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A Study on Consumer Brand preference towards Coconut Hair Oil with special reference to Erode Town.

1) Name 3) Age : : a) Male b) Female 2) Address :

4) Gender :

5) Educational Qualifications: a) Uneducated 6) Occupation: a) Business 7) Marital status: 8) Size of Family a) Below 2 members 9) Monthly Income? a) Below Rs. 5000 a) Meera coconut oil d) Parachute coconut oil g)Amla coconut oil k) If others, Specify a) Friends & Relatives d) Neighbors a) Past 1 years a) One a) Radio e) Newspaper a) Below 50ml b) Two b) Rs. 5001- 7000 c) Rs. 7001- 10,000 d) above Rs. 10,001 10) Which brand of coconut hair oil very often prefered by you? b) VVD Gold coconut oil c) Nihar coconut oil f) Mangalam Coconut oil i) MSR Golg Coconut Hair Oil b) 2 - 3 members c) 4 - 5 members d) above 6 members b) Private Service a) Single b) Married c) Public service d) others b) SSLC c) HSC d) UG e) PG f) Others

e) Dabur Vatika coconut oil h)Persona amla coconut oil _________________ b) Advertisement e) Retail stores

11) How did you came to know about the brand? c) Departmental stores

12) How long have you been using this particular brand of coconut oil? b) 2-3 years c) 4-5 years d) above 6 years 13) How many varieties does in your brand have? c) More than three b) Television f) No idea b) 50 ml c) 100 ml d) 500 ml & above if so, Name of the Brand ___________ d) Magazine 14) Which is the best suitable media for advertising the brand of coconut hair oil? c) Salesmanship

15) How much quantity do you purchased per month

16) Rank the following factors that influenced your preference Factors Quality Quantity Price Package/Size Smell/Fragrance No Side Effect Prevents Dandruff Prevents Hair Falls Generates New Hair Growth Non-Sticky Natural Shine 17) Your package preference a) Pouch 18) Opinion on Price a) Very High b) High c) Reasonable b) Dandruff e) Poor Package d) Low e) Very Low c) Giddiness f) Eye-Effect 19) Problems faced by you with the present Brand (Tick any) a) Hair Falls / Loss d) White Hair g) None 20) Any idea of change in the present brand? a) Yes b) No c) If Yes,Name the Brand _________________ b) Satisfied e) Highly Dissatisfied b) Satisfied e) Highly Dissatisfied c) Neutral c) Neutral 21) Opinion on the effectiveness of the product a) Highly Satisfied d) Dissatisfied a) Highly Satisfied d) Dissatisfied b) Bottle c) Tin Rank

22) What is the satisfaction level with the brand quality

23) Give your suggestions for improving /enhancing the brand quality _______________________ _______________________________________________________________________________