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The year is 2057

• 2057: In UCAS, on the eve of his inauguration, President Steele is accused of

election fraud. Speaker of the House Betty Jo Pritchard declares the election
invalid and a new election is scheduled for August of this year. Pritchard
becomes President by default. This ironically makes her the first woman to
hold this office. Soon after, Democratic "One World" party member Arthur
Vogel, New Century Party member Dr. Rozilyn Hernandez, Technocratic Party
member and former Vice-President James Booth, Republican Party member,
General Franklin Yeats, and Archconservative Party member Kenneth
Brackhaven declare their candidacies.
• 2057: In on February 28, in Claremont, New Hampshire, UCAS, presidential
candidates James Booth and Franklin Yeats hold a nationally televised debate.
• 2057: On March 15, on his show Wyrm Talk, Dunkelzahn the dragon stuns
the world by announcing his intention to run for UCAS President as an
• 2057: In Sacremento, CFS, Knight Errant Security replaces Renraku Security
to patrol the Sacremento Matrix.
• 2057: In Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, The Capitol night club is opened.
• 2057: In the UCAS, rumors persist that Ares Macrotechnology is trying to get
government officials to authorize the use of the Chicago Containment Zone as
a test range for new weapons.
• 2057: In Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, presidential candidate General Franklin
Yeats declares his intention, if elected, to reunify CFS with the UCAS.
• 2057: In Big Sur Coast, CFS, 10 workers are killed by unexplained accidents
in various aquaculture facilities.
• 2057: In the UCAS, it is revealed that presidential candidate Kenneth
Brackhaven is not really the son of Charles Brackhaven. The real Kenneth
Brackhaven is revealed to have goblinized and died in 2032. The man
currently known as Kenneth Brackhaven is an orphan Charles Brackhaven
adopted to replace his son. This causes a drastic, if short lived, drop in
Brackhaven's standing in the polls.
• 2057: In Oroville, CFS, the body of shadowrunner Fred Lister, aka Listerman,
is found in pieces among several city dumpsters.
• 2057: In the UCAS, several companies nationwide report the theft of
chemicals and virus samples that could theoretically be made into weapons.
No group claims responsibility for these thefts.
• 2057: In Venice, Italy, the government reports that, due to an ongoing
project, the amount of toxins in the surrounding water has decreased
• 2057: In France, the Rennes-le-Chateau is destroyed by an unidentified
mercenary team.
• 2057: In Venice, Italy, the Doge announces that his wife has given birth to
twins. A day of celebration is declared. At the celebration, unexplained visions
of blood spirits and the Magdalene bearing the head of John the Baptist result
in massive rioting.
• 2057: In Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, shadowrunner Rodney James Goodhue,
also known as Roderigo is found dead at his cyberdeck from unexplained
• 2057: On May 2, Worldwide, four executives among the eight major
megacorporations suffer heart attacks at 12 midnight.
• 2057: In DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, Brigadier General Lucius Harding murders
his wife and four children. He then enters his office at the Pentagon and
detonates an explosive device, killing himself. No reason is given for this
• 2057: In Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, DocWagon initiates its Temporary
Response Personnel program on a test basis using mercenaries to protect
DocWagon High Threat Response Teams.
• 2057: In the UCAS, all major cities suffer an increase in shadowrun-related
• 2057: In Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, Dynamic Systems Corporations opens its
doors as a manufacturer of logistical analysis software. It rises quickly in the
field making sales of over 35 million nuyen.
• 2057: In Tir Tairngire, the Rite of Progression is postponed indefinitely. No
reason is given.
• 2057: In Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, a new disease appears called laughing
death. The disease causes insanity in the victim causing him/her to perform
cannibalism on the nearest (meta)human.
• 2057: In Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, the Tir Tairngire freighter ship Sapphire
Seahawk explodes in bordering international waters.
• 2057: In Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, NuGene corporation CEO announces his
intention to open a corporate facility in the city. He soon after announces a
new breakthrough by his company in artificial transplant tissue.
• 2057: In Tir Tairngire, an arms smuggling plane is shot down trying to cross
the border.
• 2057: In Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, Ariadne and Tavis Silverstaff announce the
birth of their new daughter.
• 2057: In Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, the laughing death disease is traced to
faulty vat tissue at Doc Wagon facilities. As a result, Governor Schultz tries to
suspend Doc Wagon activity in the city.
• 2057: In Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, a monorail car derails resulting in its
explosion. Noted mafia boss Conrad McKenzie is killed in the blast.
