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FALLOUT 2: A Post-Nuclear Role-Playing Game Readme File - 15 October 1998 Version 1.

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 Installation Manual Errata Troubleshooting Contacting Interplay Product License

-----------------(1.0) INSTALLATION -----------------The manual contains all the installation instructions necessary to get you up and running. The Fallout 2 website will contain the latest patches and fixes. We recommend that you check there before installing the game for the absolute latest updates. (1.1) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS ------------------------Required Windows(R) 95/98 CD-ROM Pentium(TM) 90 or faster 16 MB RAM 30 MB available hard drive space Direct X - certified SVGA card Direct X - certified sound card 4X or faster CD-ROM drive Windows(R) 95/98/NT 4.0 SP3 Only 100% Microsoft-compatible mouse Recommended Pentium(TM) 120 or faster 32 MB RAM 150 MB hard disk space DOES NOT WORK IN DOS The various installation levels will install larger versions of the game to your hard drive: * * * * Small Medium Large Humongous (2 megs: executable, config and support files) (87 megs: adds music) (276 megs: adds creature graphics and animations) (681 megs: installs everything!)

It is recommended that you use the largest possible installation option for your hard drive. The more room Fallout 2 has on your hard drive, the faster the game will play.

In addition, when you run Fallout 2, you will need around 20 megs of free hard drive space for files that are created when playing and for save games. Save games take up more space the longer you have been playing. Each save game slot starts around 80K in size, and will get larger the more areas you have explored.

------------------(2.0) MANUAL ERRATA ------------------After the manual went to print, we found the following errors or made the following changes to Fallout 2 (See 2.7 for a note about the end game): (2.1) SKILL PROGRESSION CHART --------------------------Each skill can be increased using skill points. Skill points are acquired after each level advancement. The number of skill points you acquire per level is determined by your Intelligence. See the manual for details. Each Each Each Each Each Each skill skill skill skill skill skill increment increment increment increment increment increment from 1-100 costs 1 skill point. from 101-125 costs 2 skill point. from 126-150 costs 3 skill point. from 151-175 costs 4 skill point. from 176-200 costs 5 skill point. above 200 costs 6 skill point.

Note: Max skill is 300, instead of 200. (2.2) PREFERENCES --------------------------COMBAT LOOKS: With this preference on, the combat cursor will perform the 'examine' look when a critter is targeted. This will give you a detailed description as well as its current level of health. The examination will be displayed in the text box in the bottom left corner of the game screen. This preference defaults to "off." (2.3) PERKS --------------------------The following changes have been made to the Perks: Hand To Hand: Jab Jab was +5 Melee Damage, +5% Critical, Armor Piercing, Costing 6 Action Points. Jab is now +3 Melee Damage, +10% Critical, Not Armor Piercing, Costing 3 Action Points. Demolition Expert: Traps requirement changed from 90 to 75. Weapon Handling: Maximum Strength requirement of 6 was added. A character with a strength greater than 6 would not benefit from this perk so it is no longer available to those with a strength above 6. Hand-to-hand Evade (HtH Evade):

If both item slots are empty, each unused action point gives you a +2 instead of +1 towards your armor class at the end of your turn, plus 1/12 of your unarmed skill. Note: You can still have items or hand-to-hand weapons in your hands, just not weapons. This Perk gives you (2 * Free AP's) + (Unarmed Skill / 12) = Bonus to your armor class. Perks increasing skills: Perks that increase one or more of your skills no longer apply "skill points" towards the skill(s), instead the increase that skill by a certain percentage. As skills get higher, the cost more "skill points" to increase that skill. You skill will increase by a percentage instead of applying the points towards the skill (which could vary how much it increased the skill by depending no what skill level you have it at.) Gambler: Was +40 SP to Gambling; Now +20% to Gambling. Harmless: Was +40 SP to Steal; Now +20% to Steal. Living Anatomy: Was +20 SP to Doctor; Now +10% to Doctor. Master Thief: Was +20 SP to Lockpick and Steal; Now +15% to Lockpick and Steal. Medic: Was +20 SP to First Aid and Doctor; Now +10% to First Aid and Doctor. Mr. Fixit: Was +20 SP to Repair and Science; Now +10% to Repair and Science. Negotiator: Was +20 SP to Speech and Barter; Now +10% to Speech and Barter. Ranger: Was +20 SP to Outdoorsman; Now +15% to Outdoorsman. Salesman: Was +40 SP to Barter; Now +20% to Barter. Speaker: Was +40 SP to Speech; Now +20% to Speech. Survivalist: Was +40 SP to Outdoorsman; Now +25% to Outdoorsman. Thief: Was +10 SP to Sneak, Lockpick, Steal and Traps; Now +10% to Sneak, Lockpick, Steal and Traps. Note: SP = Skill Points. The skill increase is not the only bonus to Living Anatomy & Ranger. General note on perks: Cautious Nature, Explorer, Ranger, Scout, and Sharpshooter will still give you a bonus even if your statistic is at 10. (2.4) TRAPS --------------------------You can not use explosives to trap doors, etc. You can destroy most doors by placing explosives in front of the door, but they can not be rigged with explosives. (2.5) REST UNTIL *PARTY* HEALED ------------------------------On Page 58 of "The Clock and Calendar" section of the PIPBOY2000, you also have the option to rest until your entire party is healed. If a party member is injured, this will be displayed at the very bottom. (2.6) The Car

