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From 1 Jan and 27 jan there are five Saturn (Saturday) and five Sunday, due to this there

will be an increase in the prices of grains and items of daily consumption which will grow anger fear and unrest among people. Prevalence of the diseases will be high at some places in the world. We shall see more mass movement, communal riots and violent events. From the beginning and till the end of the year, Saturn (which is also swami of India's Capricorn ) and yoga of rahu will remain. As the effects of this there will be constant change in India's political equations. Violent events and war-like conditions will develop. From 26 Feb to 27 March (Falgun month) -There are five Tuesdays in this month due to which there will be communal conflict, conflagration, political conflicts in the country .Chances of significant changes in the politics are high, which might be unlucky for the country. 28 March to 25 April- During this period there are five Thursdays which increase chances of violence, terror and violence in some parts of the country such as -- Assam, Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, NE - Orissa, Gujarat etc. There will be powerful mass movements against corruption, inflation and the effects will be seen on the government. Chances of terror and explosive events are high around Syria, western and European countries April 13, Vaishakh Sakranti which falls on a Saturday indicates very high prices of all types of grains. People will suffer from diseases. There will be collusion between politicians and the people which may lead to war-like conditions. On 25 April there will be partial eclipse of moon will make eatable things costlier. From April 28 to 4 May - Due to influence of Sun, Jupitor, Mars and Ketu on Aries and subsequently from 5 May to 12 May combination of four planets on Aries will be unlucky for multiple regions in the country like U. P and for a ruling political leader. Fear of internal and external enemies will remain for the country. Between 12 April and 22 May- Saturn and mars are making samsaptak yoga. Between May 14 to May 27 Chaturgrhi yoga will occur in Taurus will make political situation in this period tough and unstable. There will be very slow growth for improvement processes and policies in the country. May 26 to 23 June - Five Sundays fall on Jyeshth month which indicates conditions like lack of food, and excessive inflation in the country. Major changes in the politics are foreseen. Due to political uncertainty, fear and terror will remain high among people. April 13 to May 22 - Due to Saturn - Mars samsaptak yoga and from 23 May to 4 July Shadashtak yoga indicates nuisance, violent and explosive events in border regions of the country and Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi - Orissa, Assam, Jammu - Kashmir etc. From early June Jupiter with retrograde movement will enter into Gemini and Saturn retrograde in Libra.Consequently due to heavy rains in June-July there will be floods, public will suffer from and damage/loss of money and infrastructure whereas in some regions there will be less rainfall and shortage of food will occur. Year is inauspicious for ruling politician in the country. There will be some changes in the cabinet. July 23 to August 31- Five Tuesdays between this period are not favourable for the social and political environment. Death of a prominent leader and changes in the government are foreseen. Amavasya on tuesday (August 6) is also not auspicious. Politically, the situation will become uncertain. Between August 18 and 4 october Due to the placement of Mars in the Cancer , all kinds of food will be more expensive. Cow, Buffalos, feed etc. must be expensive. Due to malefic effect of

Mars on Saturn, there will be confrontation with neighbour countries China and Pakistan which will create tension in relationships of these countries. Army activities will increase during this time. The timing would be particularly disturbing for government. On October 17 the Sun enters Libra and will meet Saturn and Rahu. This yoga is not good for crops. Poverty will increase. Storage of food will be beneficial in this time .This yoga will be beneficial for astrologers. 19 October to 17 November - There are five Saturdays and 5 Sundays in this period - which indicates bizarre type of disease. Chances of mass - movement and fear of communal riots and explosive and violent events will remain. There will be more army activities on the border by enemies. 18 Nov to 17 Dec. five Mondays and five Tuesdays fall between this period which is a good sign for sme crops. There will be an increase in population and means of entertainment and increase in amenities for high class people. 5 Tuesdays are not auspicious for key leaders of the country. Signs of confrontations with Pakistan or China are very high. Major changes in the power/ruling government for some states are indicated. Prices of daily useable commodities will increase which will cause tremendous outrage and deep resentment among the people of the country. Dec. 15. Sankranti will be unlucky for the country's ruling politician.