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"2020" Style: Cyberware

Originally posted by Varney editing and additional notes by Rev. Lazaro

Introduction by Laz: "Everything is far away. Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy." --Narrator, Fight Club. The ideas presented in the "2020 Style" document is sort of a hodge-podge of many different sources and takes on incorporating elements found in the classic R. Talsorian's Cyberpunk 2020 game line and meshing them into the World of Darkness core rules. The majority of the content presented here is originally posted by Varney on the World of Darkness Forums in a thread where I introduced the Mirrorshades Project. He was kind enough to let me re-post and play around with his house rules, which he credits as being his updated take on the Old WoD World of Future Darkness articles as well as the Cyberpunk 2020 and Cyberpunk v.3 game books for inspiration. In no way is the work presented here original or for profit. It is entirely a fan made netbook of fan made ideas adapted to yet another fan made project. I'm presenting his rules in his words, so that anyone may use them "as is". Any additional information I add will be noted as such, and will probably just be for the sake of adding compatibility of his rules to my alternate system. If you enjoy these rules, we highly encourage looking into the original projects and investing in a copy of R. Talsorian's games, if nothing else for the setting, background info, and a ton of other cool rules and gadgets. I'd say investing in it for the character biographical creation rules alone is worth it. These games had style; and I think everyone from a Storyteller perspective should read them. And now, the Legal Mumbo Jumbo: Cyberpunk 2020 and Cyberpunk V.3 is 2008-2009 R. Talsorian Games. Any referrences to their work was used without permission. For White Wolf Game Studios/CCP: 2008-2009 CCP hf. All rights reserved. Reproduction without the written permission of the publisher is expressly forbidden, except for the purposes of reviews, and for blank character sheets, which may be reproduced for personal use only. White Wolf and World of Darkness are registered trademarks of CCP hf. All rights reserved. Vampire: The Requiem, Werewolf: The Forsaken, Mage: The Awakening, Promethean: The Created, Hunter: The Vigil, and Changeling: The Lost are trademarks of CCP hf. All rights reserved. All characters, names, places and text herein are copyrighted by CCP hf.

Cyberware and Bioware (The Goods)

In the early 21st century, humankind witnessed a technological shift towards smaller, faster and wireless devices. In this alternative dark future of the World of Darkness, the capability of wireless devices increased exponentially. Wireless links are the norm now, not the exception, and most devices have an amazing micro-computer with processing capacities that far outstrip the capabilities of the top-of-the-line computers of today. Rather than specify say, the exact speed or memory which would be difficult to predict and likely obsolete within our own life spans, this supplement makes use of an abstract or symbolic system. For example, rather than saying a particular device is capable of storing a certain number of bytes, the device will be designated by how many skill chips it can contain and the maximum level of the skill chip. Wireless devices are susceptible to hacking, as such, some cyberpunks still kick it old school and used wired closed systems others just remember to turn their ware off through sub-vocalized commands and other Fail Safes. The storyteller is the final arbiter of whether a piece of cyberware is currently susceptible to hacking. There are several grades of cyber and bioware available to characters: Used and Damaged, Used, Standard, Edge and Experimental. Used and Damaged Cyberware is usually salvaged by mutants, cannibals, Reapers and other unsavory or desperate types who strip the metal right from the dead or in some cases, junk heaps. There are a few problems with OPJ (other peoples junk) you inherit whatever flaws and functional problems that comes along with it. First, U&D imposes a two dice penalty on cyber surgery rolls, its tough working damaged goods, even when you juryrig it. Second, it imposes a two dice penalty when the character makes a degeneration check. Its simply unsettling to have this unsightly, often awkward cyberware that you just know was part of the cyberpunk you wasted the night before. U&D can be had cheap, usually for a quarter of the price or free. Of course, unscrupulous vendors might try to pass it off for far more than its worth. Characters need to achieve a success on a Wits +Streetwise roll to obtain used and damaged cyberware or have a minimum of resources 1. Used Cyberware is normally procured like U&D ware, but benefits from better functionality. As such, it only imposes a 1 die penalty on cyber surgery rolls and degeneration checks. Used cyberware can be had for half the standard price, the same warning of caveat applies to used cyberware; some merchants will try to pass it off as better grade to make an extra buck. Characters must have a minimum resources of 2 and the appropriate contact, ally, friend, mentor, etc. to acquire used cyberware. Standard is whats typically found off the shelf whether its in a reputable street surgeons shack or through a corporate or military sponsor. Its the default ware listed in the tables that follow. Standard, conveniently, uses the standard price. Unless of course, you try to by it from Enrique, he always overcharges if he thinks he can get away with it. Characters must have a minimum resources of 3 and the appropriate contact, ally, friend, mentor, etc. to acquire standard cyberware. Edgeware is the top-of-the-line cyberware. Corporations reserve it for their best operatives, as does the military. On the street, people will kill for unblemished edgeware.

