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A critical review of Hunters & Collectors CD Album Cut CD.

Truly great album, the best album the band Hunters & Collectors ever produced! With printed lyrics provided in the CD booklet. A track by track analysis with each one analysed in terms of the language of the emotions, music, follows a classic album from the musical school of great melancholic melodramatics some words in this review copyright but quoted to explain and prove the deep soulful meaningfulness and terrible great sadness and impacted melancholia of the albums themes and lyrics.

N.B. Ratings on the five point scale, Truly Great Song, Great Song, Good Song, Filler, Terrible Song. 1. Head Above Water Great song. Theme starts with jazzed up melodrama higher and higher as pure as the driven snow Dont you know Id do anything to keep my head above water! Third verse varies it a bit the variations on a theme the variations degenerate into sleaze fades out 2. Holy Grail Truly Great Song. Theme starts with strong, escalating beat. Marching as one on the road to the Holy Grail nobody got paid yeah we razed four corners of the globe for the Holy Grail the futility of battle melancholic themes, vultures ... haunting themes the utter futility of war I followed orders, God knows where Ive been. fades out 3. Grindstone Good Song. Sad but true, the tale of a wage slave gotta keep my nose to the grindstone a little melodramatic flourish here and there but sad but true, were all wage slaves, working for the slavedrivers gotta hold a hammer to the coal face sitting in one place the place were all put doing what were told jazzed up ending then fade out 4. True Tears Of Joy Good Song. Take heart in true tears of joy have you ever had tears of joy, or only of sadness tears of victory and defeat of overwhelming odds, of impossible demands, of immovable objects and irresistible forces melodrama par excellence true tears of joy fades out 5. We The People Truly Great Song. Sittin in the shelter head between my knees Hobsons choices got my gas mask on and Im laughing like theres no tomorrow the great melodrama of pure futility while our leaders weep like children on the side of the road fades out. We the people, who live next door, we are the ones you can feel through the floor, the message of this message song, reprised several times throughout.

6. Hear No Evil Good Song. From far across the ocean from those who know nothing see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil an impacted jazzed up melodrama about themes nothing achievements lyrics nothing achieved Oh but I hear no evil futility paramount! futility extraordinary! Lets achieve nothing in the name of futility! 7. Edge Of Nowhere Filler. Just unfathomable sadness reprised thematically again and again the utter depths of sadness lyrics to match fades out 8. The Love That I Long For Filler. Jazzing up putting on the ritz jazzing up nothing at all lyrics start Your love is the kind that I dream of The impossibility of attainment unrequited love up on a pedestal the futility of love for someone spoken for the film plot of Love and Anarchy remembered neither party showing up fades out with a slight flourish 9. Where Do You Go? Good Song. Jazzed up melodrama without melancholy someone with a problem, someone who doesnt care melodrama supreme So then I could dance on your grave. I beg to differ, but how to differ? You can let your defences down oh yeah. The melodrama of futility supreme! Fades out 10. Imaginary Girl Filler. From a distant horizon she wanders my way silence imaginary girl sadness and loss dream my imaginary girl sadness and loss paramount in my mind reprises with variations and fades out 11. Angel Of Mercy Great Song. Slow rise from nothing building up momentum of sound and beat we shared our secrets we had a common fear I can see right through you from tenderness to treason an angel of mercy death turns the tables I can see right through you terribly sad impacted melodrama guitar riffs of pure futility and great melodrama seeing through you seeing through me fades out