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INTRODUCTION What is the aim of your project?

The aim of the project is to build a web based Content Management System that will help the users to build a web without having the knowledge of html or any other web building languages. This application provides the step wise guidelines to develop a simple web page. It allows easy and effective web creation and maintenance.

Who is the project for? The project especially focuses the enterprise and organizations who dont know the HTML or any other webpage building languages, but are interested in making their own web page. What are the main things it will do, what are the main features? This application

What specification of machine does it need to run? This application should run on any machines that have web browsers. Does it have any limitations management or technical, or any extra other features which may be added later? This application will build simple websites only. It will not help building a complex websites. The users can build only static websites, not the dynamic one.

PROJECT RESOURCES People- who will be needed? Students having knowledge of ASP .net, XHTML, AJAX, and MsSQL. Also students should have the knowledge of UML and documentation.

Hardware- what will be needed to develop and run the project? All we need is our Computer. No external and additional hardware is required to develop our project. Since our application is web application we need server side computers with electricity backup. Client can run this in their own computers. Beside, some Network supporting tools are also used. Software- what will be needed to develop and run the project? During the development phase we need some browsers, MSSQL, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. For our web Based Contain Management System, we will need IIS server and MSSQL server to be installed in our server side and client side can easily access it through their own browser. Other resources- anything else eg. Information? Books or .pdf files on, AJAX may be needed. Also may be some references about previously made CMS can be needed.

FEASIBILITY STUDY Financial feasibility- how much wills it cost (hardware, software, time)? Hardware: No such specialized hardwares are needed. Simple computers with networking tools are needed. So there will be no investment for hardware afterwards. Software: Visual studio 2008(Free Version), MSSQL (Free Version), IIS server (can be activated in free version of windows XP), some Open source OS like Ubuntu or Debian or Fedora etc. For software also, there will be no investments. Time: About 2 months. There will be some investments on the Internet used, People cost blab la.

Legal Feasibility- does it use anyone elses code or break any laws?

This application doesnt break any legal rules and doesnt harm any others copyright software. Some JavaScript code developed by other person may be used but for such open code we fully respect. Technical feasibility- are the resources available (hardware, software, people, time, knowledge)? Technically, the necessary hardwares and softwares required to develop the software are available. This project is done by the group of students of 8th semester. So the working group or people are also available. However what we lack is time and complete knowledge about new technology AJAX. Despite the lack of knowledge and time we will try to complete the project in time. Cost/benefit analysis- is it worth it? Since this project is not a commercial project, we think the project is worthy. Alternatives- are there other ways to do it? Alernative language: PHP and Aapache Server Alternative way: This aplication can be made as the client side installation program instead of using it from only one server. ESTIMATES Data and techniques used- how did you arrive at the estimates? Data used: Themes, previous CMS Techniques used: MVC architecture, AJAX, Effort, resources, cost and duration estimates= your best guess for the difficulty, resources, cost and time needed? We think that we will have to give our best to develop this system. We have the adequate resources available to develop the system. RISKS Risk identification- what are the possible risks? If the IIS server are not available for linux to run our server in Linux. Lack of knowledge in AJAX within the members can lead to insufficient performance. Risk evaluation- how likely are the risks, and how serious are they if they happen?

Risk Containment- can you reduce the chances of any risks, or make contingency plans?

SCHEDULE Breakdown of tasks- specification and design documents, coding of various elements, testing etc specification and design:25 days documents:10 coding:15 days of various elements, testing 10 days.

Task presentation- Gantt/pert chart or similar, critical path, division of work (if two people)?