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As most international post graduate students in UK, I too was dazed by the volume of work that needs to be done

in one year. Unlike the education system in India which rated the courseworks done based only on the content , The university in UK required every course work to be referenced and devoid of plagiarism. This was a daunting task initially. During the month of April, the class was given 3 courseworks namely quality engineering, computer aided manufacturing and material selection in mechanical design. The courseworks were to be handed in by the last of April. Moreover, term 1 exams were scheduled to begin on 4th May and had already booked tickets to India for the Easter holidays. This was a real life situation I had to deal with. I knew this situation would mean I will have to prioritise each tasks so as to complete and submit the courseworks before the deadline. I also had to complete one full revision of all my lessons before the exams. I cancelled my flight reservations and informed my family about it with an assurance that Ill be there for Christmas. They had the magnanimity to accept that my studies were important. Then I made myself a time table for each of the coursework. As the quality engineering coursework had a weight of 50% of the total marks and involved large amount of data collection a week was allotted for the completing it. The other two courseworks together took another week to complete. While doing the coursework itself I was able to complete a part of my revision for the subject. I finished all my assignments by the third week of April, and had one full week remaining to study. The revision also was based on a time table which allotted time for studying each of the four subjects, working out previous question papers and discussing those areas I did not understand with someone who had already done it. As a result of my effective planning and thorough revision, I was able to submit the three courseworks on time and do my exams very well. I got 75% , 75%, 71% and 75% in the exams for Research Methodology, Quality Engineering , Material Selection and Computer Aided Manufacturing respectively. I had an overall of 64% for term 1.

While at the University, our quality engineering class was divided into groups of 4 as a part of a coursework. The coursework aimed to assess the repeatability and reproducibility of measurements taken of the same object by different individuals. Our group chose to measure the lengths of match sticks in five match boxes and assess the variability in our measurements. The group consisted of 4 people from different countries, so before starting the project we all met for lunch at the university caf to get to know each other, to discuss a plan of action and to assign each individual a responsibility according to their strengths and capabilities. Two members were assigned to carry out the experiment and the other two had to prepare the report and presentation. We went about the experiment as follows. For measuring the length of a match stick a digital vernier calliper was used. Each match box contained 50 match sticks so a total of 250 match sticks were measured. The two members and measured each of the matchstick individually and then random matchsticks were selected and measured find out repeatability. Additionally, average heights of each lot as well as the whole lot were also calculated. The results was then compiled and submitted in the form of a report. Our findings were presented in front of the panel as a PowerPoint presentation. We were awarded high marks for the coursework and applauded for taking a simple yet interesting experiment to do the Guage R&R study.

In the final year of my undergraduate degree (B.Tech Mechanical Engineering), the department of mechanical engineering decided to host a state level technical festival. This was organized and conducted wholly by the final year students. I was one of the event co-ordinators. The festival was planned with a budget of Rs 150,000 (approximately 2000). This amount included sponsorship obtained from various companies and fund allocated by the management. At the last moment management decided to cut down the amount they had promised. There arouse a situation where the technical fest was on the verge of cancellation. I used to play basketball right from my childhood. The game had a great place in our school history and rivalry between schools for the prestigious St Thomas Cup is very famous in my city. It was the love for this game which made me play and was my dream to play basketball in the college level. With high hopes I went for the tryouts but was scorned by my seniors as I was just a fresher. The coach said I was slow and did not have the pace to play in the college level. I was disappointed but I did not let it drag me down. I was determined to play in the starting five of our team. I persuaded my coach to give me a place in the reserve bench. I was what others call a water boy, but I had made sure that I never missed a training session. I played practice games with my seniors. I sought help from them to improve my pace, my shooting accuracy, my stamina to play a full game of 45 minutes. Gradually my game developed, I was able to play faster, shoot better and feed the ball better. The coach as well as the players started noticing how determined I am. They accepted me as team member. After two years, during my third year I was asked to play in the first five. I played in the starting five for two years during which our team won two inter college tournaments and was the runners up of University level tournament. My friends and I were determined to conduct the fest against all odds. We campaigned for sponsorships. We held talks with the management and tried to convince them the importance of such an event as it provides final year students with the experience of managing some responsible work. We were partially successful, the management agreed to take half the expense of conducting the event. We then held meetings and requested sponsorships from various organisations. I was a forerunner in this campaign to make the event happen

The management agreed to take up half the expenses of the fest. We got more money than we actually needed and used the extra money to buy the heat engines laboratory a new two stroke engine. The event was a grant success and the management took a decision to conduct it the coming year also.

