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Objective: To work and create a dynamic environment with challenging tasks and fulfill
the objective and goals by the organization. I need opportunity to explore my knowledge
and strive in all aspects in your esteem organization
Education : B.Tech – Information Technology
Total IT Experience : 3.8 Years
Languages :,, C#, Visual Basic.
Reporting Tools : Crystal Reports
Backend : Ms-access, Sql server 2000, Sql Server 2005.

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), 2008

Professional Experience:

1Currently working as Senior .Net Developer from Sep-2007 to till Date In Positive Solution
Pvt LTD, PanjaGutta, Hyderabad

2Worked as a Software Engineer from Sep 2006 to August 2007 in Eihatec Enterprises,

3Worked as a Software Support Engineer from July 2005 to October 2006, for the software
as well as hardware (Barcode printers and Scanners) and integrating Barcode printers to
various Retail software’s and integrating POS(Point Of Sales) peripherals to Various Retail

1Worked extensively in, VB.NET, SQL, VB 6.0, Server 2000, and Access 2000,
Crystal Reports environments.
2Having experience of Onsite application deployment, troubleshooting,.
3Exposure to all aspects of software design development, troubleshooting, testing and
4Ability to gather client requirements and create systems and applications to meet
5Appreciated as a good team member.
6Worked in a 3-tier Architecture Environment.
7Strong communication and coordination skills in fast-paced information technology
Projects Profile:
Client : Aara Traders (Guntur)
Platform : Windows XP
Software : ASP.NET 2.0, C#.Net, ADO.Net
Database : MS. SQL Server
Web Server : IIS 6.0
Team Size :5
Project Duration : Dec 2008 to Feb 2009.

Description: Aara is a chilliesTrading company in Guntur. Business process of Aara is to provide

whole sale chillies business for chillies trading purpose. Trading is done in two ways. 1. Spot 2.

1. Spot: In Spot trading customers buy the required items by logging into the
application and select the required product, add them to their cart and confirm
the purchase by paying the advance amount.

2. After paying the advance amount they should pay the balance amount in 15
days. Else their transaction is blocked.

3. Forward: In this trading customers will post enquiries for their interested price,
product, Qty. According to that portal admin will confirm or posts a reply to that

4. These negotiations will continue up to 3-levels. After it crosses the limit and if
none of the customer or admin confirms the enquiry the enquiry gets expired.

5. After confirming the enquiry the process is same as Spot.

• Involved in Case study, Implementation and Training

• Involved in Data-layer, Data base design, Biz Layer Design and Presentation layer.

2. Project Title : ERP For Paper Industries

Clients : Prakash straw boards Paper Ltd.
Module Developed : Purchases, Inventory, Sales and Accounts.
Organization : Positive Solution Pvt ltd.
Project Duration : -Sep 2007 to Till Date
Tools Used:,, SQL Server 2000 and Crystal Reports
Project Description: This is a product Developed to track the all the process in the paper
industry run its industry process smoothly. This is an integrated application every entry
will be affected in the respective process in the organization.

Purchases include Material indent, Purchase indent, Request for quotation, Quotation,
Purchase order and Purchase Invoice.
Material indent: Respective department will raise Material request for the inventory
Purchase department: Inventory department will take request from the department and
supply the material, if the material is not available inventory will raise the purchase indent
to purchase Department

Request for Quotation: Purchase Department will raise Request for quotation for the
Quotation: Purchase Department will get the quotations from the different suppliers
Purchase Order: Here Purchase Department will Pick least best Quotation and Raise the
Purchase Order
In the Inventory Good receipt Note and Stock inward, Stock Transfer, Stock out Ward
Goods Receipt Note: Material supplied by supplier with help of Purchase order
These Materials received with Goods Receipt Note (GRN) and these Increases Inventory
level and it will hit Accounts Department
Reports all done according to industry standards and custom reports as client requirements.
Major reports include Purchase Register, Stock Ledger Report, Material Indents Status
Reports, Purchase indent Status reports, Stock inward and Outward Report, Reorder Level
Sales: This Product is developed the all the Sales Process in the paper Industry
This Project includes Sales Enquiry, Sales Quotation, Sales Order, Packing Entry, Sales
Invoice and This Includes Flexible calculation of the Taxes, In Every Transaction As Per
Industry standards And Generating Report Like sales stock report, Generating Invoice, Forms
Reconciliation against Sales, Daily dispatch Report , and Posting Sales Details to Accounts
Accounts: Bank Receipt ,Cash Receipt, Bank Payment, Cash payment, Flexible Chart of
Accounts as per Industry, Trail Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Accounts
and all type of Accounts Reports.

My Contribution
As a team member, was responsible for
1. Analyzing the requirements of the customer and generalizing procedures through out
the project.
2. Preparing screen layouts, designing the forms, Database designing and coding.
3. Performing validations and verification testing.
4. Implementing software Client Place.

3.Project Title : Front Desk System.

Clients : Tureeya Grand, Reliant Hospitality, Serenity Inn.
Organization : Eihatec Enterprises.
Duration : May 2007 – Aug 2007
Tools Used : VB.Net, SQL Server, Access 2000, Crystal Reports.

Project Description: This is a Product Developed to serve the Hospitality Industry especially
the hotel industry for running its Hotel operations smoothly. This is a multi property billing
system, which makes multiple property operations functionally easy to handle.

The hotel Billing has features ranging from Hotel Reservations (Travel Agent Bookings also),
Reservation Cancellations, Check-Ins (Individual, Group), Change/Shift Rooms, Room
Service, Express check-outs, Part Billing, Posting of Other Services, Guest History, Room
Tariff (General, Corporate, Custom), Travel Agent Database (Commission Percentage
Calculation), Tax Structures, Printing of Bills in Preformatted or Default Printing.

Checkouts are based on 2 types like 12 Noon, 24 hr checkouts. With an option of custom
grace period for charging extra stay time. After Checkouts bill settlements is done normally in
single payment mode or multiple payment modes according to guest convenience.
Reports all done according to industry standards and custom reports as client requirements.
Major reports include reservation reports, Guest Check-In & Check-Out reports, Sales Reports
(Rooms, KOT, Services), ARR Report, Cashier Report, Room-Occupancy Reports,
Reservation forecasting reports, Night Audit reports and lot of other miscellaneous reports.
My Contribution
As a team member, was responsible for
1. Analyzing the requirements and generalizing procedures through out the project.
2. Preparing screen layouts, designing the forms, Database designing, Coding.
3. Performing validations and verification testing.
4. Implementing the software at client place
5. Integrate all the peripherals connected to software

4. Project Title: Restaurant Billing System. (Regular & Touch Versions)

Clients: Fusion9, Deli9 (Banjara Hills & Lifestyle), GrillRoom, Café Odyssey, Ofen
Patisseries, Utsav (Moksh).
Organization: Eihatec Enterprises.
Duration : Jan 2007 – May 2007
Tools Used: VB.Net, SQL Server 2000, Crystal Reports.

Project Description: This Product was originally developed in VB6.0 and Microsoft Access.
Because of some issues like managing huge database, web hosting of reports from Multiple
Outlets and integration of other major packages developed for hospitality industry with this
application has to be done, so then the conversion came into picture.
The whole package was built on a 3-tier architecture with user interface, business and data

Proven billing system in hospitality industry with top class clients using it, with features like
auto KOT system and Manual KOT, Print features ranging from segregating the category of
items in order and sending the print to respective kitchen, table categorizing with different tax
structures, special timing prices, managing door delivery customers.

Cancellation of items and KOT itself, table resetting, table shifting and merging, managing
complementary items, back calculation of taxes according to the table categories. Split billing
feature allows bill to be split by food type (or) covers.
Table waiting status, table status help operators find which table is active, waiting and billed
and not settled.
Bill settlement can be done normally or split settlement is done in case of multiple payment
modes. Reports – crucial reports of restaurant like Cashier report, Sales Reports, Bill
Settlement reports all done with crystal report tool.

My Contribution
As a team member, was responsible for
1. Analyzing the Existing application and gathering the requirements, planning the
project and Database designing. Coding.
2. Preparing screen layouts, designing the forms.
3. Performing unit testing, validations and verification testing.

5. Project Name : Store Management system

Duration : Nov 2006 – Jan 2007
Organization : Eihatec Enterprises.
Environment : VB.Net, Sql Server, Crystal Reports and Windows 2000
Description : The basic objective the objective of the software is to track all the materials
supplied to the Restaurant and maintaining the minimum stock level of the products in the

My Contribution : Designed User Interface, Field and form validations, preparing the purchase
vouchers and generating the purchase order according to their reorder qty level, and generating
the Reports for the Stock balance reports for all the products
6. Project Name : Inventory Package
Client : Madhucon Sugars ltd
Organization : Protocol solution Pvt ltd
Duration : July 2005–Sep 2005
Environment : VB and Ms-access
Description : Tracking the inward and the outward Material in the sugar by
printing the barcode label and scanning the Barcode when material going outside godown, with
the help of these total sales Reports and Monthly Reports and yearly generated.

7.Project Name : Inventory Package

Client : Red Rose industries ltd
Organization : Protocol solution Pvt ltd
Duration : Dec 2005 – Feb 2006
Environment : VB and Ms-access
Description : Tracking the inward and the outward Materials by printing the
barcode label and scanning the Barcode when material going outside godown, with the help of
this total sales Of the day and Monthly Reports and yearly generated, Item wise sales for different
items and dealer wise Reports will be Generated.
My Contribution : Design and development, and preparing all types MIS Reports
and testing the product.

Personal Profile :
Date of birth : 08-08-1983
Mobile No. : 9885912625