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Dwi Novita Sari 2011120021 English Department "Assessment for Students with Diverse Needs"

After I read the assessment of exceptional students from Taylor, now I realized that students have their own capability in teaching and learning process that we cannot make a standardized assessment to assess their ability. According to Taylor (2009), Assessment refers to the gathering of relevant information to help an individual make decisions regarding appropriate goals and objectives, teaching strategies and program placement. Assessment should be active, ongoing process that has clearly specified purpose. I agree with this statement because I think assessment should be help students to increase their ability in learning process with active and clear purpose of the assessment. However, assessment has been considered by testing and involves scoring test and reporting test scores that we usually found in the school. This activity uses many instrument and techniques that relevant to the goal and purpose of the lesson. According to him, it should be individualized assessment based on each students characteristic; the reason is because each student has their own characteristic and ability in understanding the lesson. Sometimes, I think the assessment is the maximum way for students to increase or improve their knowledge, because from this activity students can know how far their knowledge is. In giving students assessment, teacher should be considered with the length of the test, the type of the test, and degree of subjectivity in the scoring criteria. There are some students who cannot follow the test that given by the teacher. Some students are really good in the formal test such as paper and pencil test but the other students are really good in performance test. This is I called by differentiated strategies for differentiated learners. Students have their own ability in catch the word or lesson that teacher give to them, they have different style in learning process and this is challenge for teacher to increase their ability. I think the first step is good preparation of the assessment that can used many kind of alternative assessment such as performance-based assessment, authentic assessment, and portfolio assessment that relates to the childs educational needs in school. The meaningful and functional assessment are the most aspects that teacher should know before giving the assessment for students. From this book, I found that parent should be active participant that

Dwi Novita Sari 2011120021 English Department include in students learning process. I think this is a good idea since some of the students re shy and afraid to give the scoring test of the lesson. Parents can ask their child about their school activity, the difficulties in learning and may be their friend environment. Parent can motivate their child if they have difficulties in learning process or asking if they want to have an extra lesson beside their school activity or not. I found the interesting new knowledge from this book that the book said this model can identify students disability. The title of the model is RTI, Response to Intervention, the RTI model allowed by IDEA 04 for identification of learning disabilities that has wait to fail program. In one RTI model, the first step is universal screening involving school wide assessment to determine those students who need more intensive instruction. In other words, assessment can be used to determine those students for whom prereferral intervention is necessary or who will need more intensive instruction within the RTI model. Students might be have a problem in understand the instruction that teacher give and have more time to follow that instruction until they understand the flow. However, this model have pro and contra that people said its good to know first students disability and disagree because it kinds of judgment to the students ability. My opinion is this model is really good because this is really help the teacher to know which parts of the students that they lack of in learning process. Next step of assessment for students with diverse needs is determine and evaluation of teaching programs and strategies. If I can use my own words, usually I can find the four parts that include in this step in my daily activities at the school. First are determining what to teach and the best method for teaching students in the class. Yes, my lecturers always teach me about this one in other subject of my collage. Second, evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching strategy by monitoring students reflection or unique behavior in learning process. The example from this book is really good, when the teacher found some students are not be able to do spelling test, he/she looking for students reason why her/his students are not able to do formal test until he/she find out that it will be good to give them informal test to assess they ability. Third is remedial program for students with disabilities learning, the teacher can use students failed experience to help them in improve their ability in learning process. Fourth is all the information that teacher got from step 1 until step three were really precious because from that experiences as an individualized information. Teacher can

Dwi Novita Sari 2011120021 English Department determine whether his/her students are eligible for and who ultimately receive special education in the future. There are many kinds of assessment that I always find in my collage such as presentation, paper and pencil test, performance test, and exhibition test. Those assessments are really unique because from those kinds of assessment students can find their own capability in assessment. Honestly, I am really weak in paper and pencil test but then the other assessment are help me to increase my weaknesses learning process. From performance test, I learnt to be brave and confident with my own ability to present something in front of the class. From exhibition test, I learned to be brave in socialized with other people that can increase my social skills in environment and now, I learned that from paper and pencil test I can determine how far my knowledge to the subject that I have learned. This is my self reflection after I read the assessment of exceptional students book by Taylor.

Reference: Taylor, R. L. (2009). Assessment of Exceptional Students. United States of America: Pearson Education.