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Public Safety Off-Air


Axell 2408S

800 MHz LMR RF Mini Signal Booster

Band selective mini booster for SMR, ESMR and public safety networks IF-SAW filtering high out-of-band rejection Indoor coverage up to 50,000 square feet Features Axell Wireless SmartALC technology Switchable bandwidth option User-selectable and tunable across the 800 MHz band Accommodates all rebanding phases without changing hardware

The Axell 2408S is available with a single frequency block or two non-contiguous blocks. For single block applications, the switchable bandwidth feature is available. With this feature, the unit is configured with three possible frequency blocks that the operator can specify. One of the three blocks is selected by the user and tuned to the desired frequency during set up. This permits the user to select the optimum pass band for each of the rebanding phases without the need to change any hardware. The standard configurations accommodate most of the pass band requirements for public safety, ESMR and SMR networks including the Southeast region. The Axell 2408S includes Axell Wireless proprietary SmartALC power control algorithm. SmartALC prevents oscillations, reduces the amount of isolation required by the system and optimizes the system to minimize noise rise at the donor site. SmartALC allows the installer to quickly set up the unit, yet still achieve the design goals specified by the system engineer. The Axell 2408S features three tri-color front panel LEDs that provide ongoing status and alarm indication. In addition, the Downlink LED can be used during setup as a received signal strength level indicator to help align the donor antenna for optimal performance. The efficient thermal characteristics of the Axell 2408S, careful component selection and robust design result in high system reliability.

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Mini Signal Booster


Service Antenna

Antenna facing BTS

The Axell 2408S mini signal booster is costeffective for simple spot coverage and also powerful enough to drive a passive Distributed Antenna System (DAS) for coverage well over 50,000ft2 (4,645m2).

Axell 2408S Specifications

ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATION Frequency Range Passband Gain Passband Ripple Gain Attenuation Range Composite Output Power Noise Figure @ Maximum Gain (typical) Propagation Delay
(1) (1)

DOWNLINK 851 869 MHz 80 dB 1.5 dB 0dB to 31dB (in 1 dB steps) + 24 dBm 5 dB < 5 sec

UPLINK 806 824 MHz 80 dB 1.5 dB 0dB to 31dB (in 1 dB steps) + 24 dBm 5 dB < 5 sec

3 selectable and tunable sub-bands are standard 110/220V AC 35W +10 dBm N-type, Female 1.7:1 IC/FCC (OIWCCSRMR1W80) -4F to 122F (-20C to +50C) -22F to 176F (-30C to +80C) 10% - 90% Condensed 12.2 x 10.6 x 2.8 in. (310 x 270 x 70 mm) 13.2 lb (6 kg) IP51

GENERAL SPECIFICATION Power Supply Power Consumption Total RF Input Power (no damage) RF Connector VSWR Compliance ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATION Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Humidity Dimensions W x H x D Weight Weatherproof (Specification 2408S_rev G) SPECIFICATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE

ORDERING INFORMATION IDENTIFICATION Axell 2408S Axell 2408S DESCRIPTION 800 MHz rebandable mini booster: 18, 11 and 3 MHz selectable subbands 800 MHz rebandable mini booster: 15, 7 and 5 MHz sub-bands PART NUMBER MW-CCSR-ESMR-1W80-18-11-3 MW-CCSR-ESMR-1W80-15-7-5 BSR 2408-PS-18-10-3

BSR 2408 PS 2408 SMR 800 mini 24dBm 18/10/3 MHz The 3, 5, 7, 10, 11 MHz filters can be moved across the whole 18MHz band

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