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1) The name of this diamond shaped device, located atop the metro coaches in trains, stems from the

name of another device, which is used to copy handwritings and drawings. What? 2) Which DMRC metro line in New Delhi, originally scheduled to start in March 2010, started just hours before the Commonwealth Games in October 2010, because of a construction failure in July 2009? 3) Which city is served by Namma Metro? 4) Which division of the Indian police looks after the Delhi metro security checks and is in charge of overall metro security? 5) Which metro service incorporates the deepest active metro station in the world, located 105 meters below the ground? 6) In whose memory was this plaque written?

7) Which metro station in Cairo, named after an Egyptian president, serves Tahrir Square, the scene of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011?

8) Which metro subway is sometimes referred to as the line that time forgot, because of the lines many false starts and numerous complex delays, since the idea was first proposed in 1929, with its construction still in progress in 2012?

9) Named after a popular figure, which metro station was one of the terminal stations of the first metro operation in Kolkata (then, Calcutta)?

10) In 1984, which city became the first to have metro rail services in Africa and the middleeastern region?
11) With 11 metro lines, 278 stations and 434 km of track in operation, which metro service forms the longest network in the world? 12) Which metro service is the first in the world to have received carbon credits from

United Nations, under the Clean Development Mechanism for saving energy through the use of regenerative braking systems?
13) Which country, through a separate joint venture company called Veolia Transport, will look into the maintenance and operations of the Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar corridor of the Mumbai Metro for the first five years? 14) If you wanted to reach this place, which line of the Delhi Metro would you board?

15) Connect Legion of Honor and Delhi Metro with two words. 16) Leicester Square, Liverpool Street, Oxford Circus, King's Cross, and Stratford would be among the first set of stations to receive what special facility during the London Olympics 2012?

17) To board which metro service will you need this fare card?

18) Which metro service is the busiest in the world in terms of the number of daily passengers it carries? 19) Syntagma Metro Station houses a museum that has a collection of artefacts and several items that were discovered during an excavation while the station was being constructed (as a part of rescue or salvage archaeology). In which citys metro service can this station be found?

20) The term metro derives from the term mtr meaning mother. Which language does the word mtr originally come from?