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Comments: Originally-From: Dark Elf <VESPOSIT@SBCCVM> This time, the subject line is very accurate.

This post contains a definitive list of slang words/expressions for Sadowrun/Cyberpunk. It is composed of the slang from page 161 of the Shadowrun book, the article onPress RETURN to continue cyber-slang from the november issue of Space Gamer, and some of my own. (sorry, but it's not alphabetized) A-Boys: A type of boostergang whose motif is a certain animal or totem. Angel: A benefactor, especially an unknown one. Arc: an arcology (ie Renraku Arcology in Seattle) Breeder: An Orkish slang term for humans, highly insulting. Buisness: In slang context, crime. Also "Biz". Buzz: Go away, Buzz off (ie C'mon chummer, let's buzz!) Ballerinas: Reflex boosted female assassins in the employ of a major corporation. BOPPER: A robot or automaton. Brain Tap: A datajack. A cybernetic implant that allows a decker/netrunner to link with the matrix. Bounts: Bounty hunters. Booster: Gang member that affects cyberware, leathers and violence as a way of life. Chipped: Cybernetically enhanced. Chummer: Pal or buddy. Comm: A telephone. Corp: Corporation, corporate.Press RETURN to continue CORPSE: CORPorate Security Expert. A corporate assassin. Combat Drugs: Designer drugs that cause physical enhancement for military use. CHOOH: (pronounced "choo") Slang for alcohol, as used in vehicle power plants. Clavie: A person who lives in an Enclave. Chromer: Slang for heavy metal musicians and fans. Chromatic: Slang for heavy metal music. Cinema: A movie. Cowboy: A decker or netrunner. Dandelion Eater: An Elf, highly insulting. Dataslave: A decker/Netrunner or data processing employee working for a corporation. Datasteal: Theft of data from a computer system. The way most deckers make their living. Dorphs/Derms: Designer drugs that increase healing rate and limit fatigue. Dadie: A knowledge/skillsoft chip. Duck: Any person who carries more weapons than is necessary, or who carrys one weapon of each type. Also called duck class. Unfortunately, the most common type of Shadowrun PC. Dink: Any member of a rival boostergang.Press RETURN to continue DEBS: Transvestites (male or female). A type of posergang. Enclave: Corporate subsidized housing projects. Also called "the Projects" Fate Meat: Someone who is boun for the body banks. Someone who is about to meet their fate (ie. You ain't goin' nowhere with this heavy MG pointed at your skull, you're fate meat dude). The Fringe: Edges of society where nomads hang out. The barrens. Flatlined: Gone brain dead due to combat in cyberspace, EKG reads a flat line. Dead. Flickercladding: A synthetic plastic material impregnated with fiberoptics

and temperature gagues designed to respond to skin temperature, pulse rate etc. A 21st century mood ring. Gyro: a small (1-2 person) helicopter. Gutter Jumpers: Claim jumpers, squatters. Glitter Folk: Rich people who only have time and money. Glitter Clothes: Clothes made of flickercladding. Gothics: A posergang whose motif is death and old black and white horror flicks. Hydro: Hydrogen fuel or anyone crazy enough to take it as a drug. Hardwired: Possesing cyberware. Input: A girlfriend. Jacked-in: Running the net, in cyberspace.Press RETURN to continue Jam: To fight. Or to run away (ie. Let's jam) Jamming: Sexual intercouse. The Know: Having knowledge or information. (ie. He understand's, he's in the Know.) Knife Bullets: Armor piercing ammunition. Meat Puppet: A prostiute whose personality and memory is "switched off" temporarily while performing a service. Mnemonic: Someone who has a brain implant that acts as an electronic vault Meat Bop Parts: Vat grown body replacement parts. Muscle boy/girl: someone with enhanced strength. Ninja: A freelance assassin. NetNerd/DeckHead: Someone addicted to cyberspace and/or simsense. Ninja boy/girl: Freelance assassin or mercenary. Output: Boyfriend. Polymer-one-shot: A cheap hold-out pistol. Posergang: Any group whose members all affect a specific look or style. Razorboy/girl: Someone who has cybernetically implanted bladed weapons. Ripperdoc: Surgeon specialized in illegal cyber-implant operations. Rockerboy/girl: A freelance musician. Stud/Studding: Cyber-linking with a vehicle, rigging. State of the Art: Hipper than hip, to be on the edge.Press RETURN to contin ue Tag: Name, handle or trademark. To grab or take something. Tagged: Equipped with a tracking device. Recognized. Spotting someone in disguise. Very: Hip term for cool, fun, or "in" Vat Job: Someone who has almost all vat grown body parts. Wavy: Cool, smooth. Wigly: Weird or different. Usually used in reference to a good drug trip. Wetware: Biological enhancement. Wireboy/girl: A decker/netrunner. The Word: Any type of hip slang. Plastic Gangster: A person who has a great deal of cyberware (usually a criminal) Dr. Know: A contact who has a lot of useful information. Also a seller of knowledge softs. Drek: Slang curse word meaning fecal material. Dumped: involantary ejection from cyberspace. Fetishman: a talismonger, a seller of magical fetishes or talismans. Frag: Common curse word (ie. Fragging) The Family: Slang for the Mafia. Geek: To kill. Go-go-go: A biker or a biker gang.Press RETURN to continue Heatwave: A police crackdown. Hoi: Hi, hello.

Hose: Louse up, screw up, to spray with an automatic weapon. Jander: To walk in an arrogant, yet casual manner, to strut. Kobun: a Yakuza clan member. Mr. Johnson: An anonymous corporate agent. Mundane: One who cannot use magic or is not a magician. Panzer: A combat hovercraft or Low-Altitude-Vehicle. Paydata: A datafile worth money on the black market. Plex: A metroplex, or city. Poli: A policlub or a policlub member. Sarariman: A corporate employee. Screamer: A credstick that triggers alarms when used. Seoul Man: Member of a seoulpa ring. Seoulpa Ring: A small criminal gang. Shalkujin: An "honest" citizen. Slot: A mild curse. Or to use a skillsoft chip. Slot and run: Get to the point, hurry up, Move and run. So Ka: I understand. Sprawl: A metroplex. Or to fraternize below one's social level. Suit: A "straight" citizen.Press RETURN to continue Trog: An Ork or Troll, Highly insulting. Keeb: An elf, Highly insulting. Wagemage: A magician in the employ of a corp. Hitmage: A magic wielding assassin. Wetwork: Assassination, murder. Wired: Equipped with cyberware. Wizard: A powerful mage. Wizworm: A dragon. Yak: A yakuza clan or clan member. Motorhead: A rigger/studder. Stuntie/Squat: A dwarf, highly insulting. That's all for now Knowledge is power