go and talk to her ? 8. Rachel is having a big party for her birthday ..usual ! 9. Walking in the rain felt lovely. It was having a cool shower. 10. I took the tablets exactly .the doctor had told me to and soon I felt better. 2. 1. Why can't economists see the damage that legislation. this one has done in the past decade. 2. Taxes on capital are .taxes on job. 3. The common customs tariff, together with protective measures the anti-dumping regulations, are still not sufficient to solve all the union's problems. 4. There are only a few exceptions, notably in regard to the common agricultural policy. 5. The results obtained have been described.. satisfactory. 6. They chose Delhi the host city for the conference on mass production in industrialised countries. 7. He made it clear that he didn't want to end up in a company the one which he visited last week. 8. They seem unable to react to changes at world level in the same way ..their competitors. 9. The business students talked about the convention, which many regarded a model of development cooperation. 10. ...and a consequence, their raw material is of substandard quality. 11. I think that what he really meant was the shares looked. a promising long term gamble. 12. The whole thing looks common sense to me! 13. The flow of foreign exchange is regarded nowadays .the principal factor influencing development. 14. It is results that which are very encouraging especially when you've worked hard. 15. Countries .the ones we visited have been having economic problems lately. 16. He said that the threat of insolvency was .a sentence of immediate hanging ...

3. 1. I always drink my coffee without milk,.. they do in Italy.

2. This blouse fits you .a glove! 3. John can climb trees.. a cat. 4. She became a nurse,..did her sister Mary. 5. Don't talk to me .that ! 6. Here, it's not in Britain : we never drink tea ! 7. Be careful ! Dont do ..I do, it's too dangerous ! 8. The boy did .his mother had told him to do 9. He behaves his sister :thoughtlessly ! 10. He speaks a trade-unionist. He's been a very active trade-union member for years now.
4. . My sister is not at all .me.

2. I've had my hair cut, you can see. 3. Tom has joined a telephone company ..a product manager. 4. When James was a student, he worked every summer .a waiter. 5. My friend Mary looks .Madonna. 6. Tom qualified an engineer before attending a business school. 7. Julie is completely overworked. She works. a slave! 8. Today is Friday, so today, .on every Friday, we wear casual wear. 9. Strong leaders, Winston Churchill, are few and far between. 10. He's a very good swimmer. He can swim a fish!
7. 1. can see, I am very busy.

2. V in Victor. 3. It's nothing nice as their previous house 4. know he is there. 6. They tried to carry on before 7. He acted .a professional. 8. I've never seen something ..this. 9. It's not her to be late. 10. ..usual he is late! 11. He was a son to me. 12. He is as intelligent. you. 13. Dukes, duchesses and the.. . 14. He came in .she was coming down the stairs. 15. He acts .he owns the place. 16. In the book he is portrayed a victim. 17. I've got a jacket the same .yours. 18. Nobody can sing that song he did. 19. you were out, I left a note. 20. She has a reputation ..a tough businesswoman. 1. Jack and Alex found a shipwreck full of treasures: it was ..a dream.2. Jim would rather die than be forced to work ..a slave again. 3. At the time, black people weren't considered.. human beings. 4. Look at this man! He's so funny that he looks a clown. . I have never met someone him. 2. ..we were told last week, that is a very important day. 3. My friend Franck is ..a brother to me. 4. Do like. 5. In my opinion, there's nothing .reading. 6. Everything was just.. before I left. 7. I consider her. my sister. 8. ..a student, you have certain rights and duties. 9. She looks ..her father.

Like or As. This is another instance where a simple rule will help you to make sense of something that many people still get wrong. Like is a preposition (don't panic), which means that it can come before a noun but it should not come before a whole clause containing a verb. As is a conjunction, and can be used before a clause containing a verb. As I told you, the car was parked behind a tree. We could take a trip to the coast, just like old times. As we thought, the weather was awful. In formal academic text, you should avoid using 'like' in a sentence like this one. It looks like it is going to rain. The hero feels like he is the most powerful man on earth. He looks like he has had a rough night. It is better to substitute 'like' with 'as if' It looks as if it is going to rain. The hero feels as if he is the most powerful man on earth. He looks as if he has had a rough night. When listing things that are similar it is better to avoid 'like' and use 'such as', as in these examples. The hero has many engaging qualities like courage, kindness and compassion. The hero has many engaging qualities such as courage, kindness and compassion. I have visited many tropical countries like India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia and Brunei. I have visited many tropical countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia and Brunei. In this country we eat a lot of junk food like chips, hamburgers and other rubbish. LIKE + NOUN AS + CLAUSE

Like means "same form, appearance, kind, character" and As means "in the manner" and is followed by a clause

is followed by a noun or noun phrase. My brother is like me. (prep.) He's smart like a fox. (prep.) He's more like forty plus. (adv)

(subj + verb). My brother thinks as I do (I think). (conj.) He is as smart as a fox . (idiom) He writes as a man in his forties writes. (conj.)


I haven't seen a like model. We collect trains, cars, buses and like models. I haven't seen its like. We collect model t trains, cars, buses and their like. It would be like him to forget my birthday. There is nothing like a tall cold drink. You could take up a hobby, like fishing, hiking or cycling. He was a hippie-like guy with a tie-dye T-shirt. Do you feel like going to a movie? It (the sky) looks like rain today. I'd like you to come with us. You can come or you can go as you like.

Like Informal
ATTENTION GETTER (interjection) HESITATOR (uh.. or well...) INTRODUCE REPORTED SPEECH AN EQUAL (idiom) AS IF (conj.)

Like, has anyone seen my cell phone lying around? We were more... like... borrowing his car. He's like, "You're totally wrong, " and I'm like, "No, way!" We haven't seen the likes of him before. I felt like I could stay there forever. (informal for as if)

EXAMPLE (adv.) CONSIDERED TO BE (adv.) IN THE MANNER (adv.) AT THE TIME (conj) WITH THE PURPOSE (conj.) SINCE / BECAUSE (conj.) THOUGH (conj.) THAT (pronoun) TO THE EXTENT (idiom.) WHILE (idiom.)

Some flowers, as the rose, require a lot of care. We view the church and state as two separate entities. He paid for the room and dinner as agreed. (as we had agreed.) Please pay as you leave. The speaker spoke so convincingly as to rally everyone to unite. As you are up, will you please get me a glass of water. Smart as he may be, he forgot to consider his own weaknesses. I have had the same problem as you have. As far as I know, we still aren't done yet. As long as he is here, we'll never have peace!

IN ITS CURRENT CONDITION I bought the car as is. (in a non-negotiable, no-guarantee condition) (idiom.) ALSO (idiom.) IN RESPECT TO (idiom.) BEGINNING (idiom.) They are resourceful, intelligent as well as compassionate. As for traveling to the war-zone, I wouldn't advise it. As of April 1st, we are no longer accepting credit cards.

He was like "I'm so out here." (Perhaps not an error, but certainly restricted to informal use.) He looks like he needs a place to rest. He look likes a tired old dog.

He said, "I'm leaving." or He said, "I've had enough!" He looks as if he needs a place to rest. (as though) He looks like a tired old dog.