Edgeware is easier to implant and has less of a shock to the cyberpunks body and psychology. Edgeware provides a +1 bonus to degeneration checks and cyber-surgery rolls in addition to any benefits as noted in the descriptions below. Its going to cost you, how much might depend on the dealer or you ability to persuade the merchant with you charm, bod or pistol. Characters must have a minimum resources of 4 and the appropriate contact, ally, friend, mentor, etc. to acquire edgeware. Experimental Cyberware is untested. Likely a prototype somebody stole and was lucky enough to evade whomever is looking for it. The problem with experimental cyberware is that it usually doesnt have all the bugs out. It is however, top of the line if unproven cyberware. It opposes a -1 or -2 die penalties to cyber surgery rolls, however, like Edgeware, it provides a +1 bonus to degeneration checks in most cases- there are exceptions to this general rule. Its cost? What the market will bear in dollars and blood. Characters must have a minimum resources of 5 and the appropriate contact, ally, friend, mentor, etc. to acquire used cyberware. The character must receive storyteller permission to begin with an experimental piece of experimental cyberware. Editor's Note --New Humanity System: Instead of using the Humanity rules listed in the Mirrorshades Project, Varney opted for a different approach. Each augmentation has a set amount of dice for a degeneration check; depending on the quality of the grade of Cyberware, and the skill of the doc installing it, the character will receive bonuses or penalties to these dice rolls. A success means no degeneration results; where failure indicates a loss of humanity. Enjoy risking your sole, choombatas! A note about cost: Storytellers should feel free to adjust costs to suit their chronicle or story needs. Please note: the following cyberware items are from Cyberpunk 2020 and Cyberpunk v3. A few are significantly modified. The Cyberpunk material used is not intended as a challenge to their copyright and all that. This article is intended as a non-profit, fan-made accessory for those itching to combine the World of Darkness with the cyberpunk genre. I strongly suggest fellow storytellers getting their hands on either book for additional cyberpunk inspiration within the World of Darkness.

