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(An e-Education Division of FirstObject Technologies Ltd.)



First e School is an e Education initiative from Firstobject Technologies Ltd. At First e School, we understand that each child is unique and has his own style, pace and method of learning and have introduced our products accordingly. We aim at creating a revolution in the methods of teaching and learning. Our objective is to spread quality education beyond the cities to the nook and corner of our country. We kept in mind the primary objectives of E-Learning to assure multi dimensional usage of our products. We have approached the topics with an optimum mix of Technology, Quality Content, Pedagogy, Educational Psychology, Mnemonics and guide for better performance in all types of examinations. The content is prepared under the guidance of eminent academicians. We cover courses from Pre-Primary to Higher Secondary education under CBSE, ICSE and State Boards in English and all leading languages under the banner of First e School




Features of First e School

Easy Installation : First e School is very easy to install. The installation happens in flip of a second . The solution is ready for use as soon as the installation is done. Content Coverage : The content of the courses are prepared strictly as per the syllabus. Courses are available for CBSE, ICSE and various State Boards (Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Orissa, Bihar and Delhi) Lesson Plans : The detailed lesson plans help the teachers in delivering the sessions in an organized way. Consistency in the delivery of lessons for every chapter across the subjects and classes helps the student community also in their study plans and deliver the best both from conceptual understanding as well as obtaining the best marks in the exams. One-stop solution : The course is designed and the content is developed in such a way that the entire student community is benefitted irrespective of their performance level. Interactive : The e-Whiteboard is an interactive tool with a rich and built in library facility to aid the teachers during white board explanations. Superior Clarity : Best quality images and animations are used to provide easy understanding of the content. Indian accent is used as voice over facility to provide additional explanations. Easy to understand : 2D and 3D animations with detailed step by step explanations are used to explain the toughest concepts in the easiest way. Experiments and Activities : Pure theory without practical knowledge is mere waste. Lab experiments and Activities are provided as video clippings and animated clippings to aid the teachers to enhance the practical knowledge of the students. Exam Focus : Equal importance and emphasis is given to develop conceptual understanding to the student as well as enable the students prepare for the exams. Mock Tests : Content covers interactive mock tests to test the level of understanding developed by the students. Performance results are shown graphically. Illustrations and Solved Examples : The content covers all the numerous illustrations covering all the model questions. All the exercises at the end of each chapter are solved. Additional content coverage : Solved questions and concepts from CBSE, ICSE and State Boards which are not available in the current curriculum are included as additional coverage. Complementary : For educational institutions following course content is provided free of cost. 1.Study material for Engineering and Medicine Entrance exams 2.Study material for MBA Entrance exams 3.Study material for Law entrance exams * Terms and conditions apply. Benefits : The benefits of using First e School solution are multi-fold and offers equal benefits to all the stakeholders viz, Students, Teachers and Educational Institutions. Major Benefits include : Increase the understanding levels of the students there by helping them to achieve improved results. Their School also gets good name. Helps to improve the performance for the entire student community irrespective of their intellectual levels. Can attract students of all intellectual levels. Animations, Experiments and activities promote analytical and critical thinking in the students. School can identify the brightest of the bright students early so that they can be nurtured to earn a good name to the school. Better performance of the students is an indicator of better performance of the school. A positive perception is created in the society about the school. Flexible Pricing model helps students acquire the solution in spite of the budgetary constraints.

Under First e School, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics subjects are covered. Each subject under First e School has the following features :

Concepts : Covers all the concepts in the chapter as per the syllabus. Animations and visual effects are used to explain the concepts. Exercises : Covers solved examples for all the concepts. All the different model problems are covered and a step by step explanation is provided. Question bank : All the questions given at the end of the prescribed text book are solved and includes previous year examination questions as well. Glossary : Provides the definition of all the important keywords for ready reference. Enhance Your Knowledge (EYK) : Covers additional and complex questions for high-performing students

Mock Tests : A self test facility that tests the understanding of the student. Analysis of the results is given to the student so that the he/she knows where to improve. Tips : Tips are provided for exam preparation planning and on managing the time during exam writing. Voice Over : Voice over facility is given for a detailed explanation of the concepts as well as solved examples Background Music : A soft background music score provides tension free reading.

First e School has presented the study content in such a manner that it not only provides holistic learning but also a right atmosphere for students to learn and grasp. Science requires symbolic expression of elements, their diagrams and their chemical equations. At First e School, we have explained each and every chapter with animated models, graphics, chemical formulae, equations and wherever necessary we have also presented the laboratory experiments with 2D and 3D animations with scientific conclusions. In small and rural schools, maintenance of laboratory and chemicals is not feasible owing to high costs and nonavailability of experienced lab assistants. It becomes easy for the student to learn all complex experiments at the comfort of his Home / Class.

The Science modules give an audio visual depiction of colour, structure and properties of atoms and molecules. This not only makes concepts clear but also easy to remember and recall.

Above animated experiment helps students to understand the reaction of chemical properties of Sodium Hydroxide. We can test the resultant substance for its Basic or Acidic properties . Students can also derive the chemical equation of the reaction and observe the changes in colour or properties of the new substance formed owing to the reaction sitting at the comfort of Home / Class.

First e School not only makes learning simple, but also assists memory by doing away with the need to by heart and mug up and health students to score well in the exams.