• 2057: In Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, Doris Chan, senior VP of Tangent
Technologies, Seattle, is killed when a car bomb explodes at her home. No
reason is ever given.
• 2057: In the UCAS, a new national flag is finally agreed upon.
• 2057: In Aztlan, Aztechnology cordons off an area 35 kilometers south of
Austin, Texas, CAS, for what appears to be an archaeological dig. The site is
heavily patrolled by Jaguar Guards and no comment is forthcoming from
• 2057: On July 18, in Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, Republican Presidential
candidate General Franklin Yeats is murdered by a wasp spirit who possessed
one of his FBI guards. His running-mate Anne Penchyk plans to run in his
• 2057: In Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, local businesswoman Ingrid Hatlelid dies
of a massive heart attack in her apartment.
• 2057: On August 1, in the UCAS, the deadline for receipt of absentee election
ballots is reached.
• 2057: On August 7, in the UCAS, Dunkelzahn the dragon wins the 2057
Presidential election by a narrow margin of votes. He is the first nonhuman
elected to the office in either U.S., Canadian, or UCAS history.
• 2057: In the UCAS, the Ohio chapter of the New Century Party files a law suit
against the main branch on allegations of violating the party chapter and
mismanagement of funds.
• 2057: In DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, former presidential candidate Anne Penchyk
forms the Empowerment Coalition, a group intended to raising funds for
female candidates in all branches of government.
• 2057: On August 8, in the UCAS, metahumans and their supporters around
the country celebrate the victory of Dunkelzahn.
• 2057: On August 9, in DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, Dunkelzahn and his VP Kyle
Haeffner are sworn into office.
• 2057: In DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, the night of his inauguration, President
Dunkelzahn attends the Mrs. Grundland's Peanut Butter Cookie Inaugural Ball
at the Watergate Hotel. The event is a huge success and many influential
people in the political, industrial, and entertainment fields attend. While at the
ball, he receives a phone call that apparently disturbs him. He leaves the ball
twenty one minutes earlier than he had planned. He enters his limousine
which begins to drive away. Witnesses claim that he is talking to someone
they can't see. Seconds after the limousine leaves, an explosion erupts from
the street and completely destroys the car. One witness claims that there are
actually two explosions: One which simply threw the heavily armored
limousine in the air, and another which originated inside the car and exploded
outward in a dark cloud of worm like creatures. Although the bodies of the
five-man security detail escorting President Dunkelzahn are found, neither
President Dunkelzahn's body nor that of the driver are recovered from the
blast site.
• 2057: In DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, a minute after the explosion, a huge rift in
astral space opens over the site of the blast. A witness claims she sees
President Dunkelzahn's astral form fly into the rift.
• 2057: In DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, the FBI receives over five hundred claims of
responsibility for the assassination. The first of these claims, from the Red
Dawn terrorist group, is declared a hoax due to their referring to having "fired
the fatal bullet". Most other claims are also declared hoaxes.
• 2057: In DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, the UCAS military sends a group of mages to
examine the astral rift. One of them, Tanya Reilly, goes into astral space to
get a closer look. Her astral form is then sucked into the rift without a trace.
Her physical body remains catatonic. As a result the government cordons off
the entire area and posts astral warning signs for any mage who gets too
• 2057: On August 10, in DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, Vice President Kyle Haeffner
is sworn in as President.
• 2057: In DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, President Haeffner meets with Chief Justice
of the Supreme Court Richard Scott and forms the Scott Commission on the
Assassination of President Dunkelzahn.
• 2057: In Tir Tairngire, the Council of Princes, in response to the assassination
of President Dunkelzahn, tightens border security and begins censoring
incoming and outgoing news broadcasts for content that could be
"threatening to the security of Tir Tairngire."
• 2057: In the UCAS, civil unrest grows in all UCAS cities. Due to fear of
another Night of Rage the UCAS military as well as local police and, it is
rumored, Ares Macrotechnology security forces are mobilized and put on Red
Alert status. Although the riots don't get any worse, they show no signs of
• 2057: On August 11, in DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, witnesses report seeing a
flight of at least a dozen dragons (one of which tentatively is identified as
Lofwyr) performing a complicated aerial dance over the site of former
President Dunkelzahn's assassination. This performance lasts for about an
hour and has security agents in near panic. Many news reporters attempt to
film the event but no sign of the dragons appear on any video shot.
