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_Korean Heritage Camp: Seoul Food_____ Heritage Camp 2013 Adult Workshops Title: Approved for Adoption Presented

by: Jennifer Arnt-Johns Fri 1:15-3:00 pm(Apache) Sat 1:15-3:00 pm (Apache) DESCRIPTION: Rainbow World acquired the North American rights for the animated film, Approved for Adoption. This film, won the Audience Award and Unicef Award at the Annecy Animation Film Festival. Jennifer, the Founder and Director of Rainbow World will facilitate and offer her insights to this film. Rainbow World is a non-profit organization focused on creating and distributing educational media about international adoption. Their mission is to educate, empower, and increase awareness about the international/transracial adoption community.

Title: Mindful Based Stress Reduction Presented by: Jody Brown Fri 9:15-10:00(Navajo) Fri 1:15-2:00(Navajo) DESCRIPTION: Jody comes to KHC every year. She is a therapist and social worker who has helped to bring families together, working with AAC and with AAA, Kim Matsunaga. Jody is offering this class on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. It is an intro class, in which she will walk parents through a body scan and breathing exercises that would bring them a tool to relax and let go of some of the stress of parenting. Jody does this with her clients all the time and they are always surprised at how relaxed they become. Come enjoy a mini- break from it all!

Title:Tips for Eating out in a Korean Restaurant Presented by: Joseph Kim Fri 1:15-2:00 Lobby Sat 9:15-10:00 Apache DESCRIPTION: Joseph grew up doing business all his life, ever since he was a young kid helping out at the family business. Took over his first business (Dry Cleaners) in 2003 and he built up a loyal clientele base and sold it in 2011. He had the opportunity to partner up and eventually buy out the Korean BBQ. He is excited and passionate about bringing authentic food while making it more interactive, fun and comfortable for nonKoreans. Joseph, a restaurateur, is the owner of DAEGEE(which means pig in Korean). Joseph is happily married and has two wonderful children. He loves the game of golf, but he never has time to go play because he loves the business more! Web Site:

Title: Seoul Sisters Korean Travel Presented by: Kourtni Rader Fri 9:15-10:00(Apache) DESCRIPTION: Kourtni is a Korean adoptee who was adopted to a family in Michigan at age 3. She is the founder and president of SeoulSisters Tour and Travel. She founded SeoulSisters organization in order to provide resources and financial support to unwed mothers. Kourtni has been active in the adult adoptee

community and most recently she opened SeoulSisters on-line boutique in celebration and honor of her sister who died in Jan. 2013. Kourtni will talk about her travel services and her personal experiences traveling to Korea. She provides an adoptees perspective and caters to the individuals needs and expectations when traveling to Korea. Web Site:

Title: Korean Drumming Presented by: Sebasastian Wang Fri ? Sat DESCRIPTION: A returning Korean Heritage Camp favorite, Sebastian received a BA in Korean Traditional Performing Arts from the Korean National University of Arts in Seoul, Korea. He was first exposed to Korean Traditional Percussion music at age 7 and he began to learn the changgo at age 10. Sebastian is a native of the Washington DC area and he has performed in venues all around East Coast and abroad. He teaches lessons and is also the Director of the Korean Percussion Ensemble at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Title:North Korea Update Presented by: Peter Lee Fri 3:15-4:00 pm(Lobby) Sat 1:15-2:00 pm (Lobby) DESCRIPTION: A long- time member of the Korean Heritage Camp community will discuss the changes in North Korea since the changes of leadership. This has been a controversial topic and has taken the fore front of our world news lately. Kim Jong-un, the new leader has made nuclear threats toward the US and South Korea, Peter will provide insight to the history of North and South Korea and the current opinion of the new leader and the future of the 2 countries.

Title: HeART Talks Presented by: Shauna Perry Sat 11:15-12:00(Apache) DESCRIPTION: HeART Talk is Heritage Camps trademark program designed to provide a safe place for adopted children to talk and create art about their adoption experiences. This workshop is designed for parents of elementary school children and will provide time to learn from each other. Parents will learn what was presented to their children at camp and how they might enhance the experience after camp.

