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Community-Owned Solar Farms

Presentation Outline

Farming the Sun History Community Solar Farm Model The Solar Technology Challenges First Solar Farm Host Priority Next Steps

Community Solar ~ History

Farming the Sun Results to Date

Averaged 30% better than retail prices, with $6.7m worth of solar installed to date:
~ 588kW of solar power ~ 137 evacuated tube solar hot water ~ 12 solar thermal heating/cooling systems

Forecast 16.4MWH of clean energy & reduced carbon emissions of 19mt CO2-e (25 years) Significant community engagement & education 1% of revenue being invested in further sustainability initiatives (including the Community Solar Farms)

Community Solar Farm Model

1kW Shares $2,200-$2,800 Better than bank interest

24/7 Monitoring + Maintenance

On-Site Usage 18-22c/kWH Better than black power

Community Solar Farm


PROJECT GOALS ~ install 1MW of community solar farms ~

HOSTS ~ better than black power prices ~ high profile marketing ENVIRONMENT ~ clean, renewable, solar energy ~ distributed energy system

SHAREHOLDERS ~ community leadership ~ ethical & better than bank interest dividend

COMMUNITY ~ energy education & engagement ~ significant economic multipliers

Host Requirements

Electricity Usage

Consume all solar farm power = daytime load every day Long-term (10-25 year) power purchase agreement Estimated power sale price of 18-22c/kWh plus indexing of 3%pa North facing area (roof or ground). 100kW = 25mx25m Core purpose & business benefit from community engagement Willingness to co-fund (or fund entirely) the project establishment fees AAA rated for long-term financial security

Solar Farm



Right Sizing the System


Business Networks ~ to reach possible Hosts Creative Media ~ for branding & communication systems

Solar Specialists ~ for feasibility analysis, technical advice Professional Services ~ legal, accounting, planning, etc.

Community Networks for promotional support Other???

A Grade Equipment

CHALLENGES ~ creating a sustainable solar sector ~

HOSTS ~ valuing more than the bottom line alone & leveraging the bigger opportunity

SHAREHOLDERS ~ taking leadership & responsibility to be local share owners & solar farm operators

ENVIRONMENT ~ sourcing high quality & ethical solar equipment ~ end-of-life options

ENERGY SECTOR ~ fair terms & pricing for prosumers ~ putting a value on the distributed grid

First Community Solar Farm Host

Priority Next Steps

Solar Farm Hosts and Site Feasibility Assessments Secure funding (matching funds for 9 solar farms confirmed) Generate interest from local investors Recruit further local partners (promotion, legal, financial, etc)

Thank You!!