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Curriculum Vitae



M.D.(Doctor of Medicine) Resident Cardiologist 4th Year

Medical doctor , Executive Director, President & Founder


•Administration ; Team buliding - Leadership ; General Management

•Supervision ; Staff training/menotoring ; Organisational skills
•Counseling ; Policy and plan construction ; Writing plans/reports
•Team work ; Working with strict deadlines ; Computer literacy


Resident Cardiologist 4th Year Specialising in Cardiology 2 005- Present

M.D. (Doctor of medcine) General Medicine 2002
Fsc. (Associates Degree) Pre-medicine 1996

Professional Experience and Significant Achievements

Resident Cardilogist 4th Year SEP. 2005 – present

University of Oradea, Romania, EU
Faculty of medicine

*Have been in health care department for 12 years now starting with the M.D. (doctor of medicine)
cousre of six years, six months of internship, followed by one and half year of clinical attachments and
almost four years in Spitalul Judetean Oradea, Romania, specialising in Cardiology.
*Have had a direct patient contact for over 10 years, in various departments like cardiology, intesive
care, internal medicine, opthamology, general surgery, …., more than seven years in general
management of an NGO and two years in adminstration of a company.

•Am ale to demonstrate good comunicational skills(verbal and written) with interpersonal and
organisational skills both with patients and hospital staff.
•I liaise with doctors, patients(their next of kin) and medical staff on a daily basis.
•Am a team player, collaborating with doctors, medical staff, administration, pt. and family.
•Can adapt to stress and pressure; Working in the CCU (Coronary Care unit)

Executive Director/Administrator Apr.2006 - Sep.2008

Samicor (A publications and business consultancy company)

•Planned, developed and implemented a strategy for the comapny.

•Including recruitment policies, quality procedures, discipline, grievance, counseling, pay and
conditions, contracts, training & development ; range of business tasks.
•Ensured various departments understand all necessary aspects and needs of company objectives,
purposes and achievements to director level.
•Instituted training programmes for staff and implemented new training solutions that met
the needs of the business and the people.
•Follow-up research concluded, improved budgets, increased profits and improved morale.
•Presented progress and management reports to staff and board level.

President & Founder Apr.2000 - May 2007

WeCare International

It was set up to improve the living and hygiene conditons of peolple in need of medical care, social
assistence and health education by mobile; temp.& out-patients clinics and direct social assistence.

•Provided a person to person care along with counsel, medical and social adivce, medications, food
and clothing and other necessties to improve health and health care .

•Worked with local gov. and social authoroties and institutions (churches, orpahnages, associations) for
instituting and implementing health and social develoment programes.

• Answered questions by interviews, phone, post and email.