• 2057: On August 11, at Lake Louise, Athabascan Council, NAN, President
Dunkelzahn's funeral is held. Hundreds of people of all types attend. Each
person is given a chance to speak about President Dunkelzahn and what he
meant to them. Holly Brighton sings "Ave Maria" while Nadja Daviar plays the
harp. The pinnacle event is when a group of centaurs, long thought to be non-
sentient, sings a beautiful version of "Amazing Grace".
• 2057: On August 12, in DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, President Haefner goes before
Congress and names Nadja Daviar as his Vice Presidential nominee. This is a
great shock to the nation due to Daviar's status as former President
Dunkelzahn's interpreter. President Haefner responds by saying, "Daviar was
the voice of Dunkelzahn, and now must serve to speak to us of his heart and
soul." Congress decides to delay the vote on Daviar's appointment until the
Scott Commission can begin hearings.
• 2057: On August 15, in DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, Nadja Daviar reads former
President Dunkelzahn's will at the Watergate Hotel. The will is 12 pages long
and leaves inheritances to 216 different parties. Some are specific people of
varying social classes. Others are groups. The will indicates that former
President Dunkelzahn's financial holdings reached trillions of nuyen and only
covers a portion of what he owned. In the will Daviar herself is named as the
executor of former President Dunkelzahn's estate and head of the Draco
Foundation, an organization to be established to help oversee the last wishes
of former President Dunkelzahn and to finance exploration in the fields of
technology, science, magic, and social enterprises for the betterment of all
races. Although some parties receive their inheritances immediately, the
majority will receive their bequests beginning in September.
• 2057: Copies of the will are distributed across the matrix almost immediately
after the reading . No hints are given as to where or how the various matrix
groups got their hands on it.
• 2057: In Sacramento, CFS, former UCAS presidential candidate Arthur Vogel
takes over as chairman of Sierra, Incorporated.
• 2057: In Eugene, Tir Tairngire, a research facility owned by the Atlantean
Foundation is severely damaged by a massive explosion.
• 2057: In DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, Nadja Daviar issues her first press release
as Chairperson of the Draco Foundation. In it she swears to uphold the former
President Dunkelzahn's wishes in both the distribution of his possessions and
the administration of the Draco Foundation.
• 2057: On August 18, in DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, President Haefner submits a
complete list of names to fill Cabinet positions. This is surprising because it is
traditional to submit the names one at a time. The list contains many
metahumans and magically active people. Congress decides to hold off on
voting on the list until after the Scott Commission can question both President
Haefner and Daviar.
• 2057: On August 22, "shadow information" on former President Dunkelzahn's
will is uploaded onto the matrix by the Shadowland BBS sysop Captain Chaos.
• 2057: In DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, Aztlan doubles its guard at their embassy
and recalls their ambassador.
• 2057: In the UCAS, Anne Penchyk moves her Empowerment Coalition under
the banner of the John Timmons Memorial Fund, of which she was granted
the chairmanship in former President Dunkelzahn's will.
• 2057: On August 25, in DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, the names of the Scott
Commission are released. Headed by Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Richard Scott, they are: Sen. David Ralph (Dem., Illinois), Sen. Melissa
Washington (Rep., Maine), Rep. Jess Summers (Tech., Iowa), Rep. Sarah Lynn
(Independent, Vermont), Carla Brooks, advisor to former President
Dunkelzahn and President Haefner, Dr. Frazer Williams, Director of Magic and
Occult Studies , Georgetown University, and General Steven Coe Bowling,
former director of the CIA.
• 2057: On August 31, a file entitled The Players is posted onto the matrix by
Shadowland BBS sysop Captain Chaos. The file details several power brokers
in the awakened world that had involvement with former President
• 2057: On September 1, in DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, Nadja Daviar releases the
list of the Board of Directors of the Draco Foundation. Headed by Chairperson
Nadja Daviar, they are: Vice Chairperson Aina Dupree, and Chairpersons
Frank Hardy, Milo Czerda, Midori Kanematsu, Manuel Torres, and Grace Friel.
None of these individuals have any previous reputation or history with this
sort of work.
• 2057: On September 3, in DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, the Draco Foundation
opens its doors to its new headquarters. People from across the world
converge on the building to claim their inheritances.
• 2057: On September 5, in DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, the Scott Commission
begins its hearings with the interview of President Haefner. Chief Justice Scott
announces that copies of the hearings will be released after each witness is
interviewed and the commission reaches a majority decision.
• 2057: In Hong Kong, Daniel Kwan, an executive with Minh-Pao Imports, is
killed in a chemical explosion at a company warehouse.