Starting a career with the worlds most trusted technical and consulting company for oil and gas industry is a dream for any graduate engineer. A graduate opportunity with GL Nobleton, who provides operational solutions for oil and gas companies in a smart, environmentally friendly and safe way, is to be grabbed with both hands and am really charged up to join this organisation.

Primarily, what attracted me to apply for GL Nobleton is the exciting projects undertook by the company for example the City Gas Project. My qualifications and specialisation gives me the right aptitude and attitude to be of real worth to the projects led by GL Nobleton. Secondly, GL Nobletons support and development scheme provided for graduate engineers will help to enhance my technical and leadership skills. The association with specialised and experienced colleagues at GL Nobleton will aid me quench my eagerness to learn more. Thus a career with GL Nobleton will help me achieve my goal of being a Chartered Engineer within 3 years of employment.

I am a student representative for the School of Engineering, University of Greenwich. My responsibilities were to represent the views of my fellow students in front of the staff as well as student union. In addition to that I provide assistance to students who are facing trouble sorting out issues regarding their course, school or anything related to their academics. This role needed negotiation skills and tactful approach to solve problems which I am confident will aid me in my role at GL Noble Denton.

During my undergraduate studies, I used to play basketball and was a member of my college basketball team. I played as a feeder driving the ball to the opposite D and passed to an open team mate who was in a position to score. We were the runners up at University level and champions at two inter collegiate tournaments. Playing basketball and my part time job as a crew member with Domino's Pizzas has helped me develop team building skills and the ability to work together to achieve a common goal. This skill I have acquired over the years will be beneficial while working with GL Noble Denton

I undertook a project based on reliability engineering during the course of my MSc degree. My understanding of reliability was from a factorys view point involving large machines and its maintenance, but in turn I worked with electronic manufacturing group of our University. My project was to investigate the reliability of lead free solders when used as thermal interface material in flip chip packages. This project consisted of a significantly large portion of electronics in it. And I had never learnt electronics in my life. I discussed my situation with my mentor and it was his words that inspired me to successfully complete the work. He told me that he too faced a similar situation when he started his work as he had studied only electronics for his degree and everything related to mechanical engineering, he learnt by himself. From that day onwards I worked extra hard to cover those portions I was unaware of. I spent countless nights in the library reading up journals, books and conference proceedings. I sought the help of my mentor as well as my colleagues who were doing electronics engineering to clarify my doubts. I was able successfully completed my project with a distinction.

I was enthralled learning about the improvement Tubelines had made to the three main London Underground lines. Tubelines is a centre of innovation and improvement in the rail infrastructure asset management organisations and I am really charged up to be a part of this company. The course and specialisation I have undertaken gives me the right aptitude and attitude to prove to be of real worth for working on the ambitious Wembley Park Project. It is a dream come true to be able to work with an organisation which values its people as its greatest assets and whose works are challenging, committed, purposeful, reliable and supportive. And with my eagerness to learn more I would have a lot to learn and develop from the experienced and specialised colleagues at Tubelines.

In the final year of my undergraduate degree, the department of mechanical engineering decided to host a state level technical seminar. This was organized and conducted wholly by the final year students. I was one of the event co-ordinators. The festival was planned with a budget of Rs 150,000 (approximately 2000). The college management had agreed to provide this amount but a week before the event, the management decided to cut down the amount they had promised. There arouse a situation where the technical fest was on the verge of cancellation I suggested raising money via sponsorship from local mechanical and automobile firms. We held talks and met with several people convincing them of the exposure their brand will get by being a part of this event. In response to our enthusiasm and eagerness, the management agreed to take up half of the expenses. The event was a grant success that the management decided to conduct and sponsor it fully in the coming year also. I can proudly say that it was my idea that rejuvenated the whole batch to rise again when the thought all was lost.

Siemens Magnet Technology, a part of the Siemens group, is the worlds leading designer and manufacturer of superconducting magnets used in MRI scanners. Almost 95% of these superconducting magnets which are manufactured at the Oxfordshire facility are exported and more than one third of all the MRI scanners worldwide use a superconducting magnet made by Siemens Magnet Technology. When Siemens acquired 51% of Oxford Magnet Technology in 1989, they were producing just above 300 magnets per year. After the companys full acquisition by Siemens in 2003 and the name being changed to Siemens Magnet Technology in 2004, the production of magnets went above 1500 units per year. The company has won several Queens Awards for its technological excellence as well as export success. Thus I was enthralled to know the role Siemens Magnetic Technology plays in the field of medical instruments that aids in transforming peoples health. The course and specification I have undertaken gives me the right aptitude and attitude to prove to be of real worth to Siemens Magnet Technology. Additionally, the structured graduate manufacturing engineer pathway provides me the opportunity to display my acquired skills both technically as well as managerially. Hence