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Test paper

hpXIIC4 Full marks -20, Time 1.5h

Chemical kinetics

Q.1. The rate constant for a first order reaction is 60 s1. How much time will it take to reduce the initial concentration of the reactant to its 1/16th value? (2) Q.2.A first order reaction takes 40 min for 30% decomposition. Calculate t1/2. (2) Q.3. Answer following questions from graph.

1.Find the order of reaction. 2 Formula for derive rate constant. 3 Slope value. (3)

Q.4. In a reaction, 2A Products, the concentration of A decreases from 0.5 mol L1 to 0.4 mol L1 in 10 minutes. Calculate the rate during this interval? (1) Q.5.The conversion of molecules X to Y follows second order kinetics. If concentration of X is increased to three times how will it affect the rate of formation of Y ? (1)

Q.6. What is the effect of catalyst on rate constant? Q.7. How is activation energy affected on adding a catalyst? Q.8. What do you mean by the term- collision frequency?

(1) (1) (1)

Q.9.The rate of a particular reaction quadruples when the temperature changes from 293 K to 313 K. Calculate activation energy for such a reaction. (3) Q.10. Give an example of pseudo first order reaction ? (1)

Q.11.dentify the reaction order for from each of the following rate constant a) k = 2.3 10-5 L mol-1 s-1 b) k = 3.1 10-4 s-1 (2) Q.11. A chemical reaction 2A 4B+C in gas phase occurs in a closed vessel.The concentration of B is found to be increased by 5 X 10 -3 mole L-1 in 10 second.Calculate (i) the rate of appearance of B (ii) the rate of disappearance of A? (2)