------------The car in the game runs on Micro Fusion Cells, which is also a type of ammunition for energy weapons. To refuel the car, use the action icon "Use Inventory Item On" on the front end of the car (see Page 38 of the manual for detailed instructions.) This will open your inventory. Use the Micro Fusion Cells to refuel the car. Two Cells will completely refuel the car. If the car runs out of fuel in the world map, it's location will be marked so you can return to it later if you do not have any more fuel. If you have Micro Fusion Cells, enter the map and follow the instructions above. The car also has a trunk. It works just like normal containers. left click on the trunk of the car to open. (2.7) END GAME NOTE ------------------When you finish the game (after the end game movie, the end game slide show and the credits) you will be returned to the game automatically. This will allow you to continue playing. Be warned that the game is over, and some areas in the game do not take this into account. We would rather let those who wish to continue playing have this ability, rather then forcing the game to end for everyone. (2.8) REFERENCE TABLES ---------------------The reference tables on the inside of the cover are not to be taken seriously. (2.9) ONLINE MANUAL ------------------There is an online manual on the Fallout 2 CD-ROM. The online manual is an Adobe Acrobat 3.0 file. You must have a reader installed to view the manual. We have included a Win95 version of the reader. Installing the Reader - Win95 To install the Win95 version of the Adobe Acrobat reader, open the Fallout 2 CD-ROM. Open the Manual directory. Open the Adobe directory. Double-click on AR32E30.EXE file. To View the Manual - Win95 Open the CD. Open the Manual directory. Double-click on the MANUAL.PDF icon.

--------------------(3.0) TROUBLESHOOTING --------------------These are tips to help improve the performance of Fallout 2 on your machine. Also be sure to read the Interplay Productions Reference and Troubleshooting Guide pamphlet that came in your Fallout 2 box. (3.1) DIRECTX 5.0 ----------------We have also provided DirectX 5.0 on the Fallout 2 CD-ROM for users who wish to install it. If you are having driver-related problems,

you might want to try installing DirectX 5.0. To install DirectX 5.0, go into the DirectX5\directx folder on the CD-ROM and run DXSETUP.EXE. (3.2) S3 ViRGE VIDEO CARDS (SLOW GAMEPLAY) -----------------------------------------Video cards with the S3 ViRGE chipset, such as the Stealth 64 3D 2000, may perform poorly under Fallout 2. You should attempt two things: * Install the most recent drivers available from your video card manufacturer. Often, updated drivers will fix many of the older incompatibilities. Contact your manufacturer, or check their website, for more information about their drivers. * Use the default S3 drivers (S3 PCI VIRGE) from the Win95 CD. (3.3) WINDOWS NT ---------------Currently, Fallout 2 will not install to a Windows NT 2 platform. While Fallout 2 does not officially support Windows NT, it will run as long as you have Service Pack 3. This is required since the Win95 version of Fallout 2 requires DirectX 5 or higher. You can get Service Pack 3 from Microsoft. (3.4) DIAMOND STEALTH 3000 & MONSTER 3D CARDS --------------------------------------------If your system has both a Diamond Stealth 3000 and a Monster 3D video card installed, then Fallout 2 will not install if you run the Win95 setup program. You can try these tips: * Download the latest manufacturer drivers from Diamond. This has been tested, and seems to fix the problem. * Disable the Monster 3D video card. (3.5) GENERAL SLOWNESS UNDER Win95/Win98 ---------------------------------------If you are playing the Win95 version, and find the game to be running slowly, you can try these tips: * Adjust your Read Ahead cache for your CD-ROM drive. You may experience glitches with movies depending on your particular CD-ROM drive. * Reinstall the Win95 version, but use a larger installation size. Slow gameplay with a small installation version is probably the result of slow CD-ROM access.

