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BizOptix 102 With a little help from BizOptix 101 1. Download the 2 files: WFL_Report_09222011.xls and WFL_Report_09222011-projects.

xls from intern email. Save them in folder: < Desktop\BizOptix\BizOptix\financial-test > 2. Make sure that: The two files above have correct name, (the date of the Thursday that the report is ran is included in the name; therefore it changes weekly), correct file format (Microsoft Excel Worksheet: .xls). 3. Open Bizoptix test file: < Desktop\BizOptix\BizOptix\Master2-0-03.04.10-test > 4. When prompted, click Enable macros and I agree. 5. On the tab: Click < CHAPS/Import CHAPS Data > 6. When prompted, Click OK 7. Wait until the program finishes running (it happens when the The Analyzer is Working box at the center of the screen disappears completely. 8. On the tab: Click <CHAPS\View Raw Timesheet Data> 9. Look at the Error column (Column G). If all rows are OK, go to Step 11. If at least one of the rows is Error and highlighted, click <CHAPS\Time Sheet Analysis> 10. Follow Step 20 25 in the old BizOptix Guide. Notice that: - At step 22: The missing department number in the example is D30 - At step 22: When opening the Financial general spreadsheet, this spreadsheet file is located at < Desktop\BizOptix\BizOptix\financial-test > under the name WFL_Report_09222011.xls. It is one of the two files downloaded at Step 1! - At step 24: You cant go into RIDE, ask Peggy or Ron to do it for you. Give them all the names of the contingent workers, managers and missing department numbers. Peggy or Ron would get back to you with which missing department number goes to which FLG (FLG is a person). - At Step 24: Once you have the missing department # - FLG information, you want to update the Finance info.xls located at <Desktop\BizOptix\BizOptix\Setup6>. - At Step 24: Update the Finance info sheet: Open the Finance info file, FLG is Column E and Department # is column J. Find the correct row for FLG and update missing department information on that row simply by typing in the missing department number. Note: Departments number must be kept in order for the program to run correctly.

- At step 24: Sometimes, there might be more than 1 row for 1 FLG. To find the correct row to input Department number, ask Ron/Peggy for more information (Business Unit, Job Category). Save the file after you are done. - At Step 25: Step 15 mentioned in the old guide is step 3 in this guide. The merged file mentioned in the old guide is located in < Desktop\BizOptix\BizOptix\financial-test >. It needs to be deleted. 11. Cut and paste WFL_Report_09222011.xls and WFL_Report_09222011projects.xls (the 2 files at step 1) from < Desktop\BizOptix\BizOptix\financialtest > to < Desktop\BizOptix\BizOptix\Financial > 12. Open real Bizoptix file: <Desktop\BizOptix\BizOptix\ Master2-0-09.16.11.xls> 13. Repeat step 4 7. This time, it takes bizoptix about 40-60 min to finish. Feel free to do something else while waiting! 14. After bizoptix is done running, save it and close excel (if you dont close it, excel will get fuzzy after running for about an hour!) 15. Repeat step 8 and 9. There should not be any error at this point, but still, you should double check just in case. If there is error, ask Ron. If there isnt continue to step 16: 16. Click CHAPS/ Generate Distribution Sheets. When prompted, click Ok. 17. Go to Desktop\BizOptix\BizOptix\Temp6, thats where all the distribution sheets are located. Look for the folder that is named with the most current date and time. (The date and time you create these distributions sheets are used to name the folder). 18. Compress the file ALL.xls by right click \ send to\ Compressed (zipped) folder. 19. Email all the files out: Go to intern email/ Sent items mailbox. Look for a series of sent emails with title: Chaps Analyzer Report. There should be 17 emails like that for last week. 20. Create a new email for each sent Chaps Analyzer Report Email. For the new email, use the same email address (to and cc), message text and title from the relating sent emails. The file attachment should be the distribution sheets with the same names (names of the email addresses of the recipients) but from the most current distribution sheets folder. Make sure there are 17 emails in total. * Note for this weeks step 20: Dont email Allen Washburn. Email Matt Keller instead. His email address is recorded in the intern email account and his distribution sheet is named after his email address.