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Critiquing Islam

Critique of Islam

Islam & Christianity Major points of tension

Facing the charge of corruption

Ten questions that we could ask Muslims.

Islam & Christianity Tension Points

Islam & Christianity Tension Points

Trinity in Godhead Deity of Christ Atonement of Christ Salvation

Trinity in Godhead
Oh people of the book! Commit no Excesses in your religion. Say not three : desist it will be better for You for Allah is one God, glory be to him, far exalted is he above having a son. Surah 4:171

Deity of Christ
Jesus is only a prophet
Jesus is son of Mary (4:171) Jesus was only a creature (43:59)

Atonement of Christ
No one can bear the sins of another
Sins are bad deeds that must be cancelled out by good deeds Christ was not crucified/killed Surah 4:157

No need in Islam for a divine saviour. The need is only for divine guidance. In the day of judgment those who have performed religious duties and have done god deeds will attain salavtion.

Facing the Charge of Corruption

Bible : Testimony of the Koran

Koran confirms Injil and Torah : Surah 5:46,48
There is no distinction between the Torah, the Injil and the Koran ( 2;136, 5:68) The Bible is the standard for a Christian: Surah 5:47 The Bible is the Standard for Mohammed : Surah 10:95

Can the Bible be corrupted?

The Yes or No Dilemma

Allah Inspired the earlier scriptures : Surah 16:43
Allah protects the earlier scriptures Surah 15:9 Mohammed was to guard earlier scriptures Surah 5:48

No one can corrupt scriptures Surah 6:34, 6:116

Yes : Bible is not corrupted No : Koran cannot be trusted

Ten Questions

Question #1

Do you pray five times a day? If you have not done the minimum requirement for a Muslim, how can you be sure you are gong to get to heaven?

Question #2
If our Bible today is corrupted, then how do we know what parts are corrupted?

Question #3
How can the Bible be corrupted when Mohammed told people to read it (Surah 5:6, 10:94) and we have MSS showing that the Bible of Mohammeds day was same as the one we have today?

Question #4
How can Jesus be considered a great prophet when the Gospels say many times that Jesus accepted worship as God? (Mat 8:2, 14;33, 28:9; Lk 24:52, John 9:38; 20:28-29)

Question #5
How can you believe the Quran when it states that none can change His word (Surah 6:115, 6:34,10:64), yet it also says that the Bible is Gods previous revelation (Surah 2:136;4:163)?

Question #6
If killing is wrong for religious reasons why does the Quran prescribe the killing of unbelievers (Surah 9:5,29;47:4)?

Question #7
How can heaven be described as a place full of wine and women when this is the kind of life Allah forbids here (Surah 78:32)?

Question #8 :
Why do Muslims believe that Mohammed is superior to Jesus? Jesus was sinless(3:45-46;19:19-21) Born of a virgin(3:47) Called the Messiah (3:45) Performed miracles (5:110) Ascended into heaven(4:158)

Question #9
If Allah can do whatever He pleases, then why could He not allow His prophet Jesus to die on the cross and raise Him to life again?

Question #10
If many Muslims believe that the Quran is the eternal word of God and yet different from God, then why cant Jesus be the eternal son of God and yet different from God?