First e School approaches teaching each subject in such a manner that even the most boring topic becomes Interesting and engrossing. First e School has put life into the otherwise dull subject of Social Studies, which is normally considered a summary of events and facts. The use of modern technology and animated graphics enhance the reading interest and also the understanding of events across the world. The subjects are mapped to CBSE or ICSE or respective State Boards. The coverage is completely exhaustive and also takes into account the higher educational needs of a student. The coverage of subjects offer enough choice to the students to understand, read and grasp the topic with ease. Subject can be read, understood or by hearted as per the needs of the students. The content has been prepared understanding the child psychology and study methods. Mathematical concepts have been explained using the latest 2D and 3D animations and graphics. Mathematics course has never been so creatively designed. The Concepts, Solved Examples and Exercises make the subject easy to grasp. The students have the option of going back and forward as per their individual learning capacity. The Maths subject module contains detailed solved examples of all mathematical problems and exercises in a very logical way. The diagrammatical representation of facts and figures makes learning absorbing and easy.


Any place learning : The concept of flexibility has been ushered in the delivery place of educational programs. Educational programs and courses can be conveniently offered at a distance. By using technology, students who were unable to attend quality courses owing to regional disparities today stand beneficiaries. Anytime learning : Students are starting to appreciate the capability to undertake education anywhere, anytime and any place. This flexibility has heightened the availability of just-in-time learning and provided learning opportunities for many more learners who previously were constrained by other commitments. Through online technologies, learning has become an activity that is no longer set within programmed schedules and slots. Learners are free to participate in learning activities when time permits and these freedoms have greatly increased the opportunities for many students to participate in formal programs. At present the quality of education imparted in the rural areas offer the student very little support in their search for quality jobs and opportunities of growth. The students are not at the same level as the students of the Tier I and Tier II cities. The students not only lack the confidence to face competition but also lag behind the city peers when they seek employment or higher studies examinations. Firstobject wishes to give a confidence booster to the students in rural India. Firstobject through its quality content brings the best of the education to the rural folks and thereby makes them not only abreast of the latest and best developments but also gives them the opportunity to fight competition effectively. The education thus disseminated via the electronic form can reach the nook and corner of the country without having to depend on the availability of quality teachers. The instructors can fill the role of teachers. The quality content can be developed by expert content providers either in the form of a CD (Compact Disc), USB or through Internet. Firstobjects quality learning materials can be made available to all government schools in electronic form which shall make them at par with Private and International schools. More efficient spread of learning and education can be undertaken at a lower cost. Thanks to Firstobject Technologies the students of the rural and Government schools are enabled to have more creative methods to access learning. Firstobjects E-Learning can also lead to Up gradation of teachers skill set.

In short, Firstobject is an ideal partner for providing E-Learning solutions with Higher Quality Standards. Highly Creative & Innovative team. Multi - Dimentional experience. Latest Technology. End to End Solutions. Good Infrastructure. Motivates user to learn and excel by experiencing an easy and realistic approach. This is the story so far. If you are planning to outsource your E-Learning projects entrust them in the right hands.... AND PARTNER WITH FIRSTOBJECT TO WALK AHEAD OF THE TIME.
Corporate Office : Swayamkrishi, 1st Floor, SMILINE Building, No: 8-3-952/10/2 & 2/1, Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad - 500 073, India. Tel. : +91+40+20000235 / 20000233, Telefax : +91+40+23730662 E-mail :, Registered Office : 3rd Floor, Sankalp, The Bureau, Dr. R. C. Marg, Chembur,Mumbai 400 071. Board: 022 -2527 6077 / 2527 2510, Tele Fax (Mumbai-India): 022 - 2527 6077 E.mail id:, Website: Web Portals :,,,


q We shall set up state of the art, cost effective and integrated ICT, thereby strengthening educational infrastructure in all schools in urban and rural areas. q Supply and maintenance of Computer Hardware, Software and Training of School teachers. q Provide subject wise and chapter wise comprehensive subject modules with Graphics, animations and latest pedagogical methods. q Make quality learning materials available to all Government Schools in electronic form at par with private schools. q More efficient spread of e-Learning and eeducation at lower cost. q More creative methods to access learning across all the Government Schools. q Up gradation of teachers skill set thereby bring reforms in the education sector. q Giving utmost importance to Quality of Content and delivery. q Unique feature being a 24x7 BPO which shall cater to students queries and doubts. q We give cost advantage when compared to other players. Benefits to Teachers : Helps in consistent planning of entire syllabus. Helps in easy assessment of students and their improvement areas chapter-wise and conceptwise. Helps pull the attention of the students and create interest in the subject. Improves the productivity of class room sessions as the teacher doesnt need to draw / write diagrams / solutions on the board. Helps teachers to recap the important concepts from earlier classes if required. Helps teachers to supplement their conventional teaching techniques. Helps to illustrate complex concepts in an easier way. Benefits to the Students. Brings confidence in the students as the solution helps the students to understand the most difficult concepts easily. Focus on developing conceptual understanding makes the students very strong in fundamentals Focus on Questions, Mock Tests, Illustrations, etc help students to remain focused on exams there by helping them get best marks. Helps student to prepare in a planned manner and inculcates an organized and systematic learning discipline in the student. Practical examples help the student feel the importance of every concept. Day to day examples help the student remember the concepts easily.