FASHIONWARE (Appearance and Cosmetic Cyberware) Its not enough that youre a bad ass with the gauge and the badge; you need to look cool on the street. Fashionware are cosmetic enhancements sometimes called cosware it can be anything from plastic surgery to new skin textures. Fashionware tends to have a minimum impact on a characters degeneration. If a character piles it on though, a storyteller could modify the circumstances of the degeneration check or insist upon a degeneration check though the description of the fashionware may state otherwise. A good derangement for overdoing the fashionware is narcissism should a character fail the subsequent degeneration check. Body Sculpt A body sculpt is the plastic surgery of tomorrow. A new face? A hot bod? A few (ahem) enhancements? Not a problem. Body sculpts are fairly common among the suits in the boardroom and on the vid screen. Body sculpt can also be used to change the characters physical appearance in the event they need their old physical description to be wiped from the face of the earth. In most cases, the Body Sculpt is intended to turn the character into one of the beautiful people. In some instances though, its used for less aesthetically pleasing purposes. Characters must have minimum Resources of three in order to obtain a complete Body Sculpt. A character with a Resources of two can obtain a partial sculpt. Characters who receive a full sculpt receive the Striking Looks 4 point merit. The partial sculpt provides the character with the Striking Looks 2 point merit. A full Body Sculpt requires a Degeneration check only for characters with morality ratings of five or higher. Characters roll a base of six dice on degeneration checks. Biomonitor A biomonitor is a subdermal implant that generates a constant LED readout of the characters pulse, temperature, respiration, blood sugar, and other essential readouts such as brain activity. It even keeps the time and date. LED readouts come in a variety of colorsfeel free to personalize yours. Biomonitors require a Degeneration check only for characters with morality ratings of five or higher. Characters roll a base of six dice on degeneration checks. Light Tattoo Subdermal patches store light and project colored tattoos under the skin. Combine your full body sculpt with complete body art for half the cost! Light tattoos require a Degeneration check only for characters with morality ratings of six or higher. If combined with a Body Sculpt, the character need only make the Body Sculpt degeneration check. Characters roll a base of six dice on degeneration checks. Shift-tacts Shift tacts allow a character to shift the color of the eyes at a whim. Feel free to get the Mood Eye package for scintillating colors based on your bio-monitor feedback. Set the colors for when youre moody, happy or pissed off with guns blazing. Characters with morality ratings of five or lower do not lose degeneration from Shift-tacts. Characters roll a base of six dice on degeneration checks. ChemSkins Dyes and pigments rubbed into the skin or in some instances, injected to change uniform skin colors. Some are temp sensitive or hormonally activated. Characters with morality ratings of six or lower do not risk degeneration loss from Chemskins. Characters roll a base of six dice on degeneration checks.

Synthskins Complete skin replacement when solid colors just wont do. Tiger stripe pattern to turn on a lover? Poka-dots to the disco beat? You name it. The use of Synthskins requires degeneration checks for each skin replacement. Characters roll a base of five dice on degeneration checks. Techhair Implanted artificial hair that changes color, stands up or emits light based on temperature, mood or hormones. The use of Techhair requires degeneration checks. Characters roll a base of five dice on degeneration checks. NEURALWARE Neural Processor In order to make use of the variety of cyberware available in the far future, a character must have a neuralware processor installed in his body. The processor controls all neural feedback. This includes neural reflex boosters, interface plugs, wireless and wired links, sensory augmentations, minicomputers and chipware. Characters roll a base of five dice on degeneration checks when a neural processor is installed. Boosterware Boosterware provides always activated amplified reflexes. Boosterware has three grade levels. Each level installed gives the character +1 to his or her initiative rating. Note: A character with the merit Fast Reflexes can acquire the additional benefits of Boosterware only if the Boosterware rating exceeds the dots invested into the Fast Reflexes merit. For example, a character with 1 dot in the Merit Fast Reflexes can only benefit from Boosterware of grade two or three. Boosterware cannot be used without a Neural Processor. It can be installed at the same time that a neural processor is implanted. In which case, the Neural Processor degeneration check is made with a base of four dice. Speedware Mentally activated speed boost that lasts for five Combat turns. Speedware functions as Celerity (see Vampire the Requiem for a description of how Celerity operates in the World of Darkness). Once used, the character must wait two full Combat turns before activating Speedware again. Standard Speedware provides a base celerity of one. Speedware can be upgraded to two. Edge Speedware allows the character to obtain a rating of three. Experimental Speedware might be even higher but the consequences on the body are unknown. Characters roll a base of four dice on degeneration checks when Speedware is installed. Tactile Boost A Tactile Boost provides increased sensitivity to the touch of the recipient of this cyberware. A Tactile Boost provides a two dice bonus to any rolls involving touch. Characters roll a base of six dice on degeneration checks when a Tactile Boost is installed. Olfactory Boost An Olfactory Boost provides increased awareness to the characters ability to detect trace odors. The potency of this cyberware allows the character to actually track an individual by scent. An Olfactory Boost provides a two dice bonus to any rolls involving smell. Characters roll a base of six dice on degeneration checks when an Olfactory Boost is installed. Pain Editor Excessive cold, heat and even pain is tuned out by the character, allowing the character to

operate under extreme conditions. Characters who suffer severe wounds can ignore one or two die penalties for severe wounds. Characters with edgeware can ignore three dice of penalties from severe wounds. Characters roll a base of five dice on degeneration checks when a Pain Editor is installed. Cybermodem Link (or Neural Jack) A Cybermodem allows direct access to the Net through a wireless link or if the character is old school, through a wired connection. A few characters have both, just in case there in part of the Sprawl that doesnt have access to a modern data-term. A cybermodem link is required for a character to interact with the Net and is essential for Hackers if the character is not using an external deck for hacking and computation. Cybermodems come complete with a dataterm compatible link to allow downloads from the Net or from closed computer systems (should the character have access) to download data directly into a characters memory or memory-chip. Most cyberpunks prefer to keep their hands free, so cybermodems are fairly common with those on the edge. Characters roll a base of six dice on degeneration checks when a Cybermodem is installed. Smartgun Link (Wireless) Smartguns links allow a character to fire their weapons with excellent accuracy. Wireless links require that the weapon used is outfitted with a sensor in the grip or trigger of the weapon. Smartgun links provide a +2 dice to rolls involving firearms or gunnery attacks. A smartgun link requires a degeneration check of five dice. Vehicle/Machine/Tech Link (Wireless) Wireless links require a sensor-read that can be access through the characters link. Links for vehicles, machines and other tech provide a +2 dice to dicepools. These links require a degeneration check of six dice. Interface plugs Old school wired connections for guns, vehicles and so forth. Wired connections require degeneration checks of five dice (its plain un-natural to have wires and cables connecting you to a variety of machines). These connections provide +2 dice to dicepools and are significantly cheaper (Consider the resource requirement one lower than normal to a minimum of one). Chipware Chipware allows characters to make use of skills the characters would not otherwise possess or to perform at a higher level. Chipware can be purchased for any skill up to skill level three. Edge ware allows for the use of skills up to level four and cutting edge experimental chipware might possibly allow a character to achieve a skill level of five. There is a consequence, however, of using chipware instead of actually developing the skill on ones own. Characters who make use of chipware cannot expend experience points to raise the particular skill over the level bestowed by the chip. The use of chipware does not require a degeneration check, the installation of a chipware socket, however, does require a degeneration check (see below). Chipware Socket A chipware socket allows the character to plug up to 10 skill chips into his or her skull, allowing full access to the data contained in the chips. The installation of a Chipware Socket requires a degeneration check with 5 dice.

IMPLANTS (Cyberware placed within the body) All Implants require a degeneration check with a base of 5 dice. Nasal Filters Nasal filters eliminate the threats of toxic gases and fumes to the individual. Gills Gills provide an elaborate water-breathing system that can sustain an individual for up to four hours of continuous activity while submerged. Gill implants allow functionality in water or water environments for up to four hours. Independent Air Supply An Independent Air Supply is a small, artificial organ filled with a spongy, oxygen fixing foam implanted in the lower lungs; it allows an individual to hold their breath for up to 25 minutes if inactive or 10 minutes if engaging in strenuous activity. Adrenal Booster An Adrenal Booster is an artificial gland which releases adrenal hormones improving physical attributes by one for 3 turns. The gland can function 3 times within a 24 hour period. Subdermal Armor This is a mesh of ballistic plastic armor that is inserted under the skin. Subdermal armor covers the torso only and provides armor rating of 2 against bullets. Motion Detector A motion detector detects the direction and strength of motion in a 20 square yard area. Digital Recorder A digital recorder can record input from internal microphones, a digital camera and a digital recording link. It is stored in a sub dermal pouch. It can record up to 2 hours of information on each chip. Radar Sensor This is a 100 yard range radar unit implanted in the body, usually in the shoulder, with the emitter in the skull. The implant causes a visible bulge in head. Sonar Implant The Sonar unit provides a 50 yard range of sonar detection. Its implanted in the skull. Radiation Detector A radiation detector with a 10 yard range, it can be implanted in any body area with a beep alarm mounted in the mastoid bone. Chemical Analyzer This modification to the nasal passages analyses smells and breaks down the odors chemical components. The results can be output to an LCD screen, biomonitor or Times Square marquee. Voice Synthesizer This system allows the user to mimic voice or tones previously recorded by its memory chip. The chip can store up to 10 voice patterns. This device is useful in fooling voice recognition

security programs or in facilitating disguises as other individuals. When used as part of a disguise, it provides a 4 dice bonus to the dicepool. AudioVox This system allows the user to control vocal tones, volume and tone quality with the precision of a musical synthesizer. Special vocal effects are available. It adds a three dice bonus to any roll involving singing or chanting.

BIOWARE (Biologically Based Enhancements) Bioware primarily relies on the use of nanotechnology; tiny robots the size of microbes which can perform surgical tasks on a cellular level. Nanos are injected into the body along with a supply of raw materials needed to perform their tasks. Nanos are powered by body heat and nutrient chemicals of the host body. Bioware requires a degeneration check of 4 dice. Grafted Muscle Grafted muscle is grown in a vat and grafted to your own muscle. It can be combined with muscle and bone lace. It improves a characters strength by one and stamina by one, thus, providing the character with an additional health level as well. Muscle and Bone Lace An undetectable improvement to the muscles and bones that makes muscles and bone stronger, thicker and providing better ligament anchorage. The light weave of metal and plastic improves a characters strength and stamina by two. Skin Weave This enhancement uses nanotechnology to weave the top three layers of skin with a dense polymer thread as effective as light body armor. The character gains an armor rating of 2. Enhanced Antibodies Enhanced antibodies can take on Ebola. Characters gain a 4 dice bonus to resist or overcome infection and disease. Enhanced Antibodies also assist in the healing process, doubling a characters rate of natural healing. Toxin Binders Toxin Binders are designed to bond with body toxins and poisons to reduce or eliminate the effect of toxins. This enhancement provides a 4 dice bonus to resist the effect of toxins. Nanosurgeons Microscopic machines of the most useful kind. Nanonsurgeons can seal off damaged blood vessels, repair damaged tissue, cartilage and bone with polymer micro stitches. Healing time is doubled. If the character has enhanced antibodies as well, the healing rate is quadrupled.

CYBERWEAPONS (Implanted Body Weapons)

All Implants require a degeneration check with a base of 5 dice. Fangs

These implanted fangs are usually made of carbo-glas or super-chromed metal. A full set (shark grin) or classical incisor or canine implants can be selected. A full shark grin is a lethal attack with a 2 dice bonus. An incisor or canine implant is treated as a lethal bite attack like that of a vampirea real vampire without the effect of The Kiss of course. Claws Long, deadly implant blades, wolvers are meant to kill. These spring blades generally telescope and long into place, with a clenching of the fists and a flick of the wrists for 2 dice of lethal damage. Slice N Dice A Slice n Dice is a mono-filament wire spool mounted in the end of one finger, with a weighted, false fingernail to give it balance and swing. This wire will cut through almost any organic material and most plastics. It can be used as a garrote, cutter or slice-whip. This is a black market piece of cyberware requiring the character to have the appropriate resources and contacts. A good visual example of a Slice N Dice is seen in the film Johnny Mnemonic used by one of the main villains who perishes at the hands of his own weapon.

CYBEROPTICS (Basic Eye Module that can hold up to four options) The eyes are the windows to the soulwhats that say about a cyberpunk who rips out his eyes and replaces his organics with cyber enhancements? Cyberoptics are a combination of digital processor and provide better, sharper vision. Its High definition, perfect vision without ever needing laser surgery. Cyberoptics can be fashioned to look exactly like normal eyes or in any color or style desired. Red demon eyes, eyes dotted with little anarchy symbols, full chrome for the menacing borg look are all possible. Replacing both eyes requires a degeneration check of 3 dice. One eye replacement requires a check of four dice. Cyberoptic Enhancements: Color Shift Cyberoptics that can shift color or its iris pattern, sometimes synchronized with hormonal or adrenal responses to stimuli (sex, violence and other rollicking good times). Mirrored for that old school look, transparent, glitter-filled or lighted versions are also available. Infrared Infrared allows the beneficiary to see heat emissions for image reception thus, beneficial in near total darkness. Times Square Marquee The user sees a scrolling red-lettered screen in the upper edge of his vision thats linked to either a software chip readout or a radio link. Targeting Scope The targeting scope projects a targeting slight into the field of vision at will. The scope will read range to specific objects, speed of movement, bearing and size as well as providing several types of scope reticle for aligning weapons. It provides an extra die on attacks. Flare Compensator

An automatic step-down compensates for sudden glare or harsh light, neutralizing the effect of strobe lights, flashbombs and bright headlights. Sunglasses are just for show Image Enhancement Image Enhancement provides High definition graphics allowing the user to enhance and refine images. The character gains a two dice bonus to perception related activities that rely on sight. Themographic Sensors Far more comprehensive than Infrared, thermographic sensors allows the user to se heat patterns of objects and people. Cooler things show up as dark to light blue, hotter things as red or orange. The hottest things show up as yellow or white. Teleoptics Teleoptics provide the equivalent of a 20X power telescope, essentially acting as a potent pair of binoculars. Micro-optics Micro-optics is a microscope in one eye, allowing for the viewing of microscopic images such as fingerprint recognition, fibers on a persons clothes and so forth. Low Light Low Light eyes allow the user to see clearly in dim light conditions down to very faint moonlight or distant street lamps regardless of heat emissions. Useful against some critters of the night. Ultraviolet This cyberoptic option allows the user to perceive images irradiated by ultra-violet light or to detect florescent powders or tracing agents. Microvideo This option allows the recording of up to 30 minutes of events and images on an internal memory unit that can be downloaded through wired or wireless interfaces.

CYBERAUDIO (Basic Hearing Module with up to four options)

Amplified Amplification implants allow the character to add one die to all rolls involving hearing. Radio Link This micro miniature radio transceiver allows sub-vocalized communication. You can communicate with any receiver on the same band frequency up to one mile in distance. Occasionally, you might also intercept somebody elses communications. Phone Splice A cell phone in your head for long distance or local communication, remember; fees vary according to the provider. Scrambler Tired of corporates picking up your radio and phone transmissions? Get a scrambler. It adds 3 dice to encryption rolls.

Bug Detector A mini-receiver designed to pick up signals transmitted by all types of radio bugs. When the bug is active, you hear a small beeping noise in the back of your head which gets progressively louder as you get closer. Not for the easily irritated (like um, many CyberSamurai/Solos). Voice Stress Analyzer Hes lying; you can hear it in his voice. Add 3 dice to all rolls to determine if a person might be lying. Sound Editor A Sound Editor allows you to selectively edit sounds to zero in on a particular sound. Enhanced Range A subsystem that allows you to hear tones in the subsonic and supersonic ranges but not sounds in other realms (unless your storyteller rules otherwise, you cant hear ghosts). Entertainment A complete micro-sound system and storage for your favorite tunes.

