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1 Here is an example proposal for topic consisting of an abstract, methods, and references.

Salient Points of Foreign Investment Law 2012 of Myanmar

Abstract: The term paper surveys Foreign Investment Law 2012 of Myanmar enacted by Pyi Daung Su Hluttaw. Due to the growing significance of foreign direct investment Myanmar tried to get advantages of foreign direct investment by doing liberalization and adopting some salient features of foreign investment in the law which will be suitably attractive to possible investors. It looks at the law in a comparative context. It provides reliable security guarantees and legal strength and clear rules and easy and fast procedures. However, foreign ownership restrictions, minimum capital, prohibited activities, foreign employees, tax incentives, customs duty incentives, use of land, required transfer to Myanmar citizens at the end of the investment period, disputes concerning foreign investment are still under control for the interest of State. When it becomes a developed State enough the law will be full of further liberalization surely. Method: In the pursuit of the research objectives and the quest for the solution of a problem, research question and research objectives will be outlined. Primary authorities including court opinions, statutes , rules, regulations and procedures etc. may be done using different online and offline secondary sources containing treatises, law reviews and encyclopedias, various digests and law publications and study aids, and non-legal sources for supporting information. It is important to identify the right legal theories and procedures. If these need to be modified or if new theories are required it is to do more research. Strengths and weaknesses on implementation process of the investment law will be discovered also. Lastly it is to evaluate the accuracy of the result obtained.

References: The primary authorities of international investment law include multinational, bilateral investment agreements, and domestic investment laws and laws towards foreign investments, and various national laws such as tax laws, banking laws, company laws, environmental laws, and labor laws. International and regional agreements regarding investments can be found in the Convention of the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of Other States and The Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization and its Annexes, which include the GATT 1994, a series of Multilateral Trade Agreements, and a series of Plurilateral Trade Agreement, other regional trade and investment agreements like ASEAN. Myanmar has entered bilateral investment and tax treaties with many foreign nations. The secondary authorities of international investment law include all the legal articles about international investment, international trade, and dispute resolution of international law. Major law reviews or journals related to international investment and others subscribed by the law library are also comprised.