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Minister that corrupt or astronaut who never goes to space INTRODUCTION Exposure of the world to children To treasure their

dream Strengthen their ambition Shape the children, shape the future Big impact in instant wont last o For eg: KPK will only eradicate corruption done at the moment. It wont do much to corruption that would occur in the future. Mischievous people will learn form the tactics KPK used in the past and find way to do corruption in more slick ways. o Those found guilty never actually feel any guilt. o People are blaming each other o We need to cut down from the root; the lust of money in people Education, exposure and morality o Education give knowledge o Exposure learn from other people mistakes, discover creativity in useful ways o Morality build sense of integrity, responsibility All those changes will come down to school

BODY I [state problems] School now is consist of power banking o Shove knowledge to the children brain o Teach what is right and what is wrong; exact o Lawyer, doctor or engineering Athletic, writer, musician, artist, veterinarian, zoo keeper, environmentalist, not regarded highly by community Children are unconsciously driven toward becoming the big three o Despite of not able, mentally, or financially Community cant be change, not for at least couple of decades to come What we can do is to strengthen the determination of children So they can have passion in the jobs they have. Not having a job purely based on making money President, minister, governor, teacher, soldier, police, doctor, lawyer will do their job because they want to, because they want to lead, they want to protect, they want to teach, they want to cure, they want to establish justice, not to earn a living, or please their parents. Those who do not find passion in their job, or at least understand the significance of it, which take part mostly of their life, will lead cumulating of wealth, which they find pleasure in.

BODY II [what supposed to be done] School ought to do exposure, show the children the work of fireman, show the work of doctor, show the work of gardener, show the work of astronauts and teach the significance of the jobs. Expose what jobs they can do. Expose what they could be in the future. Let them know the roles that made a community. Teach the parents to treasure the childrens dreams. To dream big.

Make the children write what they want to be, and why. Dont just lay off knowledge in front of them; explain why. Dont just forcefully put out do and dont without explanation, explain why its right and wrong, preferably leading them to figure them out on their own. o That will lead the children to think, in the future, and question, not just swallow whatever those in authorizations ask them to do or think. o They will question them whether what theyre doing is right

BODY III [what can be done] Make the exposure part of education Dont make education luxury; especially for lower education Ensure ALL children get education, at least for lower education. Make sure it happen to all islands. o There is no used in making education accessible to only one island Education, kindergarten to high school will do exposure of what they can do in the future Build connection with the children. o If they love music, introduce them with musician o If they love stars, introduce them to astronauts o If they love flowers, introduce them to flowerist Assign teacher who motivate, who guide, who lead, nothing is impossible Cut down unnecessary tv shows. o Air discovery channel, animal planet, and what not. Intrigue the curiosity in children. Do not cut their dream down Teaching ethic and morality. o Teach kindergarten the community etiquette; saying sorry, thank you, forgive, cleaning. o Not teach only how to colour, count pencils, name animals, but teach etiquette alongside. o Care animals, make class pet, to give sense of responsibility. o Care for plants.

CONCLUSION If all conducted well, produce children who do their jobs because they want to and good moral. A child will chose to become an astronaut, even though he can only be star gazer the rest of his life. Hinder from doing corruption from their job; staining the profession, whats the use of accumulating wealth for seeking pleasure, cars, mobile phone, houses, if they are already happy with what theyre doing. Corruption will surely decrease Slowly, but surely Will also change the culture of the community