-------------------------(4.0) CONTACTING INTERPLAY --------------------------

(4.1) INTERPLAY U.S. CUSTOMER SUPPORT INFORMATION ------------------------------------------------TECHNICAL SUPPORT TROUBLESHOOTING DOCUMENTS ONLINE! Interplay Productions Technical Support now offers troubleshooting guides with complete installation and setup instructions as well as information that will help you overcome the most common difficulties. If you have access to the World Wide Web, you can find these at Here you will find troubleshooting information on as well as information on regular system maintenance and performance. DirectX Joysticks Modems and Networks (For game-specific information and additional troubleshooting, visit our main page at If you have questions about the program, our Technical Support Department can help. Our web site contains up-to-date information on the most common difficulties with our products, and this information is the same as that used by our product support technicians. We keep the product support pages updated on a regular basis, so please check here first for no-wait solutions: If you are unable to find the information you need on our web site, please feel free to contact Technical Support via e-mail, phone, fax, or letter. Please be sure to include the following information in your e-mail message, fax, or letter: -Title of Game -Computer manufacturer -Operating system (Windows 95, DOS 6.22, etc.) -CPU type and speed in MHz -Amount of RAM -Sound card type and settings (address, IRQ, DMA) -Video card -CD-ROM -Mouse driver and version -Joystick and game card (if any) -A copy of the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files from your hard drive -A description of the problem you're having Hints are not available for this title via the hint line. You can visit the Fallout 2 Web Page and posts your questions in the Feedback section. Interplay/Black Isle Studios employees will sometimes answer questions. The Feedback area is mainly used for gamers to help each other. Fallout 2 Web Page: Interplay Productions Support Fax: (949) 252-2820 Interplay Productions Technical Support 16815 Von Karman Avenue

Irvine, CA 92606 HOW TO REACH US ONLINE INTERNET E-MAIL: WORLD WIDE WEB: Access our Web Site at FTP: Access our FTP Site at Mail: Interplay Customer Service 16815 Von Karman Irvine, CA 92606 (4.1) INTERPLAY U.K. CUSTOMER SUPPORT INFORMATION ------------------------------------------------Interplay Productions, Ltd. Harleyford Manor Harleyford Henley Road Marlow Buckinghamshire SL7 2DX ENGLAND Tel: +44 (0) 1628 423723 Fax: +44 (0) 1628 423777 Email: Limited Warranty ---------------If within the first ninety days of purchase you have any problems with the product please return it to the retailer. After ninety (90) days , you may return the software program to Interplay Productions, provided the fault is not due to normal wear and tear and Interplay will mail a replacement to you. To receive a replacement, you should enclose the defective medium (including the original product label) in protective packaging accompanied by: 1) A cheque or postal order for 10 sterling (to cover postage and packaging). 2) A brief statement describing the defect. 3) The original receipt or address of the retailer 4) Your return address Registered mail is recommended for returns. Please send to: Warranty Replacements, Interplay Productions Ltd., Harleyford Manor, Harleyford, Henley Road, Marlow, Buckinghamshire SL7 2DX, ENGLAND --------------------(5.0) PRODUCT LICENSE --------------------This copy of FALLOUT 2 (the Software) is intended solely for your personal noncommercial home entertainment use. You may not decompile, reverse engineer, or disassemble the Software, except as permitted by law. Interplay Productions retain[s] all right, title and interest in the Software including all intellectual property rights embodied

therein and derivatives thereof. The Software, including, without limitation, all code, data structures, characters, images, sounds, text, screens, game play, derivative works and all other elements of the Software may not be copied, resold, rented, leased, distributed (electronically or otherwise), used on pay-per-play, coin-op or other for-charge basis, or for any commercial purpose. Any permissions granted herein are provided on a temporary basis and can be withdrawn by Interplay Productions at any time. All rights not expressly granted are reserved. By acquiring and retaining this Software, you assent to the terms and restrictions of this limited license. If you do not accept the terms of this limited license, you must return the Software together with all packaging, manuals, and other material contained therein to the store where you acquired the Software for a full refund. Copyright 1998 Interplay Productions. All rights reserved. Fallout 2 is a trademark of Interplay Productions. Win95, Windows 95, Windows NT, DirectX are copyrights of Microsoft Corporation.