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Kofax Connect Transforming the First Mile of Business

Phillip Jones Vice President


1. What is the First Mile? 2. Why is it important? 3. What does it mean for you? 4. Demonstration

Technology Has Changed How We Interact.Forever!

We live in a very connected world Organizations have to respond to the

changes in how people interact

Companies that get this right will

win what about the others?

What can you do to help?

Lets start by exploring how we got here.


1970s - Centralized Mainframe Systems

1980s - Focus on Improving Employee Productivity

Reengineered the office environment Personal computers Office automation tools Email, documents, spreadsheets Local area networks Network file servers Databases Departmental image capture Basic workflow distribution and routing Call centers

1990s - Focus on a Platform For Global Commerce

Wide area networks Graphical user interfaces Client-server architectures Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems Centralized image capture The Internet (first generation websites) Search technologies Global outsourcing begins Wireless Year 2000 compliance (Y2K)

Systems of Record
Enterprise-wide Accuracy Integrity Integration Uniformity Reliability Security

Typically rigid, large scale enterprise business applications and storage repositories

Systems of Record
Systems of Record

rely on quality data

Kofax continues to


help fuel these systems with the right information at the right time

But business continues to evolve


2000s - Focus on Finding, Processing and Sharing Content

Broadband Personalization 360 view of the customer Portals e-Commerce Second generation websites and intranets Globalization Outsourcing matures and proliferates Social

2010s Where Now?

Mobile Collaboration Analytics Optimization Social Self-Service Apps

Your Customer Is Moving Faster Than You!


What Are Your Customers Expecting?

Know me Understand me Serve me Value me

What Are Your Customers Thinking?

Im not listening to you Im researching you Im watching you Im talking about you Earn my respect and loyalty

What Do Your Customers Want?

Give me choices Connect with me via my channel Move at my speed Talk to me in my voice Exceed my expectations

Systems of Engagement
Information intensive Loosely structured Dynamic Real-time People centric Knowledge centric Collaborative Conversational Social

Flexible Modern, intuitive interface Consumer-based technology


What Does This Mean For Your Organization?

Offer multiple channels Engage digitally Support your customers devices Enable self-service wherever possible Be accurate Provide regular status updates Deliver information real-time (24 x 7) Be agile

First Impressions Are Extremely Important!!

What Does This Mean For Your Organization?

It is important to execute well across your entire process . But it is essential to excel in the first part of your process .. we call this The First Mile

The First Mile Challenge

Customers want to engage with you digitally

There is huge risk if you dont get this right

(frustration, abandonment, negativity)

The risks increase significantly when youre trying

to acquire a new customer


The First Mile Challenge Systems of Engagement Systems of Record

It is critical to link these Customer Intimacy Systems of Engagement ECM Customer Loyalty with your Systems of ERP BPM Record to Reduced Costs Deliver a CRM Superior Competitive Advantage First Mile Experience For Your Customers

Examples of First Mile Business Processes

Customer Service

Invoice Processing

Warranty Reimbursement Credit Card Applications Auto Insurance Claims

Auto Loans Permit Applications Patient Registration

Citizen Benefits

Home Refinancing Health Care Claims

Mortgage Applications

First Generation Digital Engagement

Check balances Pay bills Transfer money Find a 24 hour bank machine Links to other services Contact information

Next Generation Digital Engagement Systems of Engagement Systems of Record

Underwriting System

Motor Vehicles System

Accident Database

ECM Repository

Next Generation Digital Engagement Systems of Engagement Systems of Record

Risk Assessment

Motor Vehicles System

Accident Database

ECM Repository

Kofax Is Uniquely Positioned To Solve First Mile Problems

Mobile Capture Web Portal Capture Front Office Capture Back Office Capture Image perfection Recognition and extraction Business Process Management Analytics Enterprise ready


Solving First Mile Problems From the Point of Origination

Electronic Smart Phones and Tablets Fax Smart Phones and Tablets Desktop Scanners and Web Portals Customer Locations Agents and Field Workers Production Scanners MFPs Remote Branch Offices Centralized Back Office Systems and Processes


Solving First Mile Problems Faster!

Kofax is combining its market leading technologies to

provide Smart Process Applications

Capture Case management Analytics Mobile capabilities

They minimize the need to modify existing enterprise

applications, business processes, and repositories


Kofax Value Tuned to Your Business Needs

Extend to Point of Origination

Process Management

Content Capture

Image Capture




For further information, please contact: Phillip Jones Vice President Phone: +1-949-375-3523 Email:

Phillip Jones Vice President Phone: +1-949-375-3523 Email: