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Gender differences are usually characterized by physical appearances alone, but in fact there are personality characteristics as well

as expectations for gender that help define what society expects it to be. Some examples of gender differences found in the movie include: Sandra Bullocks character being a stay at home wife and mother while her husband works as a lawyer, which reflects the traditional American views of a nuclear family and the expectations that many people have of women. Another example, of gender differences deals with femininity, which is characterized as emotional and dependent on others. This is displayed when Sandra Bullock grabs her husband tightly when she sees two Black men walking across from her showing that she is scared and she needs a mans support in major situations. In addition, Terence Howards character defies the Boy Code when he is not aggressive and assertive to defend his wife when she is inappropriately touched by the police officer. This in turn leads to a fight because as a woman she expects her husband to defend her.

America is extremely diverse in the cultures that flourish among society. Many choose to assimilate while others continue to practice their beliefs and combine it with the American culture. This is displayed in the movie when considering the Persian culture. Because women are meant to be covered the mother chooses to stay true to her religion and conceal herself with a Burqa. Language was another factor that remained intact although they were in a different culture. The Persian family as well as the Hispanic family continued to speak their own languages while also speaking English. When considering invisible culture, the director gets confronted for the actor not talking black enough. Society expects the Black race and other races to sound a certain way because of their culture, therefore when this character does not talk black it is insinuated a Black man cant be seen as black if he talks smart. Another example of invisible culture is when Ludacris character refers to Black men always having to act tough, this is referring to the boy code, in which, boys do not run from danger or ask for help.

Even though we grow up within a family unit, people develop their own individual values. This is commonly seen in different areas in the movie Crash. For example, Sandra Bullocks character has racist views among the Black race and Hispanic race, while her husband does not typically show these same beliefs. Another example can be seen when the Black couple feels differently about reporting the cops who treated them inappropriately. Terrence Howards character believes that they shouldnt call because nothing will be done as opposed to his wife who feels strongly that the cop should be fired or reprimanded. In addition, Don Cheadles mother expects him to look out for the family because that is what a family does for each other, but he does not want anything to do with his drug addict mother and his felon of a brother. This in fact changes when his brother is shot and he realizes he could have been

around more. Matt Dillons character had different individual views than his father which ultimately got in the way of getting his father getting help from the health insurance agency because Matt Dillon kept making racial slurs at the woman who worked there. Lastly, although the Persian mother continues to wear her Burqa and practice her beliefs, the daughter chooses not to wear a Burqa and work at a hospital when typically Persian women do not work.