Title:Where has my Adoption Taken Me? Presented by: Alisha Kwon and Sheryl Nguyen Sat 9:15-10:00 (Shoshone) Sat 2:15-3:00 (Navajo) DESCRIPTION: : Alisha and Sheryl, both adult adoptees will explore the changing identity of our children as they mature. They will discuss the different selves, our children try on, Caucasian, Korean and mixed as they develop and explore their identity. This self-discovery can affect our relationships with our children throughout their childhood and into adulthood. You can learn more about Alisha and Sheryls stories and mission by going to

Web Site:

Title: Korean Tea Ceremony Presented by: Brett Myers Fri 3:15-4:00(Navajo) Sat 1:15-2:00(Shoshone) DESCRIPTION: Brett Myers, the president of Korean Academy of Colorado and members of the Korean community will host a traditional tea ceremony. Join in the experience, charm and grace of a 1000 year old tradition. The chief element of the Korean tea ceremony is the ease and naturalness of enjoying tea within an easy formal setting. Tea ceremonies are being revived in Korea and a way to relaxation and harmony in the fast paced new Korean culture.

Title: Handling Adoption Issues in School/Whats on your Mind? Presented by: Cheryl Buddington Sat 11:15-12:00, 1:15-2:00pm Handling adoption Issues in School(Navajo) Sat 2:15-3:00(Lobby) Q andA DESCRIPTION: Cheryl received her LCSW in CO in 1983, has worked in the mental health field for over 23 years with children and adults, specializing in grief and loss issues, parenting and attachment. She worked with AAC for 8 years and she is currently the Child Placement Supervisor with AAA Adoption as well as working with Arapahoe/Douglas Mental Health on the adult team. She is the wife of an adoptee, parent of 3 adoptees and has participated in a Mother's Trip to Korea, a Homeland Tour which resulted in creating an on-going relationship with one daughter's birth family, and has visited Korea numerous times.

Title: Update on Korean Adoption/Preparing for Birth Parent Search and Meeting Presented by: Christie Lasko Fri 10:15-11:45 (Shoshone), 1:15-2:00 pm (Shoshone) Fri 2:15-3:00 (Shoshone) DESCRIPTION: Christie Lasko, from AAC Adoption and Family Network, is an adoptee and has worked in the field of adoption and homeland travel for many years. She will update us on the status of Korean adoptions. Currently, international adoptions are experiencing many changes due to societal and political pressures. Christie will also talk about the preparation, journey and meeting a birth parent. This can be an emotional issue with many expectations attached for both the parents and child. Join her for an informative session that can answer many of your questions, concerns and fears. Web Site:

Title:Heart of Adoption Scrapbook Project Presented by: Dana Sniegwoski Fri 2:15-3:05 (Shoshone) Sat 3:15-4:05 (Shoshone) DESCRIPTION: Join Dana Sniegwoski, a camp mom, as she leads you through creating an adorable Heart of Adoption scrapbook project. Not a scrap booker? That is ok, Dana will help you step by step in creating a keepsake you will cherish for years, could give to your child as a gotcha day gift or to another family member. This project will have room for 4 photos 4x6 that will be cut down to 4x4.

Dana is an avid scrapbooker, be sure to ask her about her new craft room at home! She is a teaching assistant and mother to Olivia and Daniel, the lights of her life.

Title:The Art of Kimchi/Korean BBQ at its Best! Presented by: Debbie Lee Fri 10:15-11:45,1:15-2:00, 2:15-3:00 Independence Cabin Sat 11:15-12:00, 1:15-2:00, 2:15-4:00 Independence Cabin DESCRIPTION: Workshop Description and Presenter Bio Come meet Food Network Star, Debbie Lee. She is a former Hollywood caterer who now shares her expertise as a restaurant consultant. Debbie is the author of Seoul Town Kitchen. Her Korean heritage and Southern upbringing makes for an unique blend of Asian and American cuisine. Come learn about Kimchi and the art of making it as well try your skills at Korean barbeque.

