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Manager Requirement: Bachelors Degree Basic Salary: MRF10,000.00 per month Service Allowance: MRF 3,500.

00 per month Responsibility Allowance: MRF 2,500.00 per month Others: Experience in a relevant field will be an added advantage Admin Officer Requirement: A Level Basic Salary: MRF 4,500.00 per month Service Allowance: MRF 1,500.00 per month Others: Experience in a relevant field will be an added advantage Cleaner / Labourer Requirement: Basic Education (AsaaseeThauleem) Basic Salary: MRF 3,100.00 per month Service Allowance: MRF 1,000.00 per month Others: Experience in a relevant field will be an added advantage Application deadline: 30th April 2013 For further information, please call 7435721. Email:

The role of the Centre Manager incorporates the following: Management of the centre to ensure that a high quality programme is delivered, follow ing our guidelines closely Coordinating and supporting the academic and activities programmes, ensuring that they are linked

Overseeing the Centre Management Team to ensure effective management of all staff Maintaining a professional working relationship with staff, clients and venue staff Safety and welfare of all employees and students Quality control and customer satisfaction Reports to: Managing Director, Director of Operations Main Management Responsibilities and Duties 1. To have read and understood the St Andrews College Language Schools manual, supervision manual and staff handbook, and be fully conversant with our policies for the welfare and protection of children. At all times whilst on duty, staff are responsible for the care, welfare and safety of students whilst ensuring they are following school rules. 2. Lead and participate in the Staff Induction Day, usually one or two days prior to the students arrival. 3. Ensure that the organisation of the centre, courses and welfare of s taff and students, comply with the British Council and English UK guidelines (documents available on site). Centre Manager Job Description CENTRE MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION Establish and maintain clear lines of management and effective procedures, and work closely with the Centre Management Team to achieve this. Manage the provision of good customer service according to customer needs. Create a positive team atmosphere and motivate the staff effectively. Establish and maintain open communication between the centre, clients, and other company Directors Represent St Andrews College Language Schools positively in all conversations with clients, staff, and the host centre. 8. Control expenditure of any allocated budget manage cash floats following specific procedures and maintain accurate accounts. 10. Close the centre, pack and return all St Andrews College Language Schools

stock and unspent centre monies according to guidelines. 11. Finalise the accounts and write an end of centre report to be submitted to the Director of Operationswithin five days after the closing of the centre. (Final weeks wage is payable on receipt of this report) 12. Ensure that all St Andrews College Language Schools Health & Safety policies are implemented and monitored. 13. Manage staff effectively to ensure that: The centre office is functioning and secure at all times. Accurate data on students and staff is maintained. All documentation is checked, centre administration is carried out correctly, and that completed paperwork is submitted on time. The state of premise s, equipment and resources is monitored throughout the course. The teaching and activity programmes are successfully integrated. High levels of performance are maintained. 14. Accommodation and Welfare: Monitor staff/student safety and welfare. Allocate and monitor all residential accommodation and ensure that sufficient members of staff are allocated in each house to maintain a rota of student supervision. Ensure that all group leaders and students are aware of their duties and responsibilities and have read the relevant handbook and have signed the relevant Terms and Conditions documents. Supervise and supportthe Activities and Excursions Manager, Transfer, Administration and Welfare Coordinator and activity leaders according to the duties outlined in the Job remits Liaise fully with Group Leaders, and the site representative. Oversee the implementation of all airport/rail/bus transfers for students and staff. Manage the transfers of groups and individuals, including liaising with coach/taxi companies. Other Duties.

15Meet and greet each group or individual on their arrival, ensuring that all passengers are accounted for, that they have all their personal belongings with them, and are shown to the correct coach. Assist with the loading of the luggage as necessary. 16Travel between centres/airports terminals where necessary. 17 Brief students on their journey and escort/supervise the student ts back to the centre. 18 Lead student induction talks on arrival, and assist in allocating students to their accommodation. Participate at Certificate Ceremony and thank students and group leaders. 19 Plan departure transfers in coordination with coach/taxi company, student/group leader as necessary. Organise packed meals, staffing, and special arrangements at the centre. Confirm details with student/Group Leader. 20Ensure that the students are gathered at the departure point and the departure transfer leaves in time for check-in, checking traffic and flight information as necessary. Esc ort students to security or assisted check-in as necessary. 1. Organise excursions liaising with Bus Company,ensuring the safety and welfare of the students, as well as providing them with information to help them get the maximum benefit from their stay.Ensure that each students cultural, religious and dietary needs are met and respected. 22 . Ensure that all policies for the welfare and protection of children are und erstood by students and adhered to by all staff. 23 Ensure students adjust to life in Scotlandand to understand information concerning personal safety, Scottishlaw and centre ruleswhich are in the student handbook. 24 . Organise the student orientation and induction, ensuring that each student has an D card on arrival. 25 . Maintain s tudent discipline in residences, liaising with Group Leaders. Record all damages and report to Group Leders and site representative immediately.

26 Manage the Results of student and Group Leader feedback questionnaire s, taking any action required. 27 Carry out breakfast supervision duties.Accommodation 28 . Plan accommodation for arriving students, organising pre-arrival and departure checks, and damage surveys. (assisted by Admin & Welfare coordinator) 29 . Be responsible for Health and Safety issues in accommodation buildings an d undertake fire warden duties. Ensure everyone is aware of emergency procedures.