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Suzuki‘Flute School FLUTE PART VOLUME 5 by Toshio Takahashi Suzuki Method International fe oy CONTENT: Suite in B Minor, /.S. Bach ..... Rondeau Sarabande Bourrée 1 Bourrée II Concerto for Two Flutes, 2nd Movement, D. Cimarosa ... Concerto for Two Flutes, 3rd Movement, D. Cimarosa Carnaval de Venice, P.A. Genin .. " 13 219 Attack Exercises (lower register) [ROTI two — - - eee ee oe Danae t+ i repeat by 5 apes OY oc aeoe et repeat by spitting repeat By pitting «Relae the lips except in the center where mules OWEN THC M~BY. FASE HET Fela be slightly tensed horizontally while Keeping the jaw drooping a little ina relaxed position o- Attack with moderate air pressure behind the lower lip, ‘rbrating well in the mouth. ouinotc, FHRMMET 7, BATE CRM Attack Exercises (middle and high register) pM EOTI 7 epi Z frenine eee thes tee pes seteett x cept by stn og jane f ‘repeat by spitting. aeearecantiaaltt SS att fe é mf epeat by spitting repeat by spitting.