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DAY 1: 4 June 2013, Tuesday

Venue: Mataram Room 1
Time Activity

07:3008:30 08:3009:30

Registration Opening Ceremony Welcome remarks: Ngin Chhay

Chairperson, ASEAN Food Security Reserve Board (AFSRB)

Welcome remarks: Takako Ito

Minister-Counsellor of the Mission of Japan to ASEAN

Welcome remarks: Lourdes Adriano

Advisor/Practice Leader, Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Keynote speech: Tahlim Sudaryanto

Assistant Minister for International Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Indonesia

09:1509:30 09:3010:00 10:0011:10 10:0010:50

Objectives and Agenda of the ASEAN Rice Trade Forum Siribhusaya Ungpakhorn, AFSRB Secretariat Group Photo, Poster Walk, and Coffee Break SESSION 1: Understanding Rice Self-Sufficiency
Parallel Technical Session

Rice-importing country Brunei Darussalam Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Peoples Republic of China Open Forum
Venue: Mataram Room 1

Rice-exporting country Cambodia Lao Peoples Democratic Republic Myanmar Thailand Vietnam Open Forum
Venue: Mataram Room 2

10:5011:10 11:1014:20

SESSION 2: Rice Outlook, Scenarios, and Trade

Plenary session Facilitator: AFSRB Member

11:1011:40 11:4012:00 12:0013:30 13:3014:00 14:0014:20

ASEAN and the global rice market situation and outlook Eric Wailes, Distinguished Professor, University of Arkansas Open Forum Lunch Break Rice self-sufficiency vs. trade: Options for food security in ASEAN Ramon Clarete, Dean, University of the Philippines School of Economics Open Forum


SESSION 3: Rice Self-Sufficiency and Policy Options

Plenary session Facilitator: AFSRB Member

14:2014:50 14:5015:10 15:1015:30 15:3016:00 16:0016:20 16:2016:30 16:3017:30 17:30

Rice self-sufficiency: Fixed and flexible approachesThe case of Indonesia Ronnie Natawidjaja, Director, Center for Agrifood Policy and Agribusiness Studies, Padjadjaran University Open Forum Coffee Break Complementing regional rice reserves with novel domestic reserve mechanisms Roehlano Briones, Senior Research Fellow, Philippine Institute for Development Studies Open Forum Mechanics of breakout group discussions Breakout group discussions: What are the issues and opportunities for self-sufficiency, and other options? DAY 1 concludes / Welcome Dinner

DAY 2: 5 June 2013, Wednesday

Venue: Mataram Room 1


Plenary meeting on breakout group discussions The group leader of each of the breakout groups will report on the results of their group.
Facilitator: ADB

10:0010:15 10:1511:55

Coffee Break SESSION 4: Options for Regional Cooperation and Supply Chain investment
Plenary session Facilitator: AFSRB Member

10:1510:45 10:4511:05 11:0511:35 11:3511:55 11:5513:30 13:3017:15 13:3014:45

Food, infrastructure and logistics chain: Case study of BIMPEAGA Samuel Daines, President, SRD Research Group Open Forum ASEAN & SAARC regional rice trade: Status & opportunities for ensuring food security Pramod K. Joshi, Director for South Asia, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) Open Forum Lunch Break SESSION 5: Investments and TradeBuilding a Consensus Breakout group discussions on investment and trade: (1) What are the challenges? (2) What are the opportunities? (3) What are the next steps? Participants will break up into the same groups set up in Session 3 and will discuss a given theme following a set of guide questions. Coffee Break Plenary presentation of breakout group discussions The group leader of each of the breakout groups will report on the results and recommendations of their respective group.
Facilitators: AFSRB Chair and ADB

14:4515:15 15:1516:15

16:1517:15 17:1517:30

Plenary meeting on building a consensus of what to recommend to AFSRB

Facilitators: AFSRB Chair and ADB

Closing Ceremony Closing remarks by the ASEAN Secretariat Pham Quang Minh, ASEAN Economic Community Department


DAY 2 concludes: Forum adjourns