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21 Beech Grove, Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 1LD Telephone: 02086231828 Mobile: 07534445819 Email: Syed.Mustakim17@gmail.



(Born in North London) A considerate, hardworking and dedicated student who has suitable numerical, ICT and communications skills. Eager to learn new things and confidently complete different challenges in a dynamic work environment. Also friendly, highly organized and a team worker. Believed to be a brilliant asset to any business as eagerness and commitment will be shown to help excel in any working environment. Will strive to make the employer impressed and make the customers happy!

2008-2013: Harris Academy Merton GCSEs including Mathematics [B] and English [B] and ICT [B] BTEC in Sport Science (equivalent to 2 GCSE) Leadership Qualification [Level/Stage 1] IFS Level 2 in Personal Finance Distinction (equivalent to GCSE grade A*)

2012: Barclays Norfolk House, 19-20 Wellesley Road, East Croydon, CR91NG, Assistant Customer Advisor: Helping customers withdraw cash and print statements from machine and instructing customers on who to go to for a specific need, e.g. open a bank account (2 weeks work exp) Comment: This beneficial work experience has helped me to gain important valuable skills including communication skills & teamwork. Fantastic to have in any type of business! 2011 - 2012: Stock Market challenge via company BP Stimulation of real-life trading. Objective was to make as much profit as possible through buying and selling of shares in oil. Pupils were split into groups. Roles were applied to each person. Comment: As a team leader, this challenge helped improve my thinking skills in a work-related context. Enterprise & maths skills were to put into action to overall make our team the winning group in the official BP Stock Market Challenge.

Technical: Computer literate & have the ability to complete any ICT task given. Web: Can utilise web services for both personal and professional tasks Communications: Great ability to talk to customers & colleagues clearly and appropriately in English. Teamwork: Able to work efficiently within a team to reach the companies aim & objectives


Achievements: An enterprising person who purchase and sells various used technologies like gaming consoles and mainly phones; typically making anywhere between 20-60 profit for each item sold. Interests: Technology admirer and love keeping fit; go gym on a daily basis. Currently opening a fresh Dope & Cool clothing company named DopeDeen to support a charity that is close to me.

Available upon request