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The People of The Reform Movement !!

Horace Mann Tubman Frederick Douglass Harriet

Sojourner Truth

Elizabeth Blackwell

Dorothea Dix

Elizabeth Stanton

Historical Facebook: The Reform Movement


Jenell Copeland, Imani Watson, &

Janae Lewis

Frederick Douglass
My master thought he was going to beat me for no reason.. Yeah right.. I showed him :)
Harriet Tubman I so AGREE with you Frederick, I feel that we should be free MEN and WOMAN ! No one should feel that they are an ANIMAL, and chained to something doing hard work. I DON'T THINK SO HONEY !!

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Sojourner Truth Harriet Tubman Horace Mann Martin Luther King Jr.

THOMAS THE SLAVE OWNER You think you didn't get taken care of, huh ?Justice did you good !! You shouldn't even be on here, you're a SLAVE !! YOU SHOULD BE PICKING COTTON, OR DOING WHAT YOU DO BEST ! Martin Luther King Jr. I had a DREAM that a time like this we would not have any slaves at all ! We need to abolish this thing called "SLAVERY" right at this moment , I don't like it not one bit !! And I will find a way to STOP it immediately.!

Frederick Douglass Facebook Page

Harriet Tubman
Wad in the Waturs, wad in the watur childrin. Wad in the watur, God's gonna troble the Watur. Susan B. Anthony Amen!! Harriet Tubman Thanc yu. I tri tu stae positiv.

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Susan B. Anthony Mary Thomas Harriet Tubman

Mary Thomas This is Mary's husband and I do not approve of a slave on my wife's facebook page. I want to say that you are still a slave and will be 'til the day you die!!! #ActLikeYouKnow .. I don't think your slave owner will be to happy of this.

Harriet Tubman Facebook Page

Sojourner Truth
Ain't I a woman ? Ohh yess I am, but why aren't yall man enough to end slavery? Frederick Douglass: The men of this time have a conviction towards the ways of slavery. They are very obstinate to slavery from their ancestors and the ways that they view black people like you and I. Sojourner Truth: Exactly my point but I wasn't taught all of those big words. Thanks for understanding.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Elizabeth Stanton Elizabeth Blackwell

Sojourner Truth Facebook Page

Sojourner Truth: @ElizabethStanton I really like your status. Knowing that someone other than me and @FrederickDouglass wants to end slavery.. Black Power

Dorothea Dix Facebook Page

Dorothea Dix
The Mass. State legislature is very aggravating!! Who in the world locks somebody up for $20. You could have given the debtor a less troublesome consequence! Im just sitting here thinking if I was you PEOPLE .. *Puts head in hand*
Martin Luther King Jr. I so agree with you Dorthea ! How is this even possible? I would like to know if they are and were satisfied with what they did or are doing !?? If I was the Mass. Legislature then I would have given them some type of community service if THE MASS. LEGISLATURE PEOPLE know what that is !

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Martin Luther King Jr.

Elizabeth Stanton Elizabeth Blackwell William Channing

THE MASS. LEGISLATURE You know what Martin Luther King Jr. why don't you work for the government then, since you think you know what's best for the debtors at this point? I think you should go back to what you do best and give your little speeches along with those marches and mind your own business my friend!!!! Okay THANK YOU and HAVE A NICE DAY !

Martin Luther King Jr. Um because unlike you people I'm trying to give people HOPE (if you know what that is??), and let them know if they put their mind to it, then it shall come true!! I do more than just hold marches and give speeches ! I was a LEADER, an ACTIVIST, and a CLERGYMAN if we want to get technical MR. MASS. LEGISLATURE ! I helped with all types of things ! And my mind is my BUSINESS AND NO I DON'T HAVE TO MIND IT MY FRIEND ! So YOU'RE WELCOME, and YOU HAVE A NICE ONE TOO

Horace Mann-The states is very unfair. How you gonna let the rich go to and not other?... Doesn't everyone deserve to get an education? >.<
Ralph Waldo Emerson: This is an example of the corruption to the minds of the people. The state's government is expressing racism that isn't needed.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sojourner Truth Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass: Yesssss... everyone deserves an education, there should be no reason for everyone to at least know the simple common sense rules. Horace Mann: Very true.. You guys just don't know how much I Want the best for others. Even if they allow the simple ways of life instead of nothing at all would be great.

Horace Mann Facebook Page

Elizabeth Stanton
I am going to FIGHT for us WOMEN to have a say in anything such as voting ! And as far as SLAVERY, I will try my hardest to ABOLISH it! I just don't think its right for a human being to be treated like an ANIMAL ! We should be EQUAL !! Dorothea Dix I like that you are fighting for women's rights. We should maybe team up one day. You and me fighting for equal rights for everyone including women and sick people. Think about it. :) Frances Willard WOMEN SHOULD BE EQUAL!!! I absolutely agree with you :) Michelle Obama Women's rights have definitely changed in the year 2013. There is a female senate, a female governor, a female mayor and such more. I hope that you are satisfied

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Dorothea Dix Frances Willard Michelle Obama

Elizabeth Stanton Facebook Page

Taking A Stand Against Injustice

What does a study of the Reform Movement reveal about how and when injustice should be fought? What should ( or should not ) be a "take away" for future citizens who study the Reform Movement? Which reformers would your group personally "friend" if they were alive today? Why?
It reveals that you should only fight when the situation is worth fighting for. Everybody that was apart of the reform movement fought for what they thought was right, some just strived for something different and to make something for themselves. Also it shows that it be fought by anyone and with anything just to get their point across. If it was up to my group, we would use boycott, signs, protest and be non-violent. I say that because of what they want for each other. My group would use these types of things to fight injustice because all these Reformer Movement individuals had lived in different times and they experienced different consequences. For example slavery was very intense and violent. but it reveals no one should feel unequal from one another. One thing that should be a take away for future citizens is everyone is equal and you should never feel inferior to anybody. Everyone deserves equal rights; women, men, children, boys, and girls. Another thing that should be a future takeaway for future citizens is life. Don't harm or kill someone because of what they think. Someone's simple words could save a thousands lives. Last, a takeaway for future citizens is their beliefs. Beliefs are what makes a persons personality, and makes them want to save other individuals ! If there was a "friend" that was alive today, my group would choose Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, Elizabeth Blackwell, and Elizabeth Stanton. Frederick D. because he was an abolitionist and he was very well educated. Also because he acted proper and was kind of like the "perfect" one to what he was and did, his smarts could be used to manipulate laws and words. Sojourner T. and Harriet T because they were one in a few women to stick up for our rights and go against slavery. They also wanted women to be involved just like the men were they shouldn't be inferior to one another ! And last Elizabeth S. and Elizabeth B. because they also focused on women and what they had to suffer and tried to fix it. Also because they got their education for the likes of women. They all stood for something and made a