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Eat With Awesome People !

Vikram Haer | Aliaksandr Hudzilin | Nanxi Liu | Victoria Perepelitsa


We create so many virtual friendships that we forget about the importance of in-person interaction.

Bars and clubs are too noisy for good conversation.

It is difficult to meet new people outside of work and school.


Find people to eat with and/or places to eat at

Reserve a seat through our hassle-free payment system

Eat great food

Enjoy a 2-hour multi-course dinner

Meet new people over a family-style meal In any city

For Grubbers
Social: Meet new friends, potential dates, and business partners Comfortable: Social interaction without awkward moments Convenient: Everything is set up for the user, all they need to do is reserve the ticket Flexible: Go to any city and find company to eat with Enjoyable: Eat delicious food and discover new venues Useful: Additional features like Plan Your Own Meal allow users to invite friends or help their firms organize hassle-free group meals

For Restaurants
Increase visibility: Bring traffic to businesses Unique marketing: Replaces traditional, inefficient ads Higher revenue share: Gives back larger percentage of sales than deal sites to restaurants Improve sales during off-peak days: Enables restaurants to host events on GrubWithUs during less busy days Offer unique experience: Unlike deal sites that focus on quantity, GrubWithUs focuses on quality. This gives customers a better meal experience

Los Angeles | New York | San Francisco | Chicago | DC

Business Model



GrubWithUs partners with restaurants to provide meals and receives about 25% discount prices.

Grubbers pay to reserve meals with other Grubbers at prices 50% above the market rate.

GrubWithUs is a new type of networking which we dub Activity Networking. Our business model seems quite simple, but this Groupon/Meetup/eHarmony hybrid is a win-win for everyone in the grubbing process Eddy Lu, CEO & Co-Founder


Social Media
10,000 Tweets


over the past year Facebook Connect leverage 600Mm user base

$2 for each referral Got few thousand of new users through this campaign

Event Hosting

PR and Traditional Media


city big publication as many journalists as possible Have a network effect when colleagues of the journalists that we approach will approach us

hosting and planning for private parties will foster relationships with restaurants Have a private platform on a separate website for these purposes Create custom events with celebrities

Market Size and Trends


Market Opportunity (Billions)



Offline Commerce Social Networking

$100-365Mm $99Mm


Demographic Trends

Technology Trends

Business Factors

Restaurants part of the local ads $130B market Fine Dining comprises 19% of total local ads 28% of the U.S. population live in NFL cities Facebook population above 18 500, 206,089 $10 is the potential revenue we can get from each reservation

Increased households with internet access Increased per capita disposable income Lower Marriage rate / more singles Increasing population mobility including across border

Social Media Revolution Deal sites are positioned to have the immediate effect on a business A critical mass of local, computerized restaurant reservation books Traditional ads are being replaced by services like GrubWithUs

Small businesses want to market to a targeted audience with measurable results


Customer Base

Anyone with a credit card

Anyone with online access



Meals Offered for Purchase

Dinner daily

Cannot purchase food via site

Lunch daily

Lunch on Tuesdays


Meet new people with food

Posting and reading reviews from others

Limited to meeting people with similar Linkedin network Does not display cost of potential meal on site

Matches user with 1 person per time Must setup meeting at least two days in advance

Ease of Use

View meet-ups on site and pay for meal immediately

Site is saturated with text and links

Revenue Channels

Ads and users


None yet

None yet



Defensibility and Exit Strategy

Issue 1: Expand to all NFL Cities
Add 5 urban centers per year Acquire Competitors International Expansion

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1

Q2 Q3 Q4

Defense Result
Limiting competitors and increasing barriers to entry by achieving scale

Issue 2: Create an Ecosystem based on product

Create branch products

Customers rely on our product for other services Establish GrubWithUs as market leader

Issue 3: Initial Public Offering

Maintain 2 profitable years Announce Initial Public Offering

Look for M&A Exits

EBIT, $ MM 16 14 Users, Millions 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 1 4 10 15 $90 $80 $70 $60 $50 $40 $30 $20 $19 $1 2012 2013 2014 2015 $56 $84


$0 2011

EBIT Expansion 1000x by 2015

Key Data Points: Initial Investment: 5-10 million Number of Potential ERB Restaurants: 41,600 Global Facebook User Base Above 18: 500 MM Growth in the past 3 months: 183% Growth in the past 12 months: 1600%
2012 $641 $9 $5,445 $2,722 $544 $1,089 $1,089 2013 $3,670 $9 $33,034 $6,607 $3,964 $3,634 $18,829 2014 $10,418 $10 $98,975 $19,795 $11,877 $10,887 $56,416 2015 $14,764 $10 $147,642 $29,528 $17,717 $16,241 $84,156

Users Worldwide, thousdands Value per Transaction, $ Total Revenue (MM) Sales and Marketing General and Administrative Research and Development EBIT (MM)

2011 $52 $8 $417 $208 $42 $83 $83


Eddy Lu
CEO and Co-Founder Serial Entrepreneur

Daishin Sugano
COO and Co-Founder Serial Entrepreneur

Experienced Investors and Advisors

Paul Graham
Y-Combinator ViaWeb

Chuck Templeton
OpenTable GrubHub

Yuri Milner
DST Start Fund

Dustin Moskovitz
Asana Facebook