Title: Understanding Asian Skin Presented by: Dr. Geoffrey Kim Fri 10:15-11:45 (Apache) DESCRIPTION: Workshop Description and Presenter Bio Dr. Kim of Colorado Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery specializes in full spectrum of reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery to both the face and body. Dr. Kim completed his general surgery residency at New York Medical College and his plastic surgery residency at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Dr. Kim has studied in France and Korea and he was a research fellow in wound healing and plastic surgery at Cornell University Medical College in NYC. Dr. Kim will teach us how Korean skin differs from the skin of other ethnic groups. You learn about relevant skin care and scar management for Korean skin. Dr. Kim will also discuss the Asian double upper eyelid surgery which is very popular among Koreans.

Title: This is Me For Parents Presented by: Fran Campbell Fri 9:15-10:00(Lobby) DESCRIPTION: Workshop Description and Presenter Bio Fran Campbell will guide us in learning about our childrens evolution of sense of self or identity that emerges most strongly during middle school and high school. The need to establish a biracial identity is multi-faceted and very personal for each teen. Fran will address various issues such as what does it mean to be Korean in the community? How do adoptees fit in and what might our children face as they launch into adulthood.

Title: Hike to the Water fall/ Goldmine Presented by: Patrick Andrist and David James Sat 2:15-4:00- meet in lobby at Indian Peaks DESCRIPTION: Korean Heritage Camp Dads will lead parents on a hike to the waterfall and goldmine. Enjoy a leisurely and scenic hike in the Rocky Mountains at the YMCA camp. Bring water and snack. Meet at the lobby of the Indian Peak Lodge and we will carpool to the trailhead.

Title: A Journey Back, A Journey Forward- Birth Country Travel/ Questions regarding Birth Travel Presented by: Tara VanderWoude Fri 10:15-11:45(Navajo) Sat 3:00-4:15(Shoshone)

DESCRIPTION: Tara is a consulting social worker, educator and adoption advocate who is representing the Ties Program. Adoption heritage travel is exciting, much anticipated trip for adoptees, parents and families. No emotionally packed journey can come without complexities that need to be carefully considered. These workshops help parents examine these complexities with thoughtful ways of helping and supporting their children. A childs birth country is the foundation upon which international adoptees create their identity; this experience can help children build their identity throughout adolescence and into identity.

Title: Please Look After Mom: Book Review Presented by: Kandise Andrist/Leah James Fri 10:15-11:45(Lobby) Sat 9:15-10:00(lobby) DESCRIPTION: Join us for Book Club- Korean style! Kandise and Leah, two Korean Heritage Camp parents will lead a discussion regarding this award winning book by South Korean novelist, Kyung-sook Shin. It sold more than a million copies in South Korea and there may not be a dry hankie left in the land. The book is about a mothers devotion and a familys tearful regret. Bring some fresh coffee and enjoy a literary discussion! Title:Jungi-Juppi: Korean Paperfolding Presented by: Kim Family Fri 9:15-10:00 (Shoshone) DESCRIPTION: Mrs. Jeong Shon and her daughter, Jen kim will introduce us to the ancient and amazing Korean paperfolding, Jongi Juppi. Mrs. Jeong Shon is one of the few people in the US who knows this special form of paper-folding. She is recognized as an expert in Korea in the art form due to her training and expertise.

Title: Soon Moo Gong Presented by: Sarry Moscatel Fri 2:15-3:00(Navajo) Sat 9:15-10:00(Navajo) DESCRIPTION: Bio A Korean Camp parent returns to teach Tai Chi M Sun Moo Gong , an ancient Korean form martial arts which can improve strength, balance and flexibility. The class will cover sitting and moving meditation, the importance of Ki energy, proper breathing techniques and some basic stepping motions and flexibility stretches. Come and enjoy some stress reduction!

Title: Korean Yoga Presented by: Ok Soon Kim/Bohyun Sunim Fri 11:15-12:00(Shoshone) DESCRIPTION: Bohyun Sunim, a Buddhist Monk will introduce us to Korean style yoga and meditation. This practice should be done 3 hours after eating and please bring a towel or yoga mat. Korean yoga was developed from Indian yoga by Buddhist monks. The monks wanted to train in a calm manner, following the natural movement of the body. There is great emphasis on the Tangun breathing which means to breathe deeply using the abdominal muscles.