• 2057: In Hong Kong, Sun Yat-sun, a local fisherman and the recipient of the
First Coin of Luck from former President Dunkelzahn, is found shot to death
on his boat.
• 2057: On October 2, a series of investigations on the objects bequeathed by
former President Dunkelzahn is released on the Shadowland BBS by sysop
Captain Chaos. The files indicate a high level of magic in some of the items.
(Portfolio of a Dragon)
• 2057: In Boston, Massachusetts, UCAS, local businessman Xander Brand is
found murdered in his home. Police seek a shadowrunner named Hawke in
connection with the killing.
• 2057: On November 8, in DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, the Scott Commission
releases its first official statement entitled Alpha Interview #1. This document
clears President Haefner of any involvement in the assassination of former
President Dunkelzahn.
• 2057: On November 11, in DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, the Draco Foundation
closes its doors to claimants of inheritances. They will reopen their doors on
the 3rd of every month for seven days to deal with further claims and other
• 2057: On November 12, in DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, Scott Commission
questioning of Nadja Daviar begins.
• 2057: On November 14, in DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, Congress begins its
approval process on President Haefner's Cabinet list.
• 2057: In Seattle DeeCee Sprawl, UCAS, David Emerson, a minor functionary
in President Dunkelzahn's campain, begins preaching at the site of the
explosion. He claims that President Dunkelzahn was a divine incarnation sent
to save metahumanity. He further claims that he receives visions from the
dead president. Two months later he gathers up his few followers and leaves.
• 2057: In Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, an apartment building is completely
gutted by fire. Witnesses claim that a devil started the fire.
• 2057: In Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, Professor Miles Swinburne, considered the
father of hermetic magic, takes a leave of absence from his teaching position
at the University of Seattle to begin a new project of magical research. Long
believed to have lost his magic during the Euro-Wars, Swinburne apparently
has been able to use magic all along and has been subconsciously summoning
spirits in the form of arcana from the tarot deck. The UCAS Journal of
Thaumaturgy asks Professor Swinburne to write a series of articles on his
experiences and The University of Seattle funds his research on the subject.
• 2057: In Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, Joe Two Feathers, a high-up member of
the ORC, is shot through the head while walking down the street. The
murderer is never caught.
• 2057: In Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, The Victory night club is opened.
• 2057: In Los Angeles, CFS, during a combat biker match between the Los
Angeles Sabers and the New Orleans Buzzsaws famed Sabers member
Tamara Ny is killed when veteran Buzzsaws linebacker Dougan Rose illegally
uses cyberspurs against Ny and accidentally cuts her throat Ny's close friend
Jonathan Winger, a known rival of Rose, attacks and seriously injures him.
Rose is charged with illegal use of cyberspurs and grounded for part of the
game but suffers no further penalties. His injuries at Winger's hands are not
severe enough to ground him for their next game.
• 2057: In Los Angeles, CFS, soon after her death, the home of Tamara Ny is
bombed by unknown parties. Two people are killed in the explosion.
• 2057: In Los Angeles, CFS, the helicopter pad and penthouse of the Venice
Hilton is destroyed in an explosion. The cause of the explosion is unknown.
• 2057: In Los Angeles, CFS, Luc Tashika, executive vice president of
Mitsuhama Computer Technologies' entertainment division, is killed by the
Steppin' Wulf street gang during a war with a rival gang.
• 2057: In Los Angeles, CFS, Andreas Michaelson, senior executive vice
president at Saeder-Krupp, disappears without a trace.
• 2057: In Los Angeles, CFS, during a combat biker game between the Los
Angeles Sabers and the New Orleans Buzzsaws, Jonathan Winger, in a fit of
vengeance for the death of his friend Tamara Ny during a previous game,
straps a bomb to his cycle and drives it straight into the bike of his rival
Dougan Rose. The bomb explodes and kills Winger almost immediately. Rose
miraculously survives the explosion.
• 2057: In the UCAS, David Emerson reappears in public on the show UCAS
Today. He claims that his new name is David Dragonson and announces the
formation of the Children of the Dragon. This organization, he claims, is a
society dedicated to spreading the word of Dunkelzahn. He further displays
new magical power that he supposedly did not have before. The group begins
to swiftly attract followers.
• 2057: In Seattle Metroplex, UCAS, Lieutenant Colonel Chris Van Roggen is
killed by some sort of poison by an unknown assassin.
• 2057: In Prince Edward Island, Maine, UCAS, the Children of the Dragon
purchase a large parcel of land intended to be the site of their first temple to
President Dunkelzahn.