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Ministerul Educaiei, Cercetrii i Tineretului Centrul Naional pentru Curriculum i Evaluare n nvmntul Preuniversitar

Examenul de bacalaureat 2008 Proba E/F Proba scris la Limba englez L1 normal L2 Toate subiectele sunt obligatorii. Se acord 10 puncte din oficiu. Timpul efectiv de lucru este de 3 ore. (30 puncte) Varianta 015

Read the text below and complete the following tasks.

Although some experts in human development say paid work can be beneficial to teens introducing them to the adult world and sometimes reinforcing what they learn in schoolproblems arise when young people work too many hours. A panel of experts conducted two separate studies (1). They found that students who worked 15 or more hours a week while in school showed a decline in grades and performed less well on standardized tests. These students were less likely to take more demanding courses, (2). According to the U.S. Department of Labour, high school students work an average of about 17 hours a week during school months, an amount that could jeopardize their school performance. Not only can long workweeks have a negative impact on academic performance, but also they can take away the opportunity to build friendships and explore interests (3). Teens have to realize their primary job is getting a good education. And it's the parents' job to see that their teens understand that. Parents have the responsibility to establish the number of hours their teenager can work. (4) Although money may be one of the principal motivators for wanting a job, parents should emphasize to their child that he or she shouldn't take a job just for the money, especially if it's the first job to come along. (Joan Kuersten-Teens and Part-Time Jobs: At What Price?) 1. Four sentences/groups of words have been removed from the text. Select the appropriate sentence/ group of words for each gap in the text. There is one extra sentence/group of words which you do not need to use. 4 points A. particularly higher level math and science courses. B. But there are other students who are not interested in working at all. C. on the effect of part-time work on high school students' academic achievement. D. Those hours should increase only if he or she maintains good grades. E. that could enhance a teen's intellectual and emotional development. 2. Who/What do the words in bold refer to? 3. Give the synonyms of the following words. 1. conducted 2. decline 3. impact 4. opportunity 5. take. 4. Answer the following questions. 6 points

10 points 6 points

A. What do the studies show? B. How much time do high school students work according to the US Department of Labour? C. What are parents responsible for? 5. Comment on the following sentence: ...paid work can be beneficial to teens. (50 words) 4 points