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1. Specialized expertise, quick ramp-up.

Some projects require a person with experience that you just dont have in-house. An experienced temporary employee often needs less ramp-up time than a permanent hire, which allows you and your team to get those projects that needed to be done yesterday, done today. 2. Fresh perspectives. How many times have you heard a new employee temp or perm say, Well at my last job we did ? New talent brings new ideas to your organization. Your temp may have spent time as a full-time employee at a marquee brand and that experience could mean success for your next project. 3. Temps make great full-time staff. A group of top individual contributors who just cant work well together is a recipe for disaster. If youve got a contractor working for you on a project, you have time to evaluate if they might fit with your team as a permanent employee. At the same time, they have the benefit of understanding what the position is really all about and get a full sense of your companys culture and values.
Successive Hurdles can refer to the fact that any individual that is not successful in one portion of the selection process cannot proceed to the next portion.
We all have heard that, Employees are assets of a company. Every company claims to follow and understand this mantra. The function of HR is all about people- managing them, hiring them, etc. To carry out any function in a business, be it marketing, production, operations, you need people. HR brings the people to the organization and its business. It is said marketing is promoting your product in the market place. Similarly, HR is promoting and selling your company in the market. If you can promote your company efficiently you are sure to attract people to work for you. When we say we require people for the functions of business, how do we acquire people for these functions? This is done by RECRUITMENT. For recruitment to happen the company has to do a Job Analysis of the job to be assigned to an eligible candidate.

Present recruitment and selection practice (inBangladesh):Bangladesh):

Bribe in the name of donationBribe in the name of donation

Biased recruitmentBiased recruitment

Unfair selectionUnfair selection

Quota based recruitmentQuota based recruitment

Unwillingness to recruit female candidatesUnwillingness to recruit female candidates

Political recruitmentPolitical recruitment

Recruitment biased by religion, groups andRecruitment biased by religion, groups andethnic priorityethnic priority

Not following a standard system Not following a standard system