CYBERLIMBS (partial or whole limb replacement)

Arms (Arms can contain 3 implant options) Replacement arms include the hand and are usually replaced from the shoulder and not the elbow to gain the full benefits of the limb replacement. Characters with a replacement from the elbow down lose one die to the advantages that follow. In addition, an elbow to hand replacement reduces built-options to two instead of three. Cyberarms are not subject to pain, and are far stronger than flesh and bone. A cyberarm adds two dice to grapple and brawl attacks or any roll that relies primarily on arm strength. Two cyber arms would add four dice but only if both arms were employed in the roll. For example, a character who threw a punch would only gain two dice from the arm used to throw the punch and not the additional two dice of the other arm that was not employed in the punch attack. However, a character using both arms to pull a friend up from a cliffs ledge would gain the benefit of both arms. Replacing a complete arm requires a degeneration check with 4 dice. Replacing both arms during one surgery requires a degeneration check with 3 dice. Legs (Legs can contain 4 implant options) Cyberlegs are not subject to pain and are far stronger than flesh and bone. A character with full leg replacements gain additional benefits to any roll related to running, jumping and leaping. The character gains a 4 dice bonus to all rolls involved in running, jumping and leaping. A character who employs his legs in combat (kicking in Kung Fu or Karate) gains an additional 2 dice on the roll. The character does not gain the benefits to running, jumping and leaping if only one leg is replaced. Replacing a complete leg requires a degeneration check with 4 dice. Replacing both legs during one surgery requires a degeneration check with 3 dice.

Hand (A hand can contain 1 option) Replacing a hand requires a degeneration check with 4 dice. Foot (A foot can contain 1 option) Replacing a foot requires a degeneration check with 4 dice. Limb Options: Quick Change Mount For the weirdo that comes with a variety of power-tool attachments, quick change mounts allow the user to change hands and feet without any specialized tools. Hydraulic Rams The ultimate crushing power; hydraulic rams are heavier and stronger allowing the user to gain 3 extra dice to all strength based rolls. Thickened Myomar A reinforcement for limbs for extra strength, adding 2 extra dice to all strength based rolls. This stacks with hydraulic rams. Reinforced Joints Titanium steel joints making the limb stronger and more durable, it adds 1 die to all strength based rolls. Artificial Shoulder Mount A swivel joint which can mount a weapon or for the really odd touch, another limb or two, including the old favorite: tentacles. Microwave/EMP shielding Youre a damn fool if you dont have this shielding- it protects against Electro-magnetic pulse which can knock cyberware systems. Microwave/EMP shielding can be added to any other cyberenhancement such as eyes, ears, etc. Plastic Covering Any color you like in any style youd like. Realskin Covering Looks like and acts like actual human skin- in a variety of shades. Superchome Finish The ultimate in hip- all scratch-proof chrome finish. Armor Kevlar and ballistic plastic to protect against firearms. Provides and additional 1 point of armor against aimed shots to the limbs.

BUILT-IN MODS (Options for Cyberlimbs)

Cybermodem A wireless modem for all your Net needs, it can include data storage as well. It allows

direct, wireless interface with the Net. An older, cheaper wired version is available. The cable retracts right into your arm or leg. Digital Recorders An excellent recorder for digital cameras, recording links and microphones. Storage Compartment A hidey-hole, good for cash and goods. Minicam A small digital camera which pops up from a mount. It can store 20 images or 100 with a small memory chip. Minivid Video recorder, which can store up to 8 hours and burn the information onto a micro-disc. Techscanner This device allows diagnostics for vehicles, appliances and personal electronics to determine possible problems or causes of a breakdown. It adds 3 dice in all attempts to repair the device. CYBERWEAPONRY Weapons installed into a limb; use appropriate examples from the Armory sourcebook, feel free to come up with other possibilities. Grenade Launcher Fires up to six grenades before reloading. Flame Thrower As a flame thrower but only good for six bursts before needing re-fueling. Popup Gun Equivalent to a light automatic pistol. Weapon Mount (external) & Link An automated weapon, usually the equivalent of a submachine gun.

BODYPLATING Body plating covers any situation where armored plastics and metals are layered over and directly anchored to the skin. The armor is microscopically porous, allows the skin underneath to breathe. Sub-dermal armor can also be purchased at double the cost. The base degeneration check for adding armor is 5 dice, with a one penalty for medium armor and a two dice penalty for adding heavy armor and an additional die penalty if the character purchases sub-dermal armor. Light Adds one die of armor. Medium Adds two dice of armor.

Heavy Adds three dice of armor.