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Technical Specifications HB Series Heated Regenerative Dryers 350 through 10,000 SCFM

Main Features
Van Air HB Series blower purge regenerative compressed air dryers process large volumes of compressed air economically since no compressed air is required to regenerate the desiccant. An externally mounted blower and heater drive hot atmospheric purge air through the desiccant in the offstream tower. A -40F/C pressure dew point protects critical equipment and processes. All Van Air HB Series dryers feature... Fully Insulated Towers and Heater - Aluminum jacketed insulation on both towers and heater for greatest safety and operating efficiency. Centrifugal Blower (3000 scfm & up) - Less vibration, no gears to wear out and only one moving part for long operating life. Long Heater Life - Incoloy heater resists high temperatures and corrosion. Interlock Logic Valve Control - Patented valve control for the most reliable tower cycling. Each phase of the drying cycle must be completed before the next can begin. Protects against loss of flow or pressure because the offstream tower is always fully repressurized before air flow is redirected to it and a tower can only depressurize after the inlet transfer valve is fully seated. Failure to Switch/Pressurize Light and Contact - Pressure switches sense offstream tower pressure. Failure to switch is indicated when inlet valve does not shift or when tower does not repressurize. Polishing Purge Selector - Cools desiccant bed to minimize dew point temperature spikes at tower changeover. Call Us for Larger or Engineered-toOrder Models for Your Application

Wet compressed air is directed downward through the drying tower where moisture is adsorbed on the desiccant. In the regenerating tower, moisture is stripped from the desiccant by atmospheric air drawn in through the blower and passed over the heater. As the hot purge air flows through the bed, it collects moisture and is discharged through the purge valve(s). The eight-hour NEMA cycle includes four hours of drying, three hours of heating and one hour of cooling per tower.

Standard Equipment
On/off switch Power on light Heater on light Blower on light Activated alumina desiccant Desiccant fill/drain ports Stainless steel desiccant screens Rigid copper pilot air lines Control air filter Aluminum jacketed tower, heater and hot piping insulation 460V/3PH/60HZ supply power 115V control power Permanently lubricated inlet transfer valve w/position indicator and depressurization safety Depressurization exhaust mufflers Cam timer NEMA 1 control enclosure Main power and control power fuses Control voltage transformer Heater and blower contactors Adjustable heater thermostat Polishing (cool down) purge selector Failure to switch/pressurize light, contacts and alarm reset button -40oF/C pressure dew point Interlock Logic valve control Tower mounted tower pressure and temperature gauges Controlled depressurization Controlled repressurization Blower motor thermal overload protection Blower inlet filter ASME code pressure vessels Enamel exterior finish Tower lifting lugs under low flow or low inlet moisture loading conditions, thus lowering operating costs. A thermostat registers a rise in purge air outlet temperature, which indicates the bed is regenerated, so the heater is turned off. The relay is automatically reset at the end of the cycle. High Dew Point Indicator Light is activated when the outlet dew point is higher than the set point. Includes contacts for alarm or remote indicator.

Optional Equipment
NEMA 4 control enclosure Color change moisture indicator Mounted filters and bypass piping Audible alarm Full flow safety relief valves Digital dew point readout* Dew point demand switching Energy saver* High dew point indicator Steam regeneration Dew Point Demand Switching Holds the drying tower on stream until the desiccant bed is fully saturated. At this point, the moisture sensor signals the dryer controls to switch the process flow to the dry tower and regenerate the wet tower. Includes indicator light for in-tower high dew point with dry contacts for remote indication. Energy Saver Reduces the heating cycle to match actual moisture loading conditions for operation

* Energy saver or dew point demand switching is recommended to minimize temperature spikes at tower switchover.

Dimensions and Specifications



MODEL NO. HB-350 HB-500 HB-900 HB-1300 HB-2000 HB-3000 HB-4000 HB-5000 HB-6000 HB-8000 HB-10000

Rated Flow scfm Nm3/hr 350 560 500 805 900 1450 1300 2090 2000 3215 3000 4825 4000 6430 5000 8040 6000 9650 8000 12865 10000 16080

Height in cm 83 90 90 98 113 122 133 122 211 229 229 249 287 310 338 310

Width in cm 63 66 74 104 120 142 162 174 160 168 188 264 305 361 411 442

Depth in cm 61 66 77 68 76 84 95 100 155 168 196 173 193 213 241 254

Heater (KW) 7.25 10.2 20.0 27.0 41.0 60.0 79.0 98.0 Contact Factory

Blower HP 1.0 2.0 7.5 7.5 10.0 15.0 15.0 15.0 Contact Factory

In/Out Conn. (FLG) 1 1 2 3 3 4 6 6 Contact Factory

Desic. Weight per tower* lbs kg 270 388 688 1013 1550 2325 3075 3875 122 176 312 459 703 1055 1395 1758

Total Weight lbs kg 1740 2275 3675 4925 6500 10850 13550 16150 789 1032 1667 2234 2948 4921 6146 7326

Contact Factory

Contact Factory

Contact Factory

Contact Factory

Contact Factory

* For total desiccant weight, multiply by two. Desiccant is installed on HB 350 and 500 units and shipped separately on larger units. Due to our policy of continuous improvement, dimensions and specifications may change without notice. Request certified drawing for pre-piping. Contact factory for larger or special models. RATED FLOWS BASED ON 100 PSIG, 100F INLET AND 100% RH. CONSULT FACTORY FOR OTHER CONDITIONS.

Filtration Recommendations
Regenerative dryers must have clean, oil-free inlet air! Lubricated compressors Dryer must be equipped with coalescing prefilters as shown in our filter brochure. Failure to do so may result in hazardous operating conditions and will void warranty. A high temperature afterfilter is recommended to remove desiccant particles. Non-lubricated compressors A coalescing or particulate prefilter is recommended to keep pipe scale and dust from entering the dryer. A high temperature afterfilter is recommended to remove desiccant particles.

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