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AVer Video Conferencing System

AVer HVC110 and HVC310

Release Note AVer_HVC_S1. AVer_HVC_S1.

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Introduction New Features in v3.02.0018 User Interface/Operational Changes Fixed Issues 1 2 3 4

Keeping your AVer VC system up to date is essential to getting the most out of its capabilities. AVer VC systems are designed to be updated via firmware. Each firmware release will offer new features, increase the functionality of your AVer VC system, and address previous issues. The underlined sections in the table below help identify which version of firmware you are currently using.

Firmware File Name AVer_HVC_S1. AVer_HVC_S1.

Firmware version 3.02 3.02

Firmware version 3.02.0018 is a new release for the AVer HVC310 and HVC110 systems. This document describes what has changed from the previous release, including new features, bug fixes, and known issues.

F/W Download Link:

System Requirements:
The following information is required to perform the updates. Update Firmware via USB Flash Drive Please follow these simple instructions to update your AVer VC system using a USB flash drive. Do not insert the USB flash drive till the AVer HVC130/HVC330 has completely started up. 1. Download the firmware file from AVers website and UNZIP then save it in the USB

flash drive. 2. Power on the AVer VC system 3. Once the system has started up, insert the USB Flash drive into the USB Port of the AVer VC System. 4. The system will automatically detect and install the firmware from the USB flash drive. 5. Once the firmware update has been completed, the system will restart. 6. The firmware file in the USB flash drive will be deleted automatically once the update is completed. Do not turn off the system while the update is in progress.

New Features in v3.02.0018

The following are the major new features in this release. Refer to your AVer VC product documentation for more information about using the product.

Feature Check for New F/W

Description Message will be displayed on the system UI when the system detects a new F/W upgrade.
Home -> Setting -> Administrator -> Check Update

* System will check for new F/W during reboot only. IPv6 IPv6 for LAN Configuration
Home -> Setting ->LAN Configuration -> IPv6

SIP Server

Able to make SIP calls with SIP server registration

Home -> Setting ->General Setting -> Call Settings -> SIP Server

User Interface/Operational Changes

Description AVer Logo and Call timer will be displayed when a call is established.
Home -> Setting -> General Setting -> Show Timer

Remote Control usage improvement - Able to control the system after long press (1~2 seconds) on the remote control button.

System Language update - Romanian, Spanish.

Packet Loss warning message - Message will be displayed on the screen when the system detects packet loss during the calls

SIP site name - Able to enter system name for SIP calling
Home -> Setting -> General Setting -> Call Setting -> SIP -> SIP Site Name

Fixed Issues
The following table lists issues that have been corrected in this release. Description System Update Echo issue Radvision Scopia Desktop System update by using Safari Browser HDMI connection with certain TV Speakers Unable to perform far end camera control though Scopia Desktop

See our latest compatibility list: