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Shadowrun Magic Crib Sheet

Spellcasting [SR3 p181]: Spellcasting requires a Complex action, the actual effects will vary by spell.
Casting Roll: Sorcery (some or all) + Spell Pool (maximum of allocated Sorcery skill)
[SR3 p182] TN: Per spell
Resistance Roll: Defined by the spell + allocated Spell Defence dice
[SR3 p183] TN: Force of the Spell (reduced by armour if a Damaging Manipulation spell)
Inanimate objects receive no resistance test unless allocated Spell Defence
If the target resists with a number of successes that equal or exceed the caster’s then the spell fails
(exception is Damaging Manipulation spells where the victim must stage damage down to nothing).
Drain Roll: Willpower + Spell Pool
[SR3 p183] Power: Half Force (rd) + Spell Drain Modifiers +2 per spell sustained [SR3 p178]
(injury modifiers are not applied)
Level: Per Spell
Drain is usually stun damage though if the Force exceeds the Magic attribute, or the spell is cast when
astrally projecting, physical damage is inflicted.

Spell Defence [SR3 p183]: A magician may allocate Sorcery skill dice (not used to cast Spells in that
action) plus any Spell Pool to provide Spell Defence (maximum of allocated Sorcery skill [SR3 p44]).

Sustaining Spells [SR3 p178]: This imposes a universal +2 TN to tests.

Conjuring [SR3 p186]: The process of conjuring depends upon the type of spirit being called:
• Nature Spirits – Personify the forces of the natural world: Land, Waters, Sky and Man. They are
conjured by Shamen and are restricted by their domains. Requires an Exclusive Complex Action
• Elementals – Elementals represent one of the hermetic elements: Earth, Air Fire, and Water and
are conjured by Mages. A mage may have a number of Elementals bound to him equal to his
Charisma. Conjuring requires a ritual, materials, a number of hours and is an Exclusive action.
Conjure Roll: Conjuring (some or all)+ foci dice + Totem Modifiers (if applicable)
TN: Force of the spirit (max of Conjurer’s Magic attribute x 2)
Every success on the conjuring test provides one service owed to the conjurer by the spirit
Drain Roll: Charisma plus any unused Conjuring skill dice
Drain: Per chart
Drain is usually Stun damage, however if the Force of the Spirit is greater than the conjurer’s Magic
Attribute then Drain inflicts Physical damage.
Spirit’s Force is…[SR3 p187] Drain Spirit’s Force is…[SR3 p187] Drain
<= Conjurer’s Charisma x 0.5 (Force)L > Conjurer’s Charisma (Force)S
<= Conjurer’s Charisma (Force)M > Conjurer’s Charisma x 1.5 (Force)D

The Astral Plane

The astral plane is another dimension overlaid upon our own. It is the domain of spirits and magic.
Magicians can perceive this dimension and are able to view spirits and magics that would normally go
unseen to those in the mundane world. The auras of people can be read to gain information about their
emotions, health and magical capabilities. Some magicians can separate their astral self from their
physical body and travel unheeded in the astral plane, invisible to those in the mundane world.

Astral Perception [SR3 p171]: Astral Perception allows the character to interact with both the
physical and astral planes at once. However, sensory input from both planes can be confusing,
whenever the character performs a completely mundane task they suffer a +2 TN. It takes a Simple
action to shift to or from Astral Perception [SR3 p107]. Characters use their normal physical Attributes
and Skills when perceiving [SR3 p172].