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Unofficial Referee Observers Report

rbitro Internacional & The Third Team




Group B, 22 June 2013, 19:00 Local Time Belo Horizonte, Estdio Mineiro (BRA) Match Officials Referee Assistant Referee 1 Assistant Referee 2 Fourth Official Reserve AR Blog Referee Observer
1 2 3

Name Felix Brych Mark Borsch Stefan Lupp Howard Webb Mike Mullarkey Chefren


Mark1 8.2 8.5 8.3 8.3

Mark2 ---------

Difficulty3 Normal Normal Normal Normal

Final mark according to evaluation scale. Expected level for AARs and fourth official is 8.0, crucial mistake 7.7! Mark if the final mark had not been influenced by a crucial mistake (only in case of a crucial mistake, to be held empty if no crucial mistake occurred). Difficulty has to be integrated into the final mark. Levels of difficulty are: normal, challenging and very challenging. 4 Blog-Referee Observer =Inofficial referee observer appointed by the blog administrator.

Evaluation scale
(for referee, ARs and fourth official)

Description of the Marks Excellent. Very good. Important decision(s) correctly taken. Good. Expected level. Satisfactory with small areas for improvement. Satisfactory with important areas for improvement. One clear and important mistake, otherwise 8.3 or above. One clear and important mistake, otherwise 8.0 8.2. Below expectation, poor control, significant point(s) for improvement. Disappointing. Below expectation with one and clear important mistake or a performance with two or more clear and important mistakes. Unacceptable.

9.0 10.0 8.5 8.9 8.3 8.4 8.2 8.0 8.1 7.9 7.8 7.5 7.7 7.0 7.4 6.0 6.9

Small description of the match (extra-ordinary incidents etc.): The last matchday of Group A in this FIFA Confederations Cup 2013. The match was played in Belo Horizonte at Estdio Mineiro, in front of an attendance of 52,690. Both teams were already eliminated from the tournament, having lost all the previous matches. So, a match without a real interest, but at the end it was well played by both teams. The referee appointed was Felix Brych from Germany, at his first game in this tournament. Howard Webb worked as fourth official. The match in its progress presented several interesting situation, being anyway not that intensive and difficult for the referee.

Unofficial Referee Observers Report

rbitro Internacional & The Third Team

Crucial Decisions (refer to penalty kicks, sending-off situations etc.) Minute and Description of the Scene / Assessment of the referees decision Penalty appeal by Mexico. After a shot by Hernandez (MEX), Kurihara (MEX) 49 hits the ball with his hand in area. The decision to consider it as unintentional is correct because the arms of the defender are close to body. Penalty whistled in favor of Mexico. Hernandez (MEX) falls down in area after a soft contact with the opponent. A hand on the shoulder made him fall down while 90+1 running. The call must be evaluated as soft, anyway not a clear mistake, still acceptable.

Basic Observations (refer to the general application of the LotG, highlight the referees tactical approach, personality, match control, management of the teams and players, teamwork etc.). Please deploy short but precise and detailed sentences! Positive Points 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Control of the game and communication with players. Alertness in evaluating crucial situations in penalty area (see 49 in the grid above) Waiting prior to whistle, in order to be totally sure and in case, to give a possible advantage. Attention when players took free kicks. He ordered often to repeat them because the ball was moving. Even in the penalty situation, he was able to notice that the ball was in a wrong position. Management of added time: 5 minutes in second half were totally appropriate.

Points for Improvement 1. 2. 3. Excessive usage of the whistle, in calling players. The penalty was a too soft call, still acceptable, but it wasnt consistent with the other fouls on the middle of the pitch. He decided to give only two YC in a mandatory situations, but the management can be improved. For this reason the mark is 8,2. Anyway, overall still a good performance.

Unofficial Referee Observers Report

rbitro Internacional & The Third Team

The referees character Physical Aspects Fitness / Stamina Always close to play without interfering with it Flexible diagonal movement Positioning at set pieces Efficient positioning, having a good angle of vision to play Close to the penalty area, if needed Tactical Approach Description very lenient lenient X Yes Consistency in the tactical approach / style The tactical approach suited to the requirements of the match / the match benefitted from the tactical approach of the referee Ability to adapt the tactical approach if needed So-so X X X No X X medium strict very strict X X X + Expected X -

Further observations (peculiarities of the referee revealing his character) Felix Brych had overall a lenient style in this match, preferring to whistle without cards. He decided to give a card in first half for a tackle, then another at the end of second half for wasting of time by Mexican keeper (correct). Overall, the foul detection was good, but the card management can be improved. Again, we can underline that the penalty call was too soft. Brych should find more consistency under this aspect. It was anyway a difficult situation to evaluate and he was a bit far from the play.

Unofficial Referee Observers Report

rbitro Internacional & The Third Team

Assistant Referee 1
Please assess the first assistant referees performance. Minute and Description of the Scene / Assessment of the ARs behaviour Okazaki (JPN) is flagged offside and a goal scored by Japan is disallowed. Very 9 difficult call, the decision is correct. The player was still on the ground after having fallen and he appeared in a very slight offside when the teammate shot the ball. 54 and Hernandez (MEX) scores starting from regular positions. 66

Assistant Referee 2
Please assess the second assistant referees performance. Minute and Description of the Scene / Assessment of the ARs behaviour 3 18 29 44 86 Dos Santos (MEX) is flagged offside Wrong decision, the player was onside. Jimenez (MEX) is flagged offside. No replay, the decision should be correct. Dos Santos (MEX) is flagged offside. No replay, the decision should be correct Dos Santos (MEX) is flagged offside. Correct decision. Okazaki (JPN) is correctly evaluated onside while scoring. Correct and difficult call.

Fourth Official
Please assess the fourth officials performance. Minute and Description of the Scene / Assessment of the fourth officials behaviour Howard Webb was not challenged in this match, he helped well the main referee, All executing his work of fourth official, about substitutions and added time. match Furthermore, he often appeared very attentive to the play, anyway without long particular